Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Andrew Doheny - Droid surfs through colors
music: Kyle Straka

Volcom - Gigi Rüf - "Twe12ve" Re-Edit

Watch this Re-Edit of Gigi's part in Absinthe Films' "twe12ve" video

Guest Snowboarder: Blair Habenicht

- Music -
ARTIST: JEFF The Brotherhood
SONG: "Ripper"
ALBUM: We Are The Champions
- Infinity Cat Recordings -

Innersection - Volume 2

SlapMag - Orange Bush Parts 1 and 2

It was only a matter of weeks before the cold would start hitting northern California and Oregon and we wanted out of the hectic city for a few days. We didn't know where we would stay each night, but with the staffing at many state parks being minimal we didn't have any issues. We hit Shasta Park and Weed, where on Mondays the bowling alley has 25-cent hotdogs, beers, bowling shoes and games. Then Medford and Winston. As many know, these trips can be easily ruined by unreasonable expectations or the inability to just roll with it. If plans change, who gives a shit? If a park sucks, maybe the next one's better. As long as the music is good, the beer flows and your down for the cheapest place to rest, a good time awaits. BB guns, knives and hatchets don't hurt either though. Featuring Stephen Morrison, Andrew Glagola, Dustin Walls, Adam Benson, and Iceman

The saga continues... Orange Bush Part Dos

La Creme Short Film

Nice video/bad music

starring Jack Freestone, Ryan Callinan and Brent Savage

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Leftovers - Mitch Crews, Evan Geiselman, Miguel Pupo - Hawaii

Evan Geiselman, Mitch Crews and Miguel Pupo find some fun Thanksgiving leftovers on the North Shore. Evan explains, with the start of the Sunset Beach waiting period and a massive swell on the horizon, the nerves are definitely starting to build. Stay tuned for more updates. Video: PK

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama [Live at Oakland Coliseum Stadium 1977]

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama Lyrics

Big wheels keep on turning
Carry me home to see my kin
Singing songs about the Southland
I miss Alabamy once again
And I think its a sin, yes

Well I heard mister Young sing about her
Well, I heard old Neil put her down
Well, I hope Neil Young will remember
A Southern man don't need him around anyhow

Sweet home Alabama
Where the skies are so blue
Sweet Home Alabama
Lord, I'm coming home to you

In Birmingham they love the governor ohh ooohh ohhh......
Now we all did what we could do
Now Watergate does not bother me
Does your conscience bother you?
Tell the truth

Sweet home Alabama
Where the skies are so blue
Sweet Home Alabama
Lord, I'm coming home to you
Here I come Alabama

Ahhh, Ahhhhh, ah, Alabama
Ahhh, Ahhhhh, ah, Alabama
Ahhh, Ahhhhh, ah, Alabama
Ahhh, Ahhhhh, ah, Alabama

Now Muscle Shoals has got the Swampers
And they've been known to pick a song or two
Lord they get me off so much
They pick me up when I'm feeling blue
Now how about you?

Sweet home Alabama
Where the skies are so blue
Sweet Home Alabama
Lord, I'm coming home to you

Sweet home Alabama
Oh sweet home baby
Where the skies are so blue
And the governor's true
Sweet Home Alabama
Lordy Lord, I'm coming home to you
Yea, yea Montgomery's got the answer

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird - Live July 4th 1977 - Oakland

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird Lyrics

If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still remember me?
For I must be travelling on, now,
'Cause there's too many places I've got to see.
But, if I stayed here with you, girl,
Things just couldn't be the same.
'Cause I'm as free as a bird now,
And this bird you can not change. [3x]
Lord knows, I can't change.

Bye, bye, baby its been a sweet love.
Though this feeling I can't change.
But please don't take it so badly,
'Cause Lord knows I'm to blame.
But, if I stayed here with you girl,
Things just couldn't be the same.
Cause I'm as free as a bird now,
And this bird you'll never change.
And this bird you can not change. [2x]
Lord knows, I can't change.
Lord help me, I can't change.

