Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WeSC Activists - Chris Pastras - The Backyard Trip

WeActivist Chris Pastras was enjoying a casual afternoon in his LA backyard, and then...well, things got interesting...

Guest skaters: WeActivist Clint Peterson, Steven Webb & Justin Maruco

Guest artists: Colt & Abi Bowden

Filmed and edited by Danozone

Music: Dracula's Music Cabinet
Provided by Finders Keepers, B-Music

Riley Hawk - Door 33

Quiksilver Am Riley Hawk brings his all terrain skills and style to the Quiksilver Skatepark, Door 33.

Strange Notes - Field Trip - Grandpas

Chris Name - Organic Tattoo Studio

Chris Name

Organic Tattoo

David Pimentel - Organic Tattoo

David Pimentel

One In A Million - Coming Soon

SLAP's One In A Million 2010 follow up interviews are coming soon. Also be sure to get your footage ready because the One In A Million 2011 Call For Entries is right around the corner...

Think 2010

TV/DION - Californian afternoon

Monday, May 30, 2011

Curren Caples and Bob Burnquist - VANS BOWL-A-RAMA - Bondi

Highlights of Curren Caples and Bob Burnquist from the VANS BOWL-A-RAMA in Bondi

Rancid - Ruby Soho

Rancid - Ruby Soho Lyrics

Echoes of reggae comin through my bedroom wall
Havin a party up next door but i'm sittin here all alone
Two lovers in the bedroom and the other starts to shout
All i got is this blank stare and that don't carry no clout atall

Destination unknown
Ruby ruby ruby ruby soho
Destination unknown
Ruby ruby ruby ruby soho

He's singin and she's there to lend a hand
He's seen his name on the marquee but she will never understand
Once again he's leavin and she's there with a tear in her eye
Embraces with a warm gesture it's time, time to say goodbye

Destination unknown
Ruby ruby ruby ruby so ho
Destination unknown
Ruby ruby ruby ruby so ho

Ruby's heart ain't beatin cause she knows the feelin is gone
She's not the only one who knew there's somethin wrong
Little lover's in the distance as she wipes a tear from her eye
Ruby's fading out she disappears, it's time, time to saygoodbye

Destination unknown
Ruby ruby ruby ruby soho
Destination unknown
Ruby ruby ruby ruby soho

Ruby ruby ruby ruby soho
Ruby ruby ruby ruby soho
Ruby ruby ruby ruby soho
Ruby ruby ruby ruby soho

Destination unknown
Ruby ruby ruby ruby soho
Destination unknown
Ruby ruby ruby ruby soho

Monster Energy Presents The Show: A Snowboarding Event - Episode 1

When Monster Energy decides it's time for a new event, we go all out. This year "The Show: a snowboarding event" has come to the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler, Canada and Monster is going big. Big nights, big airs and big stories are all coming out of The Show.

In Episode One you'll get a look at the first 48 hours of The Show, with Danny, the Dingo, Dustin Craven, Iikka Backstrom, Mikey Rencz, Mark Sollors, Trouble Gang, Mat the Alien and many more. Get ready for the next level. Welcome to The Show!

Stone Age Clip of the Week - Louie Lopez

Check out Louie Lopez in this week's Stone Age Clip of the Week. Filmed by Ewan Bowman and Su Young Choi. Edited by Su Young Choi.

Off The Couch Session - Dan Drehobl

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dad Cam 2 Promo - Teaser

Watch the teaser for Dad Cam 2, the second full-length video by Canberra's Jack Dowden and sequel to the epic Dad Cam. Coming soon, featuring Reece Warren, Nigel Banks, Matt Cheney, Todd Baker and more

First Triple Backflip

New Zealand BMXer Jed Mildon has created action-sports history today by landing the world's first Triple Backflip at the Unit T3 Mindtricks BMX Jam in Taupo, New Zealand. Filming by Allan Hardy and Ryan McCrae

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Peter Ramondetta Knows Frontside Flips

Dennis Busenitz - Skate?

Crailtap's Mini DV Drawer

Crailtap's Mini DV Drawer.
The Mini DV Drawer. Fully Flared years, tapes #52-53. Mostly up in Sac. We wouldn't always get a ton of stuff. Featuring Rickk Howard, Guy Mariano, Mikemo, Stefan Janoski, Jeff Landi, Austyn Gillette, and Alex Olson.

Sessions with Cory, Shea and Matty Lopez.

