Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kris Markovich - Union - Right to Skate

Lizard King on the mega ramp

Momentum Wheels - Yo Llama! Llama!

Starring: Chris Haslam, Jose Rojo, Magnus Hanson & Morgan Smith.

Buns in the Suns!!!

Sterling Spencer joins up with Torrey Meister for a little fun in the sun. Special guest appearance from Tonino Benson.

Kevin McGowan | Day in the Life

Follow IM rider, Kevin McGowan through a typical day in Santa Rosa. Filmed and Edited by Drew Cercley.

Lisbomb "Deck Art Create"

An art exhibition made by Marcelo Rodrigues (Lisbomb), "Deck Art Create", at Hey Ho Let's Go Skateshop, in Barcelona, Spain.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Aaron 'Wheelz' Fotheringham - Wheelchair Action Sports

7D 1000 fps

DK Teaser

Krusher Koumpound

Joey Dalton, San Diego resident decided to convert his home in Golden Hills into a skateboarders heaven, by making the dream come true. Before Joey started building ramps, wallrides and corners inside his front living room, he was using it as a wood shop. So with the general knowledge of transition and how to cut wood, it was no surprise how great this project turned out. Joey continues to make new obstacles everyday inside his house. With the newest addition being a wallride inside the kitchen that shoots you back in the main bowl.

If your curious where Joey sleeps, well it's pretty simple. He pulls his bed out of the closet in the wallride room (Bedroom) and sleeps in the flat bottom, that also just happens to have the perfect amount of space before transition to fit his mattress. Any skate rat would know how much this fine piece of art is worth, simply priceless.

Featured skaters: Cano Cardenas, Russell Grundy, Mike Grey, Gabe Ryan, Chris Russell, Kenny Mohr, Noel Mire, Matt Kriegel, Sage, Tom Remillard, Chaz Pineda, Truman Hooker, Matt McKinney.

Filmed & Edited by Zack Dowdy

Quik Pro 2011 - Day One Highlights

Primus - John the Fisherman

Cam White's Hillside Dirtjam 2011 Highlights

Despite the bad weather forecast, Cam White's 5th annual Hillside Dirtjam went off in Canberra, Australia. A big international rider line up made the trip to Australia for the event, including Hucker, Anthony Napolitan, James Foster and Brandon Dosch, they were joined by the regular Aussie crew consisting of former champ Dane Searls, Josh Stead, Cam Pianta and many more. New Zealand's top dirt jumps Jed Mildon and Paul Langland also joined in.

Hucker and Dane had both won the event in the past, but on the night Hucker's crazy riding prevailed, and he ended up scoring the 'King Of The Hill' title. Best Trick came down to Brandon Dosch with a transfer triple whip, Jed Mildon blasting a massive double flip on the big trick jump, and James Foster nailing a perfect whip to double whip back. In the end the votes were tied on James and Jed, so they both shared the winner's cash. Best Style once again went to Aussie Josh Stead who was on a rampage all night.

Some other highlights included Hucker's backflip cliffhanger and crazy corked 720's over the big trick jump, Dane Searls' super extended 360 super seatgrab indy, Brakeless Billy stomping a never before attempted transfer from the big trick jump lip over to the long and low landing and Paul Langland with a bunch of crazy superman variations.

Courtesy: Unit Clothing

Producer: Allan Hardy

Additional Filming: Bret Trigg & Guy Streeter

Music: I Don't Need Your Lovin' by Night Horse

French Fred Arizona - Flip Team

Enjoy the good vibes of the flip boys sharing a whole bunch of good times, away from the city madness.

Aloha Tattoo - Barcelona

Aloha Tattoos

Tattoo Artist - Adam Shrewsbury

UMAG teaser - The Female Issue

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hayseed Dixie - Ace of Spades

NOFX - '' Cokie The Clown '' Fat Wreck Chords [Official Video]

Fully committed: sluff and ice - S01E05

You got to take risks to reach the next level, find new kind of spots, play with the terrain and use your creativity. Xavier de le Rue doesn’t see the mountain like you and me. Without a decent snowfall in weeks, Xavier kept himself busy anyway this past month in the Alps. The crew found and filmed spots that should make it in Standard Films TB 20 and next VideoGrass movie. In these conditions sluff and ice make for some radical lines. Witness Xavier de le Rue as a big mountain jibber in this latest episod of TimeLine
news: After the FWT Chrystal event, Xavier is now leading the tour

COMUИE - Freedom Waves

COMUИE Snow Contributors Eric Messier and Ryan “Diggles” Scardigli have had a pretty busy winter thus far. From powder riding and experimental practices to roadside fireworks, COMUИE continues to bend the possibilities of what can be accomplished in everyday life. Shake your head and drop your jaw on this short video preview of COMUИE Snow Contributors and their life on the road this winter.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Love Letters to Skateboarding with Jeff Grosso - Handplant

Jeff Grosso breaks down the lost art of the handplant and its many variations.