Lord, I can't change.
Won't you fly high, free bird

Tattoo Artist - China [Dagger's Tattoo]

Dagger's Tattoo (Facebook)

Tattoo Artist - Raposa [Dagger's Tattoo]

Dagger's Tattoo (Facebook)

Tattoo Artist - Sujera Reis [Dagger's Tattoo]

Dagger's Tattoo (Facebook)

Thrasher - Love & Guts - Costa Mesa

Love and Guts is where skateboarding and art collide. Thanks to Oakley, our 30th anniversary photo show was seen around the world. Here's what the legends had to say during the last stop in Costa Mesa.

The Denali Experiment

Although I was injured with a few broken vertebrae in my neck during this expedition it was awesome to live vicariously through the edit process! cheers, ~reo
"In a lot of ways, this is the antithesis of the modern ski porn flick. A lot of rock star skiers and not much skiing! Ha! Well, hopefully having a narrative helps the piece along. It was a tough piece to put together with all the different characters. I decided to focus the story on Sage and Lucas and was hoping the piece would give people a sense of who those two characters are besides being rock star skiers/snowboarders. I often feel like the whole process of skiing and who the skiers actually are gets lost in most of the films today." ~jimmy chin
Free-ride skier Sage Cattabriga-Alosa and big mountain snowboarder Lucas Debari step out of their elements and make an attempt to climb, ski and snowboard Denali. Sage and Lucas get a helping hand from a huge cast of seasoned and professional climbers and ski mountaineers from the North Face Athlete Team, including Hilaree O’Neill, Conrad Anker, Ingrid Backstrom, Jim Zellers, Emilio Previtali and Giulia Monego, as the two embark on the hardest expedition of their lives.
a camp4collective production
Director : Jimmy Chin
Cinematographers : Jimmy Chin, Matt Irving, Adam Clark
Editor: Renan Ozturk
Motion Graphics: Barry Thompson, Eric Bucy, Marty Blumen
Additional Media: Teton Gravity Research, Absinthe Films, Colby Coombs, Renan, Sage and Lucas
Color: Anson Fogel

Shot with the 5D and TM900

music in order of appearance:

Philip Sheppard
Song: Night Vision

Song: Never Mess With Sunday

Sun Wukong Project
Song: Clear Puzzles in Mjet

Song: Like Waves Of The Sea

Philip Sheppard
Song: The Valley

The Damn Sons
Song: Who Wants More

Song: Digital Cliffs

Song: Water

Amon Tobin
Song: Bloodstone

Ape School
My Intention (Yppah Remix Instrumental)

Song: Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us



Alan Fendrich - Inverno Cinzento

Monday, November 28, 2011

Alex Knost: Single Fins

Lifeblood Skateboards - We Must Bleed [Full Lenght]

This is 33 minute film is Lifeblood Skateboards’ first-ever full-length video effort titled, WE MUST BLEED. Filmed from the first warm days of spring up until several autumn afternoons of 2011, this skate film highlights the distinct camaraderie, raw talent, and ability of Lifeblood’s team riders on all sorts of skateable terrain - out in the streets, in the skateparks, DIY spots and beyond.

Sit back and check out the barrage of raw skateboarding, - the hits, and the misses - all matched up with an uninhibited soundtrack to knock your socks off.

Strange Notes - Enthuse your Curbiasm with Fred Gall

Flat And Street Revolution

Dion Agius - Thanks for Dinner (Constituent) by Beren Hall

Brad McClain by Frespools

Thrasher King of the Road Teaser #2

Dekline may have been the KOTR underdogs, but they finished first in ridiculousness - no small thanks to Nick Merlino. Webisodes coming Dec. 10th.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nike SB - UK team: Big Push 2011

Check out the Nike SB UK team (Chris Jones, Tom Harrison, Jak Pietryga, Neil Smith, and Korahn Gayle) tearing it up all over the UK for Sidewalk Magazine's week-long "BIG PUSH 2011" contest!