This is a couple of days of swell and fun in New Smyrna Beach spent with Shea, Cory, Matty Lopez, and Friends. Enjoy.
Shot/Edit: Max Bressan
Ocean Video Photography

Quiksilver’s Young Guns Shred Peru

Quiksilver’s team of Young Guns head to Peru to meet up with Cristobal De Col and surf perfect lefts in the northern part of the country

Thrasher - Killing Time - Australia Skate Rock 2011 - FREE DOWNLOAD


Friday, May 27, 2011

'Wooden Nickels' episode 4: Everything looks better in Slow-Mo

Before we all figured out we could shoot in 720HD 60P and use Cine Tools to make amazing slow-mos... we would just shoot them in camera on the HVX. And like Dave Chappelle said, everything does looks better in Slow Mo... especially Levi Brown's treflips

'Wooden Nickels' episode 3: Michael Mackrodt & Pirkka Pollari (Element Europe)

Michael is a good friend of mine and one of my neighbors here in Berlin. When he is not traveling the world like a mad man, we get a chance to shred together here in the city.

With his team mates on Element Europe always coming through and staying with him, I got a chance to shred with them and get know a few of them over the last few years. Pirkka has been a frequent visitor and one of my favorites. I have no idea what is in the water in Finland but I am going to bottle it and sell it to other skaters across the world... every Finnish skater I meet rips.

So with this footage just sitting on my drive after 'Get Busy Living', I thought it would be good to get this stuff out and give the guys a bit of exposure between video projects. So my fellow skate nerds and skate rats... Welcome to episode 3. Element Europe style....

'Wooden Nickels' episode 2: The Bird is the Word

Last year, I spent 2 weeks on the road with Nike SB along side my good friend Dan Magee. The European tour brought all the heavy hitters and I have never witnessed skateboarding like this ever before. I felt like a chicken with my head cut off at the demos. Honestly... thank goodness there were two of us filming on the trip. What a tour it was and the segments Magee edited were just brilliant. If you have not seen them, check the link below.


But even with 4 parts from the tour, there was still a bit of footage left over that needed to see the light of day. Ladies and gentleman... welcome to episode 2


an edit of lizard king's harley being built by simon from SFK motorcycles. sfk992.blogspot.com

Safe Nath by Mutiny Bikes

Safe Nath going forward and backwards in a stylish manner



Grateful Dead - Don't Ease Me In

Stephan Doitschinoff - CALMA


lost art/Cras

Damien 'Dooma' Fahrenfort - Innersection entry

hate hb summer vol. 1

Here is some extra footage from this past weekend. Featuring Chris Milic, Jonathan Pierce, Ryan Spencer, Tom Karangelov, Ben Woosley, Logan Lara, Ty Bush, and Chad Olson. Filmed and edited by Matt Bublitz.
Flag this vide

Kerrazy Kronicles - Full Movie & Download

Kerrazy Kronicles Download

Ry Craike - A day in slo-mo

Brandon Westgate Emerica Stay Gold B-Side

Thomas Hooper - Meditations in Atrament

Thomas Hooper - Meditations in Atrament

Thursday, May 26, 2011

three slobs - Ghetto Juice Air Show!

A shitty day of surf in newport gets killed by some rippers. Contest held by Ghetto Juice!

Film & Edit: Michael Cukr

FRAMED - Andi Wittmann Rider profile

here we are.
this is basically a pilot-project,something that andi wittmann thought about for a while,and then came over to ask me if im interested.
we`ve both been pretty busy over the summer,but we managed to squeeze in a few days,to see how this could turn out.
so we filmed a little riderprofile,showing andi doing what he feels like doing,and thats pretty much it.
i hope you like it the way we do,as this might be just the start of sth new in 2011,but...we´ll see.
for now...hello winter!

song radical face-welcome home
for a download worth its money go to itunes.apple.com/​ch/​artist/​radical-face/​id208094291

filmed with red one,sony ex1,canon mark2D5
edited with adobe premiere cs5 and after effects

Glimpses of a New Project #1 by Bulletree Filmes

Coming soon...

Kerrazy Times - Bali

Toy Machine Brainwash Offcuts by Already Been Done

Strange Notes - Protec Pool Party 2011

Desert Crawl - Insight's SW tour (Part 2)

Featuring Insight Team Riders Jamie Thomas, Daniel Shimizu, Daniel Lutheran and flow rider Ryan Reyes.

Filmed and Edited by: Lannie Rhoades


"One day before we were to leave for the desert, we made an $870 investment in the key to our adventure; a 1982 Chevy van.

With time to kill and very little mechanical experience, we braved problem after problem as we traveled with absolute excitement and anticipation for the open road.

