Thursday, December 8, 2011

NEXT: The future of T-shirt graphics

1,000+ T-shirts on display
150+ T-shirt artists, designers and labels
40+ exclusive portrait photographs by Nicole Reed
15+ T-shirts of the future from high profile local
and international artists and designers

Presented by T-world, NEXT is dedicated to the past, present and future
of the T-shirt industry. From November 4 to December 11, the intriguing
industrial spaces of Sydney’s Cockatoo Island will come alive with the
Outpost Project – a world-class showcase of street art. Within the
cavernous steel confines of the Heavy Machine Shop lies NEXT, a vibrant
display of the planet's most comprehensive collection of graphic T-shirts.

In 2011, whether you’re an advocate for design, graffiti, skate, street
or urban, the T-shirt is the singular identifying uniform speaking the
voice of youth culture.

Presented by T-world

Directed by VERSUS

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