The Hoon Dojo: Part 2

featuring Jake Duncombe, Jack Fardell, Dorfus (Tim McDougall), Kerry Fisher, Jackson Pilz, Tom Remillard, Raven Tershy, Pat McClain, Dave (Seppo) Mitchell, Peter Hewitt, Chet Childress, and Al Partanen.

see "The Hoon Dojo part 1"

Johnny Knoxville: Detroit Lives - 3 Parts

Amnesia Skateboards - The High Price of Low Lives - Full Movie

THE HIGH PRICE OF LOW LIVES from AMNESIA Skateboards on Vimeo.

Clay Marzo Moments

Clay Marzo going hard in his 2011 signature boardshort Video.

Dvs/Matix Total Eclipse of the Heartland tour

Markisa Co. - Skating in the Rain - Oscar Meza

Thrasher King Of The Road - Final Episode - Nike in Phoenix/Arizona

David Gravette

Taylor Caruso's Big Ollie Submission

Taylor Caruso's submission for Thrasher Magazine's big ollie contest.

Motörhead - We are Motorhead

We Are Motörhead - Lyrics

We shoot power to your heart, a mighty thunderbolt
We charge all batteries, we save your soul
We don´t know when we´re licked,
But we turn lead into gold
We know alchemy, we bring you rock and roll
We are the ones you love, or we´re the ones you hate
We are the ones who're way too early or too late
We are the first and we just still might be the last
We are Motörhead - born to kick your ass

We bring the firestorm to brighten up your life
We mend all broken hearts, we cure all pain
We bring you attitude and razor teeth to bite
We bring machine gun law and we´re the ones to blame
We are the ones you need, the ones that you despise
We are the ones who wanna poke you in the eye
We are the future, baby, used to be the past
We are Motörhead and we don´t have no class...

We bring you UFOs, saucers in the sky
We shoot you full of noise, we aim to kill
We burn like motherfuckers, spit right in your eye
We fight authority, we glorify free will
We are the ones you heard of, but you never heard
We are electric prophets, here to twist the world
We are the flame at night, the fire in the trash
We are Motörhead, we are Motörhead
We are Motörhead, we are Motörhead
We are Motörhead, we are Motörhead

Road Trippin'

A quick getaway with Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson and Koby Abberton.

Video: Alex Neiberg

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kevin Lyons

Kevin Lyons painting colette water bar while being snapped by Philip Andelman

a journey through asia

A journey through Thailand Cambodia Vietnam
august 2009
© pictures /editing Ivan Vania Mathia Belli

music Yann Tiersen, Au-Dessous Du Volcan
℗ 2008 Galene Editions licence exclusive
Virgin Music - EMI music France

Shot on Canon 5D Mark II with 24 mm/70mm
a little bit of CC with FCP and Color

Larking-Jack Kirk

Jack Kirk in Larking video filmed on sony handycam with homemade duct taped fisheye. Filmed in the melbourne CBD 2010.

Arbor Snowboards At Its Roots

Arbor Snowboards has a long history of big mountain shredding and our Northwest riders, including Byron Bagwell who is documented in this video, personify this history. Take a look into national team rider, Byron Bagwell's life as he brings us visions of a day of splitboarding into the Washington backcountry where he get's into some steep lines and deep powder.

Tales (Full lenght)

Tales (Full lenght) from Mark Daniel on Vimeo.

Made by Brazilian filmaker Mark Daniel .
he featured already the teaser, but now the film is take a break and enjoy.

Creative Destruction Chapter 6 part 2

Monday, February 21, 2011

Every Third Thursday Vans Off The Wall

Happy Third Thursday! Time to kick back, put your feet up and try this new episode of ETT on for size! It's the right... and left way brighten up your week! Check it out as we pull inspiration from our feet and a brand that lives and breathes skate, surf and snow. Watch now and get - OFF THE WALL!

IPath Ryan Lay Part

Ryan Lay video part for your enjoyment. Brand new part coming January!!!
Editing by Jackson Casey.