Our mission was simple; make it to Phoenix in time for the Garage Artist event at Cowtown with local artist, JJ Horner, then proceed onto Tucson for a skate jam at Starr Skates all while having as much fun as possible on the way. It took us 3 days to make it to Phoenix and we got to camp in the desert and the snow, see the Grand Canyon, skate several parks and avoid getting eaten by vultures. The Phoenix portion of our trip was equally as fruitful; it was packed with nonstop skate missions and an epic art show. We were only in Tucson for a day, but we made the most of our minutes.

These are the times of our lives and we hope that you enjoy our memoirs in this blog; "Desert Crawl"'

Words by Jamie Thomas

Instagram photo blog by Lannie Rhoades

Follow the team on Instagram:

Jamie Thomas - zero_or_die

Daniel Shimizu - dshimizu

Lannie Rhoades (Team Manager) - justsomedude

JT Rhoades (Photographer) - bigtweest

Our mission was simple; make it to Phoenix in time for the Garage Artist event at Cowtown with local artist, JJ Horner, then proceed onto Tucson

Hiding From Comfort: Final Tease

After just a few years we are proud to finally present to you, Hiding From Comfort!

World Premiere:
Circle on Cavill
Saturday June 4th
Film Starting at 7pm

Available June 8th With Riptide #182

In Association With:
Found Boards
Riptide Magazine

Cinematography By Chris Bryan, James Wise, Tom Hannam & Mitch Rawlins.

Phantom Cinematography By Chris Bryan

The ASL World Tour: You be the judge [Rio Re-Run]

from Australia Surfing Life

Surfing Life was staggered to see the sheer volume of banter and debate that followed the Owen Wright and Adriano de Souza quarterfinal at last week’s Billabong Rio Pro. Online chatter hit new levels, seemingly the entire surf community felt compelled to volunteer an opinion, from the informed to the libellous, from unfortunately nationalistic to the engaged and enthusiastic.

The uproar proved how intensely passionate surfers are about the upper level of their sport, and demanded an ASP response. Which they duly gave, releasing a bizarre retrospective, in which “the ASP International Judging Panel were gracious enough to look back and provide their expert perspective on the heat.” The statement raised as many questions as it answered, and the simultaneous timing of its release on aspworldtour.com alongside another post asking whether we all want to return to G-Land saw the public calling the ASP out for trying to divert attention from the bigger issue.

It’s all behind us now, but with ASL’s in-house filmer Nick Pollet keen to hit the the edit suite we thought we’d get him to pull together highlight clips of the best waves of four standout surfers from the Rio event, complete with their scores. This is not intended to undermine the ASP and their judges at all, if anything it should demonstrate how much the panel has to, and do, adjust their scale on heat-by-heat basis, depending on conditions.

But, we’d love your feedback. If this was an expression session, who would you give the nod to? What do you think the judges should be rewarding, and what would you like to see them marking down? Compare the clips and let us know your thoughts.

Owen Wright

Adriano de Souza

Josh Kerr

Taj Burrow

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Riley Hawk by Birdhouse

Filmed by: Jacob Nunez
Additional footage: Jared Prindle, Steve Haring
Edited by Matt Haring

Presented by Birdhouse Skateboards and Quiksilver Clothing

"I Got Mine"
by The Black Keys
from the album Attack and Release
Courtesy of WMG

INNERSECTION - Winter Round Qualifiers

So an Englishman, a New Zealander, a Mauian, a Californian, and Jamie O’Brien walk into a bar…

First five qualifiers are now working on their final sections. Here's how they made it...

Elliot Leboe, Damon Meade, Tim Boydell, Ryan Moss, Damien Robertson

John DeTemple

Taylor Steele & Nathan Myers


36 degrees teaser

a preview for an upcoming web series, 36 Degrees, follows different surfers who live and surf in new york city.

music by wavves

Brazil's Nuts by Julian Wilson

Jules gets to know the beachies around Rio De Janeiro during his trip to Brazil

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Killing Time: Webisode 5

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Jason Lee - Blind Video Days

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Strange Notes - Talkin Tats with Eric Dressen

Kerrazy Times - Caribbean (by SURFING Magazine)

Introducing, Barry Mansfield. by Stacks

Filmed and Edited by J'aime Fazackerley.

2011 Vans Pro-Tec Pool Party Pro & Masters

Sixteen year old Brazilian Pedro Barros take first at the 2011 Vans Pro-Tec Pool Party, with Rune in second, and Andy Mac in third. Here’s some highlights from the finals.

1. Pedro Barros, $30,000
2. Rune Glifberg, $18,000
3. Andy MacDonald, $10,000

Filmed by Marque Cox

Chris Miller once, once, once again wins the Master’s division at this year’s Vans Pro-Tec Pool Party. That would six total wins for Miller now. Steve Cab came in second while Lance Mountain took third. Here’s some highlights.

