Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jason Adams ‘Visual Disorder’ Art Show

Tow Ats

Tow farts from Future Enigma on Vimeo.

Parker and Conner coffin, tow ats. Surfs small nothin left to do.


WAVVES-cool jumper

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Alex Gross

Alex Gross

Greg Simkins

Greg Simkins

Finger Snaps by Sterling Spencer

Finger Snaps from on Vimeo.

Sterling Spencer has proven to be a weird dude. We gotta give him credit though, he’s created a new claim: finger snaps. Guarantee you see someone doing this after a wave in the near future.

Lomography Catterpillar Stop Motion

A team of 20 UK-based Lomographers hit the streets of Soho to create this fantastic stop-motion video shot on the Lomography LC-A+ 35mm camera mixed with some Super 8 footage! To keep up to date with Lomography UK follow them on

Monday, December 20, 2010


Surf Movies - Free Downloads

Surf rail of death - round 2 - TransworldSURF

Rail of Death 2 - TWS

Evan + Kolohe + Luke Evan + Kolohe + Luke from SURFING Magazine on Vimeo.

Evan Geiselman, Kolohe Andino, Luke Davis - San Clemente, CA

Stay Classy - Sterling Spencer and Nate Tyler

Stay Classy from on Vimeo.

Highlight Reel
0:15 Snow buggers? Sharing is caring.
0:42 Sterling and Nate enjoy some classic California conditions.
1:48 Funky left slab surf
2:06 Necessary candid bird shot. Check.
2:49 credit

Emerica ‘Wild Under the Streets’ video

Emerica have just released a video of a guerilla skate session in the London Underground called Wild Under the Streets.

It features such team members as Rob Maatman, Tom Knox and Eniz Fazliov incurring the wrath of security and ticket inspectors as they skated some tidy spots across the tube network.

Friday, December 17, 2010

RVCA - Danny Fuller

Danny Fuller - PM Approved from RVCA on Vimeo.

Danny Fuller has been running the RVCA house in Hawaii for a few weeks now and put together this video part with the help of some friends to give a little taste of what RVCA has been up to lately. Featuring Danny Fuller, BJ Penn, Makua Rothman, Matt Archbold, Ford Archbold, Kalani David and RVCA artists Kevin Ancell and Kelsey Brookes.

Rocky Point by Pablo Aguiar

Angry Ocean

Stern Carnage from marti paradisis on Vimeo.

Interbeaches - BC lifestyle

Alejo Muniz - Nike 6.0

Tomas Hermes TV - Ep 8

Episodio 08 from TomasHermesTV on Vimeo.


Behind Ungu -TWS

++ Imaginarium from Beren Hall on Vimeo.

Remember a while back when TWS ran that Imaginarium contest? With all the colours? And Globe won it? You should. It made for a super-sexy clip of models basted in magenta, worshipping the god Ungu while the Globe team made good of some firing Balinese beachies. Dion's filmer, Beren Hall, has put together a lil' behind-the-scenes look at the shoot. Dion's also got a new Vimeo channel which'll be hosting a backlog of all the clips he's ever posted on his site.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weird Dark Tricks - Mag



Ruan Manoel Rau

FUEL TV - Signature Series

Andy Jenkins - FUEL TV Signautre Series ID from FUEL TV on Vimeo.

Saiman Chow- FUEL TV Signautre Series from FUEL TV on Vimeo.

Dean Bradley - FUEL TV Signature Series ID from FUEL TV on Vimeo.

FUEL TV - Signature Series

Chris Pastras - FUEL TV Signature Series ID from FUEL TV on Vimeo.

Andrew Pommier - FUEL TV Signature Series ID from FUEL TV on Vimeo.

Derrick Hodgson - FUEL TV Signature Series ID from FUEL TV on Vimeo.

FUEL TV - Signature Series

Andy Mueller - FUEL TV Signature Series ID from FUEL TV on Vimeo.

Chris Yormick - FUEL TV Signature ID from FUEL TV on Vimeo.

Nathan Reifke - FUEL TV Signature Series ID from FUEL TV on Vimeo.

FUEL TV - Signature Series

Roy Gonzalez - FUEL TV Signature Series ID from FUEL TV on Vimeo.

Dalek - FUEL TV Signature Series ID from FUEL TV on Vimeo.

Todd Francis - FUEL TV Signature Series ID from FUEL TV on Vimeo.

FUEL TV - Encounter


ENCOUNTER-Skate: FUEL TV ID from FUEL TV on Vimeo.

FUEL TV - Signature Series

Thomas Campbell- FUEL TV Signature Series ID from FUEL TV on Vimeo.

FUEL TV: Surrealist Dollhouse from FUEL TV on Vimeo.

Adam Haynes- FUEL TV Signature Series ID from FUEL TV on Vimeo.

Hunter Gatherer - FUEL TV Signature Series ID from FUEL TV on Vimeo.

The Clayton Brothers - FUEL TV Signature Series ID from FUEL TV on Vimeo.

Alan Fendrich - Shrink Wrap

TENTATIVAS from Alan Fendrich on Vimeo.

Coco Tv

Daniel Lutheran - Insight51

UNTITLED - Dan Lutheran from Insight Clothing on Vimeo.


NOW An Analog Moving Picture Project a film by Riley Blakeway featuring Chippa Wilson

NOW. An Analog Moving Picture Project from Surfing Magazine on Vimeo.

John Cardiel

John Cardiel Transworld's Site Unseen from dlxsf on Vimeo.

John Cardiel Cash Money Vagrant from dlxsf on Vimeo.

source: I Hate Magazine

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shanghai 5 documentary

Short film exploring skateboarding in China's most populous city.

Shanghai 5 from Charles Lanceplaine on Vimeo.