(RC Surfing) Radio Waves - radio-controlled micro surfing

Get the DVD at
This is a trailer for the movie Radio Waves. Filmed entirely in Santa Cruz, California. Radio-controlled micro surfing at it's best.

Billabong - Skateboarding filmed with the Phantom Camera

Skate tricks go down so fast you can miss what just happened, but when you slow it right down the intricacies come to life. We shot our City Squared Skate event with the PHANTOM HD camera breaking down each move at 1000 frames per second

Vans Bowl-A-Rama 2011 - Bondi Beach -

The Black Keys - Howlin' For You (Official Video)

Highlights Noronha - Final Day - Pablo Aguiar

Congrats Alejo Muniz

Siberia Teaches

Siberia Teaches is the story of four friends traveling across Siberia during a crazy cold winter.
Their goal is to film urban snowboarding
and they end up discovering how beautiful that unknown country is.

Beau Foster

Jack Freestone - Coolangata

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Santa Madre Tattoo by Bulletree Filmes

Vans Bowl-A-Rama - Bondi Beach

Highlights Noronha - 5th Day - Pablo Aguiar

Free Download - Music Approved By A Banana

Music Approved by a Banana

Nothing that is displayed here is hosted on our server which means that we are not responsible for the misuse of this material or whatsoever. We don't host any content. If you want to get your band on this blog or if you want something removed mail to: or just post something in the cbox, that's easier. And don't come crying and mailing about what we upload if thats not 'hardcore' enough for you. We post what we like ourselves, dont like it, feel free to leave.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mikey Luplow Session by Mutiny Bikes

Thomas Hooper - Meditations in Atrament

Thomas Hooper

SLAP MAG Presents The éS SXSE Tour Video

Bruno Cella - Interbeaches

Mikey Curtis - Saint

Highlights Noronha - 3rd Day - Pablo Aguiar

I (love) Brazil - 2 Parts

Chris Haslam

Jeff Grosso

Ink Blot: Neil Heddings

Darren Navarrette asks Neil Heddings about some of his tattoos and the stories behind them.

2coffees 1bike - by Charles Smith

Los Fearless: Kolohe Andino

Always striving. Always searching. Always surfing.

At 16, Kolohe Andino has already conquered some of the sickest waves set to crash, at coastlines on every corner of the earth. Though considered a surfing prodigy, it hasn't been an easy ride. It's taken hard work, dedication and a lot of Fearless to get to where he is today.

"Fear is good. How you control your fear and use it to your advantage is what makes the best surfers in the world."

For Kolohe, there's nothing else in the world like surfing. He loves every part of it, especially when he wins: "I picture myself winning. I'm pretty competitive. If I get beat by a guy a couple times in a row, I start to obsessively think about that guy and beating him."

His home break is Tresles in the O.C.; he grew up surfing there and it's still his favorite spot. "When I'm by myself and the waves are good, there's nothing like it."

Western Edition: Jabari Pendleton

A day in the life 8mm short starring Jabari Pendleton. Filmed and edited by Zack Mack.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Johnny Cupcakes

Johnny Cupcakes

ASG - Low End Insight

Tin soldiers could start the war
scrap medals for sale
buy twilight of misery
death metal prevails
polish my eye
to the polished stone
the alloy is weakening by the hammer thrown

some say that heaven's a home
others find comfort in fire down below
we got friends on both sides
some are still living and others have died

blood of my eye, love blinded and violent
blood of my eye, love blinded and violent

if the bright lights you swim between
should flicker and fail
shock currents will set you free
black winds fill your sails
polish my eye, to the polished stone
the alloy is weakening by the hammer thrown

hold fast, stand firm, breathe

Life Splicing No 001. Kevin Terpening

The first in a series of short films, featuring team riders, artist and friends.
Filmed & edited by Benny Maglinao, Interview by Jason Dill and additional filming by Mike Manzoori, Steve Chalme and Cody Green.

Nathan Fletcher - Lavese Los Manos - full movie

Brixton Spring 2011

This Is KR3W Spring 11

Saints & Sinners II

Highlights Noronha - 2nd Day - Pablo Aguiar

Monday, February 14, 2011

Astroboy Greyson Fletcher Flying High

Matt Meola by Kaenon

Vincent Alvarez x Skate Sauce Edit

Press the button project

Press the button is an urban project to awaken the minds of cold pedestrian, is a rise of freedom for all citizens who want to smile in the morning, in the afternoon in the night but always in the street...