1. Chris Miller, $18,000
2. Steve Caballero, $9,000
3. Lance Mountain, $5,000

Filmed by Marque Cox

For a full recap, click HERE

Monday, May 23, 2011

Pro-Tec Pool Party | Cardiel Draws Lines - Ep 1

Cardiel breaks down the Combi Bowl

Pro-Tec Pool Party 2011

Loading the player ...

Another year, another Pro-Tec Pool party and this one did not disappoint. Here's the finals with the Masters on their way.

Pro Results

1. Pedro Barros 2. Rune Glifberg 3. Andy Macdonald 4. Nolan Munro 5. Alex Perelson 6. Omar Hassan 7. Steve Piniero 8. Mike Owens 9. Sky Siljeg 10. Sandro Dias

Killing Time: Webisode 4

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Billabong Rio Pro - Final

The Pool - The Full Story

The Pool was more than a BMX comp, it was one of the most extra-ordinary gatherings of the BMX community this century.

From the draining of a soon to be demolished local authority swimming pool in Dagenham, East London, into a world class park in less than two weeks was a feat in itself, but to see the diversity and level or riding on display at the launch event was truly remarkable.

40 international riders with a brand new team format saw non-comp riders, veterans, street destroyers and park animals all throw down into something far better than we could have dreamt of.

Winning Team:
Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley, Josh Harrington and Jeremiah Smith

Best Line: (Awarded to Ruben’s team)
Ruben Alcantara, Kevin Kalkoff, Sergio Layos, and Tom Dugan

Best Rider: (Rider’s choice)
Dennis Enarson

Best Trick:
Brian Foster - Gap to curved wallride out of the deep end

The Pool is free to ride until the 12th June 2011

Shot and Edited by Hadrien Picard

Additional camerawork by Peter Adam

Deus Ex Machina - Festival Of The V-Twin

Vision from the inaugural Deus Festival of the V Twin a coming together of V angle enthusiasts and appreciators.

Held at Camperdown, Sydney on the 14th of May, the event was open to all V Twins with pre-1980 chassis and motors.

For full event gallery, head to Flickr: flickr.com/​photos/​deuscustoms/​

Featuring tune by Beach Fossils - Day Dream

TPAOL Behind The Scenes

Friday, May 20, 2011

Uncommon Places

Grey Skateboard Magazine and Converse recently took a road trip through Europe with no fixed route or destination. Uncommon Places is the outcome of our adventure.

Featuring Harry Lintell, Rory Milanes, Charlie Young and Phil Parker.

Film by Henry Edwards-Wood.


Bing Family Tree

Chris Del Moro enjoys a few new short board models from the timeless Bing Surfboards label. Speed Square, Dharma and Spork. San Diego, winter 2011. Please enjoy.

Kevin "Spanky" Long - Emerica Stay Gold B-Side

Billabong Rio Pro Round Four - Highlights

Round four of the Billabong Rio pro sees Australians Joel Parkinson, Josh Kerr, Owen Wright and Taj Burrow progress straight on through to the quarters. Check it out.

Billabong Rio Pro Round Three - Highlights

Round number three showed no mercy, eliminating a bunch of top seeds including Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning and Jordy Smith at the Billabong Pro in Rio.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Huge Fiji

The Big Day

Therapy? - Stories

Therapy? - Stories Lyrics

Get into the car and keep it down
City lights look like warnings now
She's got someone that pays for things
Trust me she won't miss a thing
Come with me
And believe me

Yeah (Happy people have no stories)
Yeah (Happy people have no stories)
Yeah (Happy people have no stories)
Yeah (Happy people have no stories)

I get by on what I have
Less than Jesus
More than dad
Enough to keep me in this state
Ticking through to the next escape
Come with me
Believe me


I woke up late
And I rolled the stone
Laziness and death in one
You were once a gentleman
Ended up a bitter man
Come with me
Believe me

Yeah (Happy people have no stories)
Yeah (Happy people have no stories)
Yeah (Happy people have no stories)
Yeah (Happy people have no stories)
Yeah (Happy people have no stories)
Yeah (Happy people have no stories)
Yeah (Happy people have no stories)
Yeah (Happy people have no stories)
Happy people have no stories

Zumbis fazem hora extra no mundo!






Filmed by: nicolasdelavy.tumblr.com/​
Edit: Rodrigo Furukawa

Thrasher - Skatepark Round-Up: CCS Yardsale

Loading the player ...

Here's some alternative angles and more shredding from Thrasher's Round-Up with CCS.