Filmmaker Charles Lanceplaine has just released a documentary on skateboarding in Shanghai, China called Shanghai 5.

The film explores the social impact of skateboarding in this thriving city of 20 million, speaking to such pros as Johnny Tang and Brian Smith who are enjoying the city's many spots.

Love Park is one such collection of ledges, marble and steps that's fast becoming an international favourite.

It also debunks a few myths and stereotypes about life in China as well, which can only be a positive thing.

Ian Ruhter: Capturing Motion on Wetplate

Ian Ruhter: Capturing Motion on Wetplate from What the Fleet on Vimeo.

Gui Matias

Guilherme Matias

Juan Francisco Casas

Juan Francisco Casas

ASG - Yes, We Are Aware

Monday, December 13, 2010

Bonjour Bonus - Pablo Aguiar

bc lifestyle

Tribute to Andy - 2010 Surfer Poll

Remembering Andy Irons at the 2010 Surfer Poll Awards Ceremony

Bruce Irons - The Gorilla in the Room

Last week the 40th Annual Surfer Poll Awards were held at Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu. The ceremony was dedicated to the memory of Andy Irons and it was Bruce’s acceptance speech on behalf of his older brother’s award for 6th male surfer that left the audience breathless. Following a tribute video to AI, Bruce moved onto the stage and talked about his brother’s life, Andy Axel Irons Jr. and killing the gorilla in the room. Here’s a transcription of his touching speech:

“Thank you guys very much. I just want to thank the surfing community for being really loving and putting stuff like that together up (tribute video to AI, check it out here), Matt (Beauchesne) thank you.

My brother loved surfing more than anyone I know. All you people in this room, a lot of you guys up here getting awards, my brother idolised you guys, even though he might not have shown that love in the heats, or wanted to kill you, run you over. And Kelly, even though he wanted to chop your head off in the heats, he looked up to you so much, ever since we were kids. He’s looking down and – 10 world titles – he was stoked just to get three on you. Got to give it up for Kelly for those 10 world titles, man. That’s amazing.My brother, he loved your surfing…

And another thing, my brother’s wife, Lyndie, she going to be having a baby on the 8th and I’m going home tomorrow to be there for the birth. I’m going to be the father figure in his life and we’re all going to see Andy Axel Jr. soon. Yet as grieving as it sucks, but we’re going to have to live with it – my brother’s never going to be forgotten – but he’d be wanting you guys to be having a good time, you know my brother, he’d be like “whoop, whoop, whoop.” So, I know it’s hard, but let’s kill that big Gorilla in the room, or something. He’d want everybody to have a good time and enjoy tonight. I just want to thank all you guys again for being so supportive of my brother and his career. I really appreciate it. Thank you guys.”

–By Simon Nicholas

source: stabmag

Rock Piles by Pablo Aguiar

Jason Jessee

Jason Jessee - Pray For Me - Download

Mike O'Shea Illustration

Mike O'Shea

Geoff Rowley - Liverpool Podcast - Extended Version

5 years later this Rowley commercial shot in England is still sick.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nayp - Perseverance



Great Ocean Road Classic

Great Ocean Road Classic from RAPHA on Vimeo.

Burn Some Bridges - a Marcos Ribas short film

Burn Some Bridges from Bulletree Filmes on Vimeo.

Bulletree Filmes

Times Change

Times Change from Quartier Croisette on Vimeo.

Matt Allen

Matt Allen is a multi-faceted artist from Orange County, California. With a list of titles ranging from creative director/artist/photographer/clothing designer/musician/surfer, Allen takes whatever creative pursuit that strikes his fancy and dives in head-first. Matthew spent time as the Art Director at Surfer Magazine and now focuses on his clothing project The Ryde. Injuries kept him out of the water last year, so he turned to photography to stay creative and connected to the sea. Allen’s clothing company, The Ryde, allows him to combine all of his passions. On a good day, Allen can draw t-shirt designs in the morning, surf at lunch, snap a few photos after he exits the water, head back to the office to design some boardshorts, and goof around on the guitar when he gets home at night.

Matt Allen

Womens Collection - Insight51

UNTITLED - Womens Collection from Insight Clothing on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Scott Stevens - Volcom Ad

To celebrate Scott Stevens newest ad, Volcom put together this edit of Scott Stevens doing what he does best. Unconventional snowboarding.

Jessé Mendes na Toca - by Pablo Aguiar

The Surfer Poll Awards 2010, Hawaii

The 40th Annual Surfer Poll Awards were held last night at the Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu. Below are the full list of winners and a video put together by Electric for Craig Anderson, who was voted best Breakthrough Performer.

Craig Anderson – 2010 Breakthrough Performer from STAB on Vimeo.

1. Kelly Slater

2. Dane Reynolds
3. Jordy Smith
4. Mick Fanning
5. Taj Burrow

6. Andy Irons
7. Rob Machado
8. Joel Parkinson
9. Julian Wilson

10. Owen Wright

1. Stephanie Gilmore
2. Carissa Moore
3. Coco Ho

4. Sofia Mulanovich
5. Alana Blanchard

2010 Movie Award Winners

Best Barrel
Andy Irons, Skeleton Bay (High-5)

Best Performance presented by Skullcandy
Jamie O’Brien (Who is J.O.B.)

Breakthrough Performer presented by New Era
Craig Anderson

Best Manoeuvre
Jordy Smith (Modern Collective)

Worst Wipeout
Derek Dunfee (Down with the Ship)

Digital Short of the Year
Dark Side of the Lens by Allan Wilson & Mickey Smith

Heavy Water
Jamie O’Brien (Who is J.O.B.)

Best Cinematography
Castles in the Sky

Best Documentary
Sea of Darkness

Movie of the Year

Modern Collective