A new freak project made in Ljubljana by Octopus & Pauer.

For more pictures and information here:​

Peter Beste - Photography

Peter Beste

Firing Line: Raven Tershy

Chase Jeager by Goliath Skate

Tattoo Artist - Scott Campbell - Skin flick

Thanks For The Dinner & The Sex - A film by Dion Agius

Thanks For The Dinner & The Sex from Waves Magazine on Vimeo.

Mick Fanning - Summer Fun

Friday, February 11, 2011

Larry Bertlemann 16mm Shredding

Larry Bertlemann 16mm Shredding - Sea Movies from on Vimeo.

Board Grabs - Learn to Grab your Board

Board Grabs
click to enlarge
art/concept: Mesquita

Weird Clothing Co.

Pier 18

Produced by James Hammarhead
Directed and Edited by Craig Scheihing
Riding by Greg Pamart
Photography by Mike Dillow
Music by Truong Ta
Sound by Brad Moore
Assistant Camera: Kate Wurzbacher

SLIP, SLOP, SLAP - Riley Blakeway - Featuring Taj Burrow and Kolohe Andino

Riviera is a fun-as-hell, sand-bottom peak a click south of the San Clemente pier. It's also the setting of a new (very) short film brought to you by Stab and auteur Riley Blakeway, titled SLIP, SLOP, SLAP. Featuring Taj Burrow and Kolohe Andino, the clip captures the Californian vibe like few have before. A minute 20 of pleasing aesthetics and progressive surfing. An inspired performance by Taj, an enthusiastic one from K-Lo. Prepare to hit replay.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Trent Mitchell Photography

Trent Mitchell

Plan B - The Questionable Video - Full Movie

The Art of God Machine - Tumblr

God Machine

Tattoo Artist - Scott Campbell - Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton introduces the first step of the video diptyque dedicated to the men's Spring/Summer 2011 collections.
This season is embodied by the artist and tatooist Scott Campbell, who collaborated on the runway collection presented in June 2010 in Paris.
In this first opus, Louis Vuitton invites you to follow Scott Campbell in his New York creative universe before leaving to a mysterious destination to be revealed very soon

Nick Riley - O'neill - by Velvet Sea

Singularities: Invisible NYC

Singularities: Invisible NYC from 3sixteen on Vimeo.

Invisible NYC isn't your average street shop: lodged in a sublevel storefront in NYC's Lower East Side, it's relatively unassuming from the outside. And that's exactly how the team likes it, because this is not the place to get a tattoo on a whim. Just as you'd expect your tattoo artist to approach each project with advance preparation and research, Invisible NYC thrives off customers who do the same. Founder Troy Denning has assembled a strong roster of world-class artists who are highly sought after without any sort of advertising or promotion. The secret to their business is simple: offer top notch service to clients which results in continuous word-of-mouth referrals.
Directed by Kellen Dengler.
For more information:

The Foreigners - Altamont

Altamont recently took a trip to Paris, France to get some footage of their skate team in action shot through the lens of No Age band member, Randy Randall. The tour DVD, which Randall filmed and directed, offers a different approach to skate videos with his unique style of visuals intertwined with amazing skateboard action, coupled with his ability to capture an interesting perspective to life on the road as a skateboarder.

Juxtapoz Presents: DUKE RILEY Video Profile - 3 Parts

Creative Destruction Chapter 6

Creative Destruction. Chapter 6.1 from CREATIVE DESTRUCTION on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Christian Fletcher

Christian Fletcher - I Against I

"The surf industry didn’t really like the idea of doin’ aerials and stuff like that, because it was changing the sport and those guy who were at the top 32 at that time they’re all like Shaun Thomson and stuff like that who were a little older and they won’t gonna be doin’ stuff like that, and surfing change that way then that mean that they’re gonna be out of job."
Christian Fletcher

Old Fish - New Fish

OLD FISH, NEW FISH. Check out this section from the ...Lost movie What's Really Goin' Wrong. Grommets Chris Ward and Cory Lopez prove that you don't have to do soul arches, wear striped wetsuits, become an artist or start a band just because you're riding a twin fin.

Cory Lopez - The Decline - Knee High Gulf Coast

soundtrack - Human Fly - The Cramps

Cory Lopez - What´s Really Going´ On

RVCA - Leo Romero, Cory Kennedy and James Hardy

The Hoon Dojo: Part 1

featuring Jake Duncombe, Jack Fardell, Dorfus (Tim McDougall), Kerry Fisher, Jackson Pilz, Tom Remillard, Raven Tershy, Pat McClain, Dave (Seppo) Mitchell, Peter Hewitt, Chet Childress, and Al Partanen.