Billabong Rio Pro Round Two Proves Who's Who - Highlights

All the round two highlights from the Billabong Pro in Rio. Watch Joel Parkinson, C.J Hobgood, Josh Kerr, Bobby Martinez, Julian Wilson and more going to town on the 3-4 foot Apoador beachies.

Billabong Rio Pro Round One - Highlights

After a lay-week the surfing gets underway in Rio De Janeiro, with standout performances from Aussies Taj Burrow, Mick Fanning, Owen Wright and Julian Wilson.

Young Americans Kelly Slater and Taylor Knox flew the flag for the Septics.

Amstel San Sebastian Surf Film Festibal


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Desert Crawl - Insight's SW tour (Part 1)

Featuring Insight Team Riders Jamie Thomas, Daniel Shimizu and Daniel Lutheran.

Filmed and Edited by: Lannie Rhoades


"One day before we were to leave for the desert, we made an $870 investment in the key to our adventure; a 1982 Chevy van.

With time to kill and very little mechanical experience, we braved problem after problem as we traveled with absolute excitement and anticipation for the open road.

Our mission was simple; make it to Phoenix in time for the Garage Artist event at Cowtown with local artist, JJ Horner, then proceed onto Tucson for a skate jam at Starr Skates all while having as much fun as possible on the way. It took us 3 days to make it to Phoenix and we got to camp in the desert and the snow, see the Grand Canyon, skate several parks and avoid getting eaten by vultures. The Phoenix portion of our trip was equally as fruitful; it was packed with nonstop skate missions and an epic art show. We were only in Tucson for a day, but we made the most of our minutes.

These are the times of our lives and we hope that you enjoy our memoirs in this blog; "Desert Crawl"'

Words by Jamie Thomas

Instagram photo blog by Lannie Rhoades

Follow the team on Instagram:

Jamie Thomas - zero_or_die

Daniel Shimizu - dshimizu

Lannie Rhoades (Team Manager) - justsomedude

JT Rhoades (Photographer) - bigtweest

Our mission was simple; make it to Phoenix in time for the Garage Artist event at Cowtown with local artist, JJ Horner, then proceed onto Tucson

The Meanies - 10% Weird

freesurf rio surf pro

kelly, mick , parko, knox , adriano, jadson , owen, alejo...freesurf during the rio surf pro 2011

Jay Davies - Untitled

Jay Davies - wyadup

MIKE VALLELY - Zumiez Tour 2010

This is a candid, behind the scenes portrait of Mike V, and his unwavering dedication to his fans - young and old during his Zumiez signing tour in March 2010. Video made by Mark Choiniere.

Raiders of the Archives: Ed Templeton Part 1 of 6

Thanks so much to Ed Templeton for letting us raid his house and dig through his massive archive. Enjoy this series.

Red Bull Mind the Gap in Atlanta

People came in hot right off the bat with ollies and kickflips. Then it was kind of a lull for a while where it almost looked like not much was going to go down because no one was making anything. Damn, did that change. I still can't believe CJ Tambornino switch varial flipped a street gap. Check out all the footage from Joe Pelham here. Photos, sequences, and full results are here: skateparkoftampa.com/​spot/​a.aspx?ID=1562

Volcom Presents: VBJ Canada Tour 2011

Geoff Rowley, Dennis Busenitz, Chris Pfanner, David Gravette and Aaron Suski
are headed to Canada for the Volcom Brand Jeans Tour May 21st-29th. Bring
your old jeans for the Give Jeans A Chance Program at all the events to help
out the homeless. More info at: http://www.volcom.com/Vbjtourcanada.

"Pushed" Trailer

"Pushed - Four Guys Inspired By A Wooden Toy"
a documentary by Florian Schneider


Stefan Marx, Bobby Puleo, Pontus Alv & Adam Sello

Florian Schneider

Director Of Photography
Felix Zenker

Music by
Johan Hansson

Graphic Design
Franz Falsch
Georg Reinhardt

Produced and Supported by
Sznydoers / Carhartt / Hessische Filmförderung

Stone Age Clip of the Week: Filipe Ortiz

Check out Filipe Ortiz in this week's Stone Age Clip of the Week. Filmed by Su Young Choi, Bill Weiss and Diogo Ramos. Edited by Su Young Choi.

Chris Haslam MiniRamp DEMO in Cheboksary 2009

Caio Ibelli - Taguaíba

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Killing Time: Webisode 3

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Test Day with Al Partanen

WeSC Activists Pastras & Peterson & LA Sunday

Follow WeActivists Chris Pastras and Clint Peterson on a Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles. A fun mini ramp, a DIY spot, good times, and a few brews to end it off. Enjoy!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Young Guns: Island Time

Ry Craike - Pohnpei Holidei

Red Belly Black Suit by Julian Wilson

Jules Wilson and Matty Wilkinson enjoy a romp in the ocean

Volcom's 2011 VQS Champs - Final Day Highlights

Final Day Highlights from Volcom's 2011 VQS Champs at 54th street in Newport Beach, CA, May 15th, 2011.