Filmed and edited by Dan Magee and John Fisher. Head over to to show your support and cast your vote for the crew!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Girl & Chocolate Trailer

Girl & Chocolate Trailer
film coming 2012

Rick Howard
Mike Carroll
Megan Baltimore
Spike Jonze

Ty Evans
Spike Jonze
Cory Weincheque

Vincent Alvarez
Brian Anderson
Kenny Anderson
Elijah Berle
Brandon Biebel
Chico Brenes
Devine Calloway
Mike Mo Capaldi
Mike Carroll
Daniel Castillo
Justin Eldridge
Jesus Fernandez
Rick Howard
Gino Iannucci
Marc Johnson
Cory Kennedy
Eric Koston
Sean Malto
Guy Mariano
Rick McCrank
Alex Olson
Anthony Pappalardo
Stevie Perez
Chris Roberts
Raven Tershy
Jeron Wilson

Ty Evans
Roger Bagley
Sam Newman
Federico Vitetta
Eric Longden
Aaron Meza
Shane Auckland
Ian Passmore
Kyle Camarillo
RB Umali
Dan Wolfe

Drew Lauer

Aaron Meza

Ty Evans

Andy Jenkins

Johannes Gamble

Contract Sound
Lory Vincent

Rainbow Arabia
“Without You”
Please support the artist here:

Girl Skateboard Films 2011

Nick Rozsa Homegrown 1/5

Few days of shooting with Nick Rozsa around home. Part 1/5 of the Homegrown Project

Tattoo Artist - Javier Bergasa

Javier Bergasa(Facebook)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Circus Tattoo Madrid - Deno Jr

Circus Tattoo

Deno Jr (Facebook)

Ground Zero [France]

Taj Burrow, Kai Otton, Bede Durbridge,
Miguel Pupo, Chippa, Ben Godwin, Dion Agius.

Surfing the beaches of Hossegor.

Shot & Edited by Sam Page


Gustavo Schlickmann - Hypnotized

Hypnotized - A Movie With Gustavo Schlickmann
Created By Gustavo Schlickmann And Marcelo Cathcart
Edited By Gustavo Schlickmann,marcelo Cathcart And Bruno Bez

Gustavo Schlickmann , Fernando Moura, Guilherme Tranquilli, Daniel Kuerten, Marcelo Cathcart, Diego Schimitz, Dimitry Lemos, James Santos

Pedro Tojal, Gustavo Camarao, Daniel Smorigo, Alexandre Akiwas, Thiago Santos, Caio Guedes, Joao Portuga

Add Footages
Erik Bark, Guitranquilli, Alex Costa, Otavio Augusto, Pablo Aguiar, Rafael Manoeli, Joao Portuga, Ryan Flores, Michel Flores, Gu Schlickmann, Gustavo Camarao, Fernando Moura, James Santos, Marcelo Cathcart, Bruno Bez

Sound Track
Battles, Modest Mouse And Kashiwa Daisuke

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Put Charles in Charge '12

We are Antihero Skateboards and we approve this message.

Grant Taylor x Thrasher Skater of the Year 2011

Grant Taylor is Thrasher embodied. Skate and Destroy everything. This book is far from over.

Coming of Ageless • alex gray howling

COMING OF AGELESS • the ongoing volcom surf web series with the potential to be whatever it wants to be without a schedule • direct/cut: ryan thomas • produce/camera: matt shuster

Insight51 - Coastal Creepin' - Part Two

Creepin' the coast with team riders Jamie Thomas, Dane Burman, Dan Lu and Nick Borserio comes to an end with part two of Coastal Creepin'..
Filmed and Edited by Lannie Rhoades

click here to see part 1

Tattoo Artist - Tomas Tomas

Tomas Tomas

Noa Deane is Seventeen

Noa likes cameras and surfing, this is him purchasing a new one (he has a whole bunch) and sliding on waves (which he is very good at)
A few waves from his pal Asher Wales also.

Filmed & Edited by Toby Cregan

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Strange Notes - Justin Strubing and the Strip Jammer

Skate Sauce "Hard Times" official teaser

Official Teaser for the Skate Sauce full length skateboard video "Hard Times but Good Times"


Vincent Alvarez
Brett Sube
Jesse Silvey
Matt Gottwig
Sammy Baptista
Justin Guillen
Tom Penny
& the rest of the Skate Sauce Family!

filmed and edited by Amrit Jain

Taj Burrow - Fiji Vignette 3 Parts

Fiji Vignette 3/3
Taj and Jay
Shot & Edited by Riley Blakeway
"Frequency" by Unouomedude

Fiji Vignette 2/3
Taj, Jay & Chippa
Shot & Edited by Riley Blakeway
"Empty House" by Matt Leech

Fiji Vignette 1/3
Taj, Jay, Chippa & Kelly
Shot & Edited by Riley Blakeway
"Walk all over me" by Sneakpeek

Monday, November 21, 2011

Parker Coffin Series - 3 Parts (Bali/Hawaii)

Jeff Grosso's Loveletters to Skateboarding - Season 2 (Teaser + Episode 1 Skate Photos)


We're bringing back Grosso for a second season of Jeff Grosso's Love Letters to Skateboarding. Check out the teaser video.

