Monday, October 31, 2011

Toy Machine/Emerica Halloween Demo

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Thrasher - White Trash Way Of Life - Halloween edition

Lifeblood Skateboards - Midwest World Tour - Ep 1 and 2

In early September we hit the road out to the Midwest to skate new spots
and meet lots of great skaters and crews of people.

Episode 1: Minneapolis
This first episode reveals the first sessions of the trip in Minneapolis
from the celebrated Hiawatha bowl to Double Barrel where we were welcomed
with a wealth of good times. More to come.

Episode 2: Chicago and Milwaukee
This second episode takes us through Chicago's Wilson Skatepark and
follows up with an epic session at Cream City in Milwaukee.
We've got more miles ahead of us, so stay tuned!

Omar Salazar's New Spitfire Wheel - Strike Anywhere

Omar Salazar skates with no planned mission in mind. Anything can suddenly become an obstacle. Strike Anywhere!

Jay Davies - Dstreet

by Elsegoodproductions

Up from the Undercroft

Emerica UK welcomes Casper Brooker
By Henry Edwards-Wood

London's Casper Brooker has been quietly carving himself a space on the UK team for a while now and his hard work has paid off. Heroin skateboards, Stella Supply hardware and Slam City Skates already have his back as he is steadily steamrollering up the ranks.  You may ask 'why is his welcome clip is filmed solely at Southbank?', it’s simple... We don't forget who we are or where we are from. Well done Casper, we are proud to welcome you to the UK team.

Music: Dirt - Wu Lyf​emerica.europe

It Wasn't A Rock by Velvet Sea

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kelly Zooslater Center by Surfing Life

Coming of Ageless - oaxaca nomachocaca

COMING OF AGELESS • the ongoing volcom surf web series with the potential to be
whatever it wants to be without a schedule
Starring Alex Gray, Alex Knost, Andrew Doheny and Dane Reynolds.
direct/cut: ryan thomas • producer: matt shuster

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Wild Lyfe Halloween Jam

Halloween on the water featuring the wildlyfe crew surfing as superheros (superman,batman robin mario,teanage mutant ninja turtle,the mustard man, silversurfer and elvis)
throwing down for your viewing pleasure

Guy le tatooer

Tournage vidéo compagnie de Guy le tatooer: artiste de 30 ans résidant à Toulouse.


Shoot: Canon 7D
Lenses: 50mm 1.8   10-20mm 3.5
Softwares: After Effect & Premiere Pro.
Music: Murcoff-La Sangre Iluminada

Lost. part II by Nat Lanyon

click here to see Lost. Part I

Dillon Perillo - Hati Hati by Dylan Hayes

Bali Bagus Part 2 by youngwisetails

Halloween Ramp Jam 2011 by lowcard magazine

Who The Neighbors... by lowcard magazine

Ipath Search and Enjoy Tour - Part 3

click here to see Part 1
click here to see Part 2

Salba Cruz at Lake Cunningham

Thomas and Dave Freil, Salba, Tristan Rennie, Josh Borden and Christian Hosoy

The Bacon Video Full Lenght

Globe - United by Fate - Ep 6 - The Finale

Here it is, the full-length finale to the United By Fate series. Episode 6 starring David Gonzalez, Luan Oliveira, Chris Haslam, Louie Lopez, Mark Appleyard, Jake Duncombe, and Ryan Decenzo

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pink Motel Pool Party

The world famous Pink Motel has been a pilgrimage for skateboarders for the last four decades.
In 2011 Ruffo Espinosa organized this amazing event in which skaters flocked to the bone-dry
desert of Sun Valley to skate, rock out and rejoice in the "Fishbowl" at the Pink Motel.
Shot and Edited by Robb Gardner and Ané Vecchione
Event Producer - Ruffo Espinosa
Event Logo Designer - Bradley Markley
Special Thanks to Lowden Rodriguez and Monty Thomulka(Owner of the Pink Motel)​

Pool Session - Mountain Manor

An afternoon at Mountain Manor with Kevin Burke, Ozzie Ausband, Scott Cooper and Al Brunelle.

Fresno Pool Skating - Pooling Around - 5 parts

Sunday in the Park - North Fontana

Ben Bridgers, Michael Serna Sr., Kevin Burke, Scott Cooper, Sam Haines, Masayuki Shudo, Michael Serna Jr., Salba and Art Miranda at North Fontana Skatepark, October 16, 2011.
Film/Edit: Brandon Wong
Music: Meat Balloon by Pulled Apart By Horses

Foundation WTF! Trailer

The industry has changed a lot, but one thing remains the same:
Video releases from major board companies will always push skating forward and
inspire skaters around the world. Duffel, Fellers, Merlino, and a super-heavy
squad have big things in store this Friday, only at

Madars Apse & Eniz Fazliov in London

Perus crew presents Madars Apse & Eniz Fazliov cruising streets of London. October 2011.
Shot on Panasonic GH2 with tilt transformer & Nikon 35mm f/2 lens + Panasonic 14mm f/2.5 lens.
Photography and editing Maksim Kalanep.
Soundtrack by John Lee Hooker - Boom Boom.