Volcom's 2011 VQS Champs - Day 2 Highlights

Volcom's 2011 VQS Champs - Day 2 Highlights from Newport Beach, CA, May 14th, 2011.

Thrasher - Skate Soup: Phx Am

Loading the player ...

Tim C. went down to Phoenix for a week around Phx Am time and brought home another Skate Soup.

++ - Super team in Yamba

Saturday, May 14, 2011

New MoMentum

moving on to the future, Sterling Spencer exploring new heights and new waves and new places and new babes and new trees and new vans and new glasses and new drinks and new mamas and new papas and future...weens babyd


Killing Time: Webisode 2

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Friday, May 13, 2011

enRoute. (a Birdhouse roadtrip)

The Birdhouse Am's took a two week filming trip across America. Here is some of the skating and the shenanigans that took place.

Featuring: Aaron "JAWS" Homoki, Clint Walker, David Loy, Shaun Gregoire, Shawn Hale, and Spencer Nuzzi.

foto/edit: Cameron Sanchez


Strange Notes - Field Trip - Satellites

Loic Wirth, Filmmaker [Surfing Mag]

posted by Nathan Myers

Quick, name your favorite Brazilian surf movie! [Not you, Brazilian guy, I’m talking to the racist pig Americans on this website.]

Couldn’t name any? Damn, me neither. I feel terrible about it, too. I gotta pay better attention. You do, too. But I think we’re about to catch a break. This kid, Loic, he might be the real deal. His camera work is simply beautiful. He’s young, hungry, total soul of an artist.

Last year Loic broke the mold last year when he earned little known Uruguayan soul-surfer Marco Giorgi a spot on Taylor Steele’s Innersection project (beating out Kelly Slater and Joel Parkinson’s sections in the same round), and his final submission to that film was a groovy, heartfelt break from the rest of the full-throttle contestants.

Now he’s about to release his own full-length feature film, Intentio, and judging by the trailer…it’s going to look beautiful. Loic’s definitely got a cinematic eye and a storyteller’s heart. Just 21 years with a Belgium expat father (who moved to Brazil when he met his mom), the kids been traveling the world, introducing himself to pros and picking up clips and shots wherever he could find them. From Uruguay to France to New Zealand and Hawaii, he’s managed to film with guys like Craig Anderson, Gabriel Villeran, Chippa Wilson and more, but I’d surmise that it’s Loic’s talent behind the camera that’s going to shine through in this project. Just watch the trailer:

YAH caught up with him in Rio just before he locked himself in the edit bay to finish cutting the movie. As of yet, the final product is largely unformed…but we have high hopes for Loic. And maybe next time someone asks us about our favorite Brazilian surf movie, we’ll know the answer.

YAH: Quick, who’s your favorite Brazilian surf filmmaker?
LOIC WIRTH: I’m very inspired by Pablo Aguiar’s attitude of doing thing on his own without waiting for anything. And pulling it off. He is a very talented director.

[Weirdos on Wheels by Pablo Aguiar]

What film projects had you worked on before Innersection?
Innersection was the first film project I participate. Before that I only did jobs like webisodes and things like that.

Did participating in that project boost your career?
Innersection? For sure. That was the first time I exposed a video to so many people, and it was magic to see that some people related to it and really like it. I was really lucky that me and Marco Giorgi got the chance to get in a film made by Taylor Steele with so many good surfers and directors in it. I was really happy to be a part of it.

Tell us about your new film. Is there a concept around it?
I don’t think there is a concept, just an idea. The rest will only take real shape when the movie is done. For now, I wouldn’t know how to answer that.

What inspired your approach?
I love the photography in A Brokedown Melody, and also like all the works Joe G does in skate and surfing.

Did you write that narration on the trailer?
Yes, I did.

Nice work. Is that something you’ll do more of in the film?
I’m not sure. I’m actually curious to find out myself.

Why is it in English? Why not Portuguese?
My goal with this movie is to be able to show people some thoughts and messages about things. I want to do it in a way that anyone that wants to will be able to understand, which is impossible, I realize. But English is the international language. A French person or a Japanese person wouldn’t understand Portuguese, but maybe English they will. You know?