Delaware - Heavy Waves - Hurricane Earl

Earl Revisited from eddie compo on Vimeo.

The tiny state of Delaware and the phrase “heavy waves” usually don’t go in the same sentence together, but check this clip from Hurricane Earl last fall—it looks like mini Backdoor Pipeline!

Lowcard - Worst Skater of the Year: Fred Gall

Lowcard Worst Skate of the Year: Fred Gall... from lowcard magazine on Vimeo.

Dane Reynolds on a FibreFlex

garden party by thtf

garden party by thtf from GFILM on Vimeo.

thtf collective

The Wheel - Venice Beach Skatepark (Super 8)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Blind Video Days - Full Movie

Thrasher Magazine's Prevent This Tragedy - Full Movie

Alex's Wallride

Thrasher King Of The Road - Albuquerque, New Mexico - Midway Stop

weirday off 2

Wave Garden - February 15...

Teaser I from wavegarden on Vimeo.

Here's the teaser of all teasers. This'll no doubt have all who see it salivating and bursting with questions. Unfortunately, all the info we can give you is contained in this post, but rest assured there'll be more. Hey, don't shoot the messenger.

Oh, now what could this be? Somewhere in the Basque Country, there's a revolution a'happening. We're currently embargoed on the finer details, but can reveal it involves any still body of water, a new mobile technology that ain't expensive to run, and that Jordy Smith and Bobby Martinez have already tested it. Kelly Slater could have some competition. We'll reveal new videos, details and photos on the 15th of February. That's like, one week from now!

wave garden

source: stabmag

something something....skate

something something.... ...skate from Cam Oden on Vimeo.

Jeremy Flores Moments

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jerome Forrest - Margaret River

THE HUNT by Alek Parker


Featuring Alek Parker, Cory Lopez, Ben Bourgeois, Brett Barley, Nils Schweizer and more.
Produced by Alek Parker
Edited by Sean Benik
Filmed by Blake Kueny, Sean Benik, Jason Hatch, and Carmen Vicari.

Mitch Crews

Hot 100 Webisode Two - Mitch Crews from Surfing Life on Vimeo.

Coolangatta Rising, Redux: Jack Freestone

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Restless Road - part 1 & 2

Mike Losness, Jesse Hines, Peter Devries in frigid NZ south island surf.

Cliché - Javier Mendizabal - Barcelona

Cliché Javier Mendizabal commercial by French Fred from Cliché Skateboards on Vimeo.

the new Cliché commercial by French Fred for 2011 with Javier Mendizabal skating Barcelona

Friday, February 4, 2011

Gavin Beschen At Cloud 9

Buena Ola - Plane 357

Warwick, NY - Canon 7D Test Footage

Canon 7D test footage(17-55mm 2.8 Lens)
shot between 3pm and 5pm on October 15, 2010
in the town of Warwick, NY.

Ryan Scafuro, Director of Photography
Copyright 2010 Leeshore Films

Three Kings Tattoo Spot

Ryan Scafuro, Director of Photography
Copyright 2010 Leeshore Films

Three Kings Tattoo Parlour
572 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Big is Beautiful - Fat Surfer - Jimbo Pellegrine

Julian Wilson & Dusty Paine - Bali

Wardo in Puerto

Dane Reynolds in Mexico

Haslam En España

"Those Maricons at Welcome skateshop in Madrid have this warehouse that we skate every time I go out there. Over the past few months I've been skating there a lot, so we'd just film once in a while…and this is what happened." — Haslam

Blood Wizard - Nich Kunz

Dirt Dogs

Dirt is the new concrete for Sam and Rock.

Riding September


irected by Clement Beauvais
Produced by Arthur de Kersauson / HUSH
by Hysteric Studios et Blitz Motorcycles

Give Me My Money Chico | Jack Curtin

Jack Curtin's HD clips from "Give Me My Money Chico" edited into a new HD only part.

Russian Prison Tattoo Documentary

The Mark of Cain documents the fading art form and language of Russian criminal tattoos, formerly a forbidden topic in Russia. The now vanishing practice is seen as reflecting the transition of the broader Russian society. Filmed in some of Russia;s most notorious prisons, including the fabled White Swan, the interviews with prisoners, guards, and criminologists reveal the secret language of The Zone and The Code of Thieve.