Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Somnombulance - Strung Out

I lie awake again no sleep tonight,
I find no peace in the quiet absence of the light
A million whispered thoughts floatin' through my head,
a million seconds has passed me by in my bed...

One, two, three, now it's four in the mornin',
as the emptiness swallows me on more time,
I grow a little older with every second that passes,
I die a little every time I close my eyes...

No sanctuary in my dreams, no quiet place to hide...
Every night I swear it's the same, and I don't know where I'll be tonight
But I know sleep will come if I walk all night...

It's been a thousand hours maybe even more,
since I fell victim to all the thoughts I tried to ignore...
Nameless faces and sounds, voices screamin' in pain,
hundred shadows and sirens, voices calling my name...

Well I can't sleep but I'm not awake to this hazy dim version of reality
Hypnotized by everything I can't control,
desensitized by everything that controls me

Well I can't sleep so it's here in the dark,
I'll make my peace with all that I've learned...
Sanity's just another dream away,
maybe with time it'll be alright...

Everynight I swear it's the same,
I walk all night and never ever get anywhere
It's taken all my strength,
It's taken all the life that used to flow deep inside of me...

All my dreams are filled with no peace
All of my days are filled with no rest
Maybe with time it'll be alright...

Jason Lee - Blind Video Days

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sundown Syndrome

Sundown Syndrome from Riley Blakeway on Vimeo.

Bjorn Johnston, Sammy Winter and Cameron Sparks
By Riley Blakeway

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Alan Fendrich - COCO/TV

COCO.TV/1 from Alan Fendrich on Vimeo.

Alan Fendrich - voando, atuando, editando...
Soundtrack - Skatenigs "Poundsauce"


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jeremy Flores loves children

Jeremy Flores loves children from David Malcolm on Vimeo.

Julian Wilson - Scratching the Surface Trailer


KUSTOM'S TOP 9 AIRSTRIKE ENTRIES from Kustom Airstrike on Vimeo.

How do you get a grasp of a manoeuvre that only a handful of people in the world understand the mechanics of? Innovation features new methods, advanced and original, which was the key focus of the Airstrike. So the moves below have been chosen because in some way or another, they feature elements that are methodically advanced and original. It ain't so much about the style or the size as it is the degrees of rotation, the angle, or the never-been-done-before factor.

When will hi-fi surfing hit its limit? Will it hit its limit? Boundaries continue to be pushed, and moves that were previously deemed near-impossible more and more often become part of a young gun's staples. Maybe there is no limit for surfing, and room for growth is just as expansive as the next big thing's imagination and determination. – Elliot Struck - Stab Mag

Weirday Off

WEIRDAY OFF from hollyweird on Vimeo.

Etam Paese e Alexandre Mesquita, Skate na mini ramp de Itajaí.
Filmado e editado por Pablo Aguiar

Friday, September 3, 2010

Landscape Altered - The Four Episodes

Landscape Altered - Episode 1 from Kai Neville on Vimeo.

Landscape Altered - Episode 2 from Kustom Airstrike on Vimeo.

Landscape Altered - Episode 3 from Kustom Airstrike on Vimeo.

Landscape Altered - Episode 4 from Kustom Airstrike on Vimeo.

The Search for the US$50.000 air

WATER AND OIL - A Riley Blakeway Film

WATER AND OIL - Extended Trailer from Riley Blakeway on Vimeo.

Live Free - Tattoo Artists

Live Free from Alek Rost on Vimeo.

'Live Free' is a portrait of Royal Street Tattoo, a boutique tattoo shop located in Mobile, Alabama. This short documentary covers the philosophy of tattooing as seen from the eyes of the artists at the shop.

Produced by BESS JOHNSON
Director of Photography BESS JOHNSON
Edited by ALEK ROST
Visual Effects by NATH MILBURN
Set Photography by ANNAB

Castles in the Sky - Taylor Steele - OFFICIAL 2010 Surf Teaser

High 5 - New Transworld Surf Movie

Starring Andrew Doheny, Andy Irons, Eric Geiselman, Fergal Smith, Wade Goodall and more..