Monday, December 26, 2011

Shred For Your Life - Episode 3 of 8

Two former Shred For Your Life title holders, Johnny Rad and Damien Paris,
face off in a shred battle guaranteed to impress. Learn a little more about
2009 winner Lily Maase and competitor Randy Rolando (from the unique perspective
of Randy's cousin), prior to their match up. Round out the episode with
Tada Hirano and life long shredder Paul Major.

About Shred For Your Life:

Shred For Your Life was conceived in 2005 when a stray guitar was found in
the back of New York bar, Max Fish, and passed among friends. Fascinated by
the idea of a friendly competition, Mark Razo organized the first Guitar Battle
on Easter Sunday in the back of Max Fish and has been gaining momentum ever since.
The Off The Wall TV crew was on hand to record the epic event last year.

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