Season 2 : Episode 1

In the season two premier of Loveletters to Skateboarding, Jeff sits down with SLAP magazine founder and photographer Lance Dawes to call out as many epic skate photos as they can remember in one hour. This is not a “History of Skate Photos.” It’s just a couple of guys sending out a Love Letter to a few of their favorites.

About Jeff Grosso's Loveletters To Skateboarding:

Jeff Grosso has a web show called Loveletters to Skateboarding. Sit back and feel the love. For episodes from season one, click here

Thrasher - Firing Line - Grant Taylor

This line is only four walls, but when you're dealing with someone like Grant it's going to be a worth a look. Every time.

Tattoo Artist - The World of Mr X (Duncan X)

The World of Mr X

Better late then Never! by lowcard magazine

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thrasher - Skater Of The Year predictions - Part 2

Here's some more of your favorite skaters including past SOTY's sharing their thoughts on this year's Skater Of The Year award.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fatback: Fresh 'til Death

Watching all the FTD vids without checking the Fatback edition is like ordering KFC's cheesy bacon bowl without the bacon.

Grant Taylor Teaser

From the Southern depths of hell and into the infinite pixel-sphere of rises Grant Taylor. Full part premiering next Wednesday the 23rd. This might just burn down the Internet

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Spits - Rip Up The Streets

Thrasher - Skater Of The Year predictions

Some of your favorite skaters weigh in on who they think should be this year's SOTY. Who do you think should get it?

Loading the player ...

Hawaii Vacation by youngwisetails

"Well, we didn’t score 10 foot pipe," says Conner Coffin, "the Miss Reef contest got cancelled, and they didn’t have Miss Reefs doing yoga, but we still hung out on the North Shore together for a few days and got a couple fun days of waves. It’s been a pretty marginal start to the winter, but we still had a jolly old time. Babes on the beach, nice weather, warm water, it’s still paradise." Judging by the lack of the swell at present, you could probably say that the Coffins did actually score - some of the waves in this clip are pretty pleasing.

Get Ready for the 2012 Volcom Europe PBRJ Tour!

VOLCOM STONE's European PBRJ season 2012 kicks off!

Dates and locations:

JANUARY 14, Horni Mysecky, Czech
JANUARY 21, Grindelwald, Switzerland*
JANUARY 21, Grandvalira, Andorra*
FEBRUARY 4, Mount Helmos Kalavrita, Greece
FEBRUARY 8, Rogla Snowboard park, Slovenia
FEBRUARY 11, Snowpark Heubach, Thüringer Wald, Germany*
FEBRUARY 11, Zagarkalns, Latvia
FEBRUARY 26, Monte Cimone, Sestola, Italy
MARCH 3, Sane Rinn Jibpark, Innsbruck, Austria*
MARCH 3, Formigal, Spain*
MARCH 10, St Petersburg, Russia
MARCH 10, Hafjell, Norway
MARCH 10, Blue-Tomato Snowpark, Stuhleck, Austria*
MARCH 10, Hammarbybacken, Stockholm, Sweden
MARCH 10, Talma, Finland
MARCH 17, Les 7 Laux, France*
MARCH 17, Grasgehren, Germany*
MARCH 18, San Martino di Castrozza, Italy
MARCH 24, SnowPlanet, Netherlands
APRIL 8, PBRJ European Championships, Avoriaz, France 12000€*

Dates and locations subject to change, check for the latest info.

Opening Day of the Volcom Stone Peanut Butter and Rail Jam European Season 2012 is Saturday, January 14th, and all the resorts have their rails, stair sets, ledges, wall rides and other jib obstacles ready.
Approximately 10,000 snowboarders have already been let lose into their natural habitat of the mountains, and are awaiting Opening Day while double-checking their gear.