What did it take to get this film made? How did you afford to do all this
This answer is probably a bit cliche, but it took a lot of heart. All the surfers in the movie believed in the project and helped me in the way they could. Some of the trips I would be working for a brand doing something, and would film for my project at the same time with my friends when they where in the same place.

Any surfer you think is going to blow people away on this film?
It’s hard to say. I guess each person has a different way of see surfing, and all these surfers approach the ocean in different ways. So I believe some people will relate to one surfer and others will relate to another.

That’s a total non-answer. Are you tactfully avoiding my question?
I’m not avoiding it, that’s honestly what I think. I don’t care what the surfers think of my answer.

Okay, well who’s scoring the best waves?
I think probably Jean da Silva and Marco Giorgi.

Is there a section that you just can’t wait for people to see?
I never see it that way. I think the movie will be complete as a whole, so one section by itself would not be the same without the others. Does that makes sense?

Only because I realize you haven’t edited yet. Is that what you’re doing now?
Yes. A lot of editing.

What’s that like?
Late nights in my room with lots of Brigadeiro and 7 Belos. [Brazilian candy.]

The age of the DVD is changing as we speak. How do you release a project
like this?
I have nothing certain yet. I’m curious as well. I love the idea of a DVD, rather than a download or something. I like that feeling, But I also like putting online for free. I guess I would love to do both.

And then what…make another?
Time will tell. But of course I would love to.

source: Surfingmag

Ambig Video Blog 5_11_11

Skated in San Diego with Alex Schmidt, Jt Aultz, Sean Conover and Gonzalo Hernandez on 5_11_11. Checked out PQ park and some cutty spots in Leucadia.

Jamie Tancowny: Emerica Stay Gold B-Side

Emerica presents: Jamie Tancowny: Emerica Stay Gold B-Side

Tattoo Episode by Alan Fendrich

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Nike SB Texture Tour – Sicily


Mauro Caruso
Marco Lambertucci
Luca Doneddu
Luca Crestani
Jacopo Carozzi
Jerome Campbell

INTRO VISUALS by Andrea Caputo with Simone Bertuzzi, Simone Trabucchi.

MUSIC BY unouomedude


FILMED & EDITED by Sergio Minnici

NIKE SB 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vox Skate 4 Change DVD - Dave Bachinsky

Dave Bachinsky's Part From The Vox Skate 4 Change DVD



2011 Billabong Pro Rio - webisode 3

Killing Time: Webisode 1

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Van Wastel Pool Jam 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

Albee Layer - Innersection Entry

Thrasher - Vans WCW Giants Mini Ramp

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Huck Finn and Jim did it first, but Thrasher and the Giants did it better! A mini-ramp on a raft in McCovey Cove? C'mon, is this real?

Chris Haslam - Stupid Trick - the Hectop Flip

From Strange Notes video "Wish You Were Here" is Chris' second installment of Stupid Trick; the Hectop Flip. Per Chris' description its a Switch 1/2 frontside flip to back foot big spin flip.

The Adolescents - Kids of The Black Hole - Clash Club SP - 25.11.10

The Adolescents - Kids Of The Black Hole Lyrics

No sound is heard from unit two
When there was once so much to do
It was once a green mansion, but now it's a wasteland
Our days of wreckless fun are through

Kids in a fast lane living for today
No rules to abide by and no one to obey
Sex, drugs and fun is their their only though and care
Another swig of brew another overnight affair

House of the filthy, house not a home
House of destruction where the lurkers roamed
House that belonged to all the homeless kids
Kids of the black hole

Messages and slogans are the primary decor
History's recorded in a clutter on the floor
Inhabitants that searched the grounds for roaches or spare change
Another night of chaos is so easy to arrange


The nights of birthdays
The nights of fry
The nights of endless drinking
The nights of violence
The nights of noise
The nights that had to end for good, still not understood, by the girls and boys

Carefree in their actions as for morals they had none
When the girls were horny who would be the lucky ones?
Pushing all the limits to a point of no return
Trashed beyond belief to show the kids don't wanna learn

Anthony Pshebelski

Manic Hispanic - Medley (Rodney on the ROQ)

Manic Hispanic - Medley (Rodney on the ROQ)Lyrics
(Amoeba/Wild in the Streets/Pushin' Too Hard/No Values)

hola, me llamo Delia Cruz y Yo oigo radio KMIX, Santa Ana, California

Things can't get much worse for me
sometimes I'd rather die
there's a fire in my culo
and a teardrop in my eye
it was a caliente, chile verde
if not, then it did seem
but today, I had a firey ring
that made me wanna scream

caca stains, things kill
fast Chevys, cheap thrills
rich putas, fine wine
I'v lost my sense, I've lost control
of my cabeza

Amigos [4x]
We are little vatos in our paths
looking through the pinche hole
us little brown guys, we never lie
uh-uh, that fills our soul

You never seen anything like us before
us vatos got a mind of our own
Adults look around this pinche whitey world
vatos all around the hole

Loco in the streets
Carito, carito [4x]
You got a '63 Impala, a hand full of mota
a couple of cervezas really do me right
you better believe us, better trust us
teenage drunk, pinche wreck

Loco in the streets
Carito, carito [4x]

Hola Miss Sant'Ana,
how's your favorite mijo now?
Do you know just what he's done?