Shore Break Baby - Baby Back to Sea - Tony Trujillo (Season Finale)

Coastal Garbage. The baby has had enough.

About Shore Break Baby:
The current baby boom has coincided with the greatest nuclear disaster of our time. Meltdown misinformation can no longer be with held. shore break babies are beaching weekly.

factory bowl + o.m.s.a. pool - best of both 2011

Dunc McNicol - Byron Bay

Tony Alva skating at the legendary Gonzalez Pool

Never before seen footage for my Quebec City timeline from Louif's Real Snow video

Earlier this year, I went to Quebec to help Hayden Wrench shoot for Louif's ESPN Real Snow video for the X Games. There was a bunch of stuff I shot(I'm the B angle guy) that never got used and a bunch of angles that didn't make the cut. There's a bunch of shots of Frank April, Phil Jacques, and Chris Grenier in there that you won't see anywhere else. Check them out right here. This is straight from my trip timeline. Unedited since when I was on the trip back in December of 2010. This was one of the coolest rail trips I'd say I've ever been on and it was an honor to be a part of Louif's X-Games video. Without a doubt some of the hardest work and best snowboarding I've ever seen in person.

This timeline is for

Thomas Pringle - Gado Gado

Thom Pringle catching some little sliderz.
Music - ICEAGE

Surf Brands stealing from Skate Culture

These days I was walking on the street when I saw a guy in this Hurley Tshirt, then other day, I saw this add by Rusty...

it seems that's ok for surf brands steal icons of the skate culture...

Jim Phillip's Screaming Hand for Santa Cruz.

Vernon Courtland Johnson's Ripper for Powell Peralta

Shame on you, surf brands, shame on you.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dead Fish - Venceremos

Dead Fish - Venceremos Lyrics

Nós sabemos, as coisas não foram assim tão fáceis
In this brazaland way of life
Poucos ficaram pra contar a história
Como sabia, não nos odiamos tanto mais

Fico imaginando quem roubou nossa inocência
Tento descobrir a quem culpar
Como nos velhos tempos
Dedos apontados
Sendo positivo na melhor das intenções

Veja, os garotos ainda estão aqui
Gritando por mudança
Veja, eles ainda acreditam
Em se unir, lutar, ganhar poder

Tantas divisões pelo caminho
Nossa guerra sempre foi a menos pior
Se ainda conseguimos rir de tudo
Por pior que isso seja ainda faz a diferença

Fico imaginando quem roubou nossa inocência
Tento descobrir a quem culpar
Quero acreditar na velha ou na nova
Em ser positivo e nunca desistir

Veja, os garotos ainda estão aqui
Gritando por mudança
Veja, eles ainda acreditam
Em se unir, lutar, ganhar poder

Se não somos iguais
O que nos mata é sempre o mesmo


Se não estamos unidos
Saibamos o que derrubar


Se não for por você que seja pelo seu igual


Faça por você! Faça por todos nós! Faça por ninguém!

Strange Notes - PBR Cold One Cruzer

Ipath Search and Enjoy Tour - Part 2

Ipath Search and Enjoy Tour Part 2 from Ipath Films on Vimeo.

click here to see Part 1

Ambig in Utah and Colorado

AMBIG riders Jt Aultz, Sid Melvin, Clint Walker and Gonzalo Hernandez visited Utah and Colorado last September in preparation for the forthcoming AMBIG video zine.
Shot on Canon 7d, Panasonic hvx200
Videography: Brian Hanson, Brian Young, Josh Martinez, Clint Walker
Talent management: Brian Young
Photo Support: Trevor Vaughan
Geographical guidance: James Atkin, Josh Martinez, Brandon Greer
Edit: Brian Hanson
Song: Blur, "Beetlebum"

Native Cruisers by Butter Goods

Beyond Skate x Butter Goods
Native Cruiser Promo
View more here:​nativecruisers


Featuring: Barry Mansfield & Glenn Palmer.
Filmed & Edited by J'aime Fazackerley.

Ramones - Commando

Ramones - Commando Lyrics

They do their best they do what they can
They get them ready for Viet Nam
From old Hanoi to East Berlin
Commando---Involved again
They do their best they do what they can
They get them ready for Viet Nam
First rule is: The laws of Germany
Second rule is: Be nice to mommy
Third rule is: Don't talk to commies
Fourth rule is: Eat kosher salamis

Thrasher - White Trash Way Of Life 2

Tattoo Artist - Jason Phillips

Jason Phillips