"Opening Day is an exciting time for all snowboarders, and they can expect some excellent PBRJ rail setups throughout Europe" says Mr B, Snow Park Ranger.

Volcom's PBRJ will stop in nearly every European country with a mountain. Entry is free as always, no needs for a license or anything like that!
There are four divisions to choose from: 15 and under, 16 and over, Girls and Open. From beginners to pros, everyone is welcome, so we hope to see you on the hill shortly!
On top of the good times, there are tons of prizes to be reeled in, with cash prizes for the Open division winners, and the top 5 of each category will qualify for the European PBRJ Championships in Avoriaz, France (12,000€ prize money, Sunday April 8, 2012).

In addition to this, at each stop, Electric Visual will award the best trick or "Gooeyest Move" with a cash prize. They will continue to boost the prizes with goggles and sunglasses as well. Nitro also offers a new Marc Swoboda Swindle 152 to win for each contest.

At some locations, there is also the possibility to win a Volcom outerwear combo (jacket+ pant) by sharing the car ride to the event using the GO-SHRED platform!
Log on to carpool to these PBRJ contests to share or find a ride. Enter to win a Volcom outerwear combo at each of these PBRJ stops! Complete list of locations partnering with GO-SHRED at the bottom of the website.

The Peanut Butter and Rail Jam is Volcom's amateur snowboard contest series.
The goal of the series is to give something back to the kids. (Beware of copies out there, this is the original!) Deviating from the established way of running snowboard contests, we came up with a fresh format. Instead of having three rails in a row, we put them side-by-side to create a rail zone. This boosts the energy level and fun nature of the contest because everyone is together, riding, hiking, and watching in a big group. There are 4 divisions: Girls, 15 & under, 16 & over and Open. Winners from every division go home with loads of prizes while the Open division winners receive prizes as well as cold hard cash. The contest runs in a jam format so there are no scheduled runs. You can hit each of the rails as many times as you want during your 20-minute heat. Judges only score tricks you land, so you don't need to worry about falling. The event is absolutely free to enter, on a first come first served basis, and boasts tons of free prizes, free drinks, free food and Peanut Butter & Jam sandwiches! Also, Everyone who enters walks away with some prizes!!
See you on the hill!
More info

* Stops in partnership with GO-SHRED, log on to carpool to these PBRJ contests (share or find a ride), and get a chance to win a Volcom outerwear combo (jacket+ pant) at each of these PBRJ!

Jay Davies and Garrett Parkes, WA by

The Geiselman Bros - 3 Days in hawaii

First three days have been pretty slow. Eric had to get reef cut out of his left foot on the 2nd day. He is also recovering from a right ankle injury. So That makes two bust hooves for the lucky guy. Evan has it as good as you can have it in Hawaii staying at the Hurley House right in front of Backdoor.

Thrasher King of the Road Teaser #1

Skater-owned and legend-heavy, Lakai manhandled KOTR 2011. Webisodes start December 10th.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nathan Fletcher Interview - Surfer Mag

Nathan Fletcher talks with SURFER about his monumental wave in Tahiti from the biggest swell to hit Teahupoo in years.

Jerry Gurney in the Patch! by lowcard magazine

Thrasher Classics - James Brockman "Strange World"

At the rate videos come out nowadays, it's easy for some to be forgotten about, but some parts—like James Brockman in 2009's Strange World—will remain classic.

Tattoo Age Series on Vice TV - Freddy Corbin - Part 3

In what may be the most personal of all the Tattoo Age episodes, Freddy talks about his family, the birth of his son, and what it took to get him off drugs.

click here to see Part 1
click here to see Part 2

The Art of Blaz Porenta

Blaz Porenta

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hard Times Coming Your Way

The Hard Times guys sent in another clip of raw, East Coast ripping.

Loading the player ...


nice video...but turn off the hip hop soundtrack, and listen to Motörhead while you watch this.

Battalion of saints - Ace of spades (motorhead cover)

Battalion of saints - Ace of Spades Lyrics

If you like to gamble, I tell you I'm your man
You win some, lose some, and do the same to me
The pleasure is to play, makes no difference what you say
I don't share your greed, the only card I need is
The Ace Of Spades

Playing for the high one, dancing with the devil,
Going with the flow, it's all the game to me,
Seven or Eleven, snake eyes watching you,
Double up or quit, double strake or split,
The Ace Of Spades

You know I born to lose, and gambling is for fools,
But that's the way I like it baby,
I don't wanna live forever,
And don't forget the joker!