You're pushing too hard, you're pushing on me
You're pushing too hard, where you wanna be?
You're pushin' too hard on everything you say
You're pushin' too hard every night and day
You're pushin' too hard
Pushin' too hard on me

I don't care what you say
And I don't care what you do
I've got nothing to give you
Why don't you just smile alone

I got no feria, nothing to say,
I got no feria, Might as well blow you way

Ahh, ahh Tragety, Tragety (?) [4x]

Nova Zelândia 2 by Jean da Silva

starring Pedro Henrique, Ale Chacon, Marco Giorgi, Tomas Hermes e Jean da Silva.

Domingo by Petterson Thomaz


Format Perspective Preview - Alex Irvine

Format Perspective is a film that explores the work, lives and opinions of six European skate photographers. The film showcases the photography of Nils Svensson (Malmö), Stuart Robinson (Belfast), Alex Irvine (London), Richard Gilligan (Dublin), Bertrand Trichet (Barcelona/Tokyo) and Sergej Vutuc (Heilbronn), while also giving us an insight into the different approaches used by this diverse line-up of photographers. Filmed completely on super 8 film, this project gives a behind-the-scenes look at the skating that these guys like to shoot, as well as the resulting photos that emerge from these sessions.

Due for release in summer 2011


Gustave Doré

Death on a Pale Horse (Revelation) by Gustave Doré

Milton, Paradise Lost, Lucifer is Cast Out of Heaven by Gustave Doré

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Gustave Doré (A. Gusman, engraver), I had done a hellish thing

Gustave Doré illustration to the 1884 edition of Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven: Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before

Doré's White Rose - Illustration to Dante's Divine Comedy, Paradiso by Gustave Doré


The Satyrical Art of Paul Kuczynski - Stop and Think

The Bay to LA - Episodes 1, 2 & 3

Frankie Ross Place

We headed out to Stoner park to warm up before getting ready for the 3 hours of LA traffic ahead, Joel wanted to hit this one spot 20 minuets away which ended taking hours after getting stuck it the LA shitt storm. Joel ended up getting his trick, and ended up trying to throw a bit more flavor on it but got robbed in end.

Jack Kirk - Insight51


Team Rider: Jack Kirk
Music By: Sambrose Automobile
Track Name: "Dont't Follow The Leader"
Website: myspace.com/​sambroseautomobile


KLein 1000fps

Intentio - Trailer by Loïc Wirth

The funny thing about fairy tales, is that we forget about them so fast
And we grow up, we buy things, we build up fences
We sell our innocence and forget our dreams
We forget who we are in order to be something we're not
And we'll keep believing in this so called truths, until we forget how to live
Or until we open our eyes, and wake up.

This is a trailer for Intentio, a full length project Im working on...
The song is called In a Broken Dream, and its performed by UNKLE, released on the album End Titles...Stories for Film.

Marco Giorgi, Cristian Muller, Jean da Silva, Craig Anderson, Fernando Moura,
Gabriel Medina, Jeronimo Vargas, Ian Gouveia, Gabriel Muller, Ricardo Santos, Ian Gouveia and Chippa Wilson
shot in New Zeland, Uruguay, Indonesia, France, Hawaii, Brasil and California
Direction of Photography, Editing, Filming, Direction and Story by Loïc Wirth
Narration by Vernon Deck

Thank's for watching

2011 Billabong Pro Rio - webisodes 1 & 2

tapes 'n tapes by Sean Lesh

conner, bummy, kilian, nate, blake, dillon, & kelly

Damien Wills Takes On Luna Park

A few days after Bells wrapped up, Damien Wills, Marti Paradisis and ASL filmer Nick Pollet went hunting a secret Victorian reef. "Luna Park" was pumping.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

On The Couch With Garrett Parkes

After winning the Rangiroa Pro Junior in Tahiti, Garut came in to ASL HQ to have a chat about his win, his year, and just why his mates in Parkway Drive are surfing with guitars these days.

Dustin Dollin Raw

Raw, Unused and Different Angles. Enjoy

Killing Time - Australia Skate Rock 2011 - Teaser 5

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