Pushing up the ante, I know you've got to see me,
Read 'em and weep, the dead man's hand again,
I see it in your eyes, take one look and die,
The only thing you see, you know it's gonna be,
The Ace Of Spades

Battallion of Saints - My Mind's Diseased

Battalion Of Saints - My Mind's Diseased Lyrics

Day and night I look around and see,
My whole life is caving in on me.

My mind's diseased,
With daily life
My mind's diseased,
With daily life

Some days I wish I'd hurry up and die,
To relieve the pressure that's inside my mind.


All these problems,
There's no escape,
From all these pressures,
In my mind.

These endless days and sleepless nights
I sometimes wonder what the fuck keeps me alive.


The thoughts keep pounding in my brain,
There's only one way to alleviate this pain.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tattoo Age: Dan Santoro Bonus Footage

Tattoo Age Series on Vice TV - Freddy Corbin - Part 2

Freddy Corbin has a long history in tattooing. Having worked with people like Dan Higgs and Ed Hardy early on in his career, Freddy has witnessed and made some important tattooing throughout his career. This episode also has some great archival, courtesy of Michael O. Stearns, from some tattoo documentaries in the early 90's.

click here to see Part 1

Thrasher - Double Rock - Ben Raybourn

New set of frames for Ben and his own Double Rock part. Things are looking up!

New videos daily at
Become a fan at

Generator - Foo Fighters

Generator - Foo Fighters Lyrics

Lately I'm getting better
Wish I could stay sick with you
But there's too many egos left to bruise
Call it sin, you can call it whatever,
Eating deep inside of you
Well if it were me it's all I'd ever do

Steal me now and forever
I'll steal something good for you
The criminal in me is no one new
Till you find something better
When there's nothing left to use
And everything starts going down on you


I'm the Generator, firing whenever you quit
Yeah whatever it is, you go out and it's on
Yeah can't you hear my motored heart
You're the one that started it

Send me out on a tether
Swing it round I'll spin your noose
You let it down
I'll hang around with you,
till you find someone better
When there's no one left to use,
and everyone keeps going down

(Chorus x 2)

I'm the Generator, firing whenever you quit
Yeah whatever it is, you go out and it's on
Yeah can't you hear my motored heart
You're the one that started it

I'm the Generator

Foo Fighters - Good Grief

Foo Fighters - Good Grief Lyrics

Since I'm putting down
All of the true things around but I like it
I handed down the crown
Given the jewels and the answers of may
The thought of being ousted
Comes and goes, comes and goes
When I think about it
The wind blows

Hate it x7

Run me out of town
Somewhere a move might intended a gown at
Pissed at all the bowels
Always the blues and a delicate smile
Missed all of the sideways
Gull and noun, gull and noun
Chills and petty band-aids
Wrapped around

Hate it x7

Good grief x2

Since I'm putting down
All of the true things around but I like it
I handed down the crown
Given the jewels and the answers of may
The thought of being ousted
Comes and goes, comes and goes
When I think about it
The wind blows

Hate it x7

Mason Ho - Mrs. Mute

Strange Notes - Field Trip to Pumpkin Patch

Dan Drehobl Rides the Snake

Krooked Skateboarding presents the Zip Zinger Krookakonda Komplete demonstrated here for you by professional skate boarder and zip zingerer, Dan Drehobl.

Ride the Snake.

Monday, November 14, 2011

PROPAGANDA | FULL MOVIE by RockOn Snowboarding

Wessel Van Lierop
Marlon Boeger
Philipp Schuster
Michi Miethig
Philipp Ramhofer
Dani Rajcsanyi

Kas Lemmens
Flo Achenrainer
Benny Urban

Produced by : Philipp Ramhofer
Directed by : Lukas Tielke & Philipp Ramhofer
Edited by : Lukas Tielke
Filmed by : Jakob Preischl & Lukas Tielke
special thanks : Anna, Jakob & Lukas

Jay Davies x Taj Burrow - 1111 by

Wipeouts by matt wybenga

You have to pay your dues

Fiji Vignette 2/3

Taj, Jay & Chippa
Shot & Edited by Riley Blakeway
"Empty House" by Matt Leech

Last Light Lowers

Kanoa igarashi, Pete Mel, Taj, Carissa Moore, Chris Ward, Caetano Vargas, Keanu Asing, Alejo Muniz, Adriano de Souza, Granger Larsen and Tanner Hendrickson get in a few cracks before the Hurley Pro officially begins.

Video: Mike Cochran

Don’t Mess With Texas!

Texas has two seasons you can really count on for surf. Spring and fall are when the majority of the weather systems are moving in Texans favor to create waves and the air temps are more bearable in the Lone Star State. The beaches are still warm, the water temperature has yet to drop, hunting season is open and very accessible in between days the surf goes flat. Cold fronts are starting to set up for the year, which will create offshores for hourly sessions before tearing all resemblance of waves to blustery nothingness.

During the last week of October and prior to the start of early fall cold fronts, Texas born photographer Jon Steele and Laguna Beach surfer/ skater Mike Morrissey ventured back to Corpus Christi, Texas. Skipping the Alamo basement tour, Mike and Steele caught up with local surfers to catch a few waves, put on some art shows and skate with some life long friends in backyard ramps and skateparks, and even pick up and rip a tanker wave or two.

In between weather systems, there are down days with perfect air temperatures and lack of surf for getting out in the field looking for some dinner. With gorgeous model/ surfer Danielle Dodson and her father and local surfer, Mike, to show us around their land, we were able to put down a few javelinas for the upcoming skate session Friday night to help feed the troops. We were invited to the King Ranch, which is bigger than the state of Rhode Island and boasts the nation’s largest herd of whitetail deer.

Within minutes of entering the gates we were welcomed by an armadillo, which is the official state mammal. Mike was amazed at the amount of wild life and array of waves and potential the whole coast offered in and out of the water. After cleaning some javelinas and checking out an amazing amount of wildlife we were ready to get our skate on. Ending the week long tour of mayhem and fun, we were ready to party the weekend away with an upcoming art show and film put on by Steele and cast of local surfer artists and legendary guerilla rock-n-roller Will Crum.

During the last week in October, we were blessed with 2 art shows, 3 skateparks, 3 days of waves, 2 backyard sessions, 2 dead Javelinas and 1 tanker wave with our friends. Texas comes from the Hasinai Indian word “Tejas” meaning friends or allies. Anyone who has ever visited the Texas Riviera knows that once they are here, they are friends for life. Nothing says friends and Texas like a backyard session with BBQ, a keg of beer and friends after a morning surf session. Welcome home y’all!—Jon Steele

Dagdraumer (day dreaming)

Passion is the driving force for anyone who dedicates their life to the world of action sports. Sometimes that passion can bring the rewards of worldwide acclaim, titles and money. This, however, isn't everyone's story; a lot of people follow their passion without any hint of a reward other than the reward of doing what they love. This is the story that, filmmaker, Allan Wilson wants to tell in Dagdraumer.

The film Stars bodyboarder Jack Johns and is a stunning visual poem about those who put everything into what they love, working long stints in the city to be able to fund jaunts to the sea and focus on their boarding.

In his own words, Allan wanted to create "a surreal, dreamlike glimpse into life as a bodyboarder, a more than often overlooked element of the surfing world." Dagdraumer (an Icelandic word for day dreaming) is a wordless journey into the salt as Allan's distinctive camera style captures both the cold bleakness of the city, and the panoramic beauty of the sea.

Johns, alongside several other riders, display ballet like skills throughout the film, demonstrating that while, as Allan says, bodyboarding can sometimes be overlooked, it requires all the skill and power of surfing, and can thrill in the same way.

A mix of both personal and action led footage; Dagdraumer is very much Wilson's personal vision. It's a sort of self-portrait, bringing together the parts of his life he loves, and the struggles he goes through in order to live them.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Antiout [snowboard full movie]

A movie based on travels of Antti Autti and friends.

After ten years of traveling around the world in contest-circuit, Finnish snowboarding legend Antti Autti decided to do things in his own way - he wanted to hit the natural terrain. He spent a year searching for the best spots and the deepest powder. Documenting these explorations gave birth to ANTIOUT.