Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thrasher King of the Road 2011 - Webisode #7

Vans barely makes it out of Salt Lake City alive in this one.
A rail in the rain destroys Daniel Lu and Trujillo hesitates
on a 10-foot boneless drop.

Lowcard's Clip of The Day - 3 Gigolos

Clip of the Day featuring 3 Gigolos:
Rico Suave, Jack Given, and Cody Lockwood

"So please don't judge a book by its cover
There's more to being a latin lover
You got to know how to deal with a woman
That won't let go
The price you pay for being a gigolo," Rico Suave.

filmed by: Tadashi

Julian Wilson - 2011 Wrap Up

A neat little edit made up by some of the best clips of Jules
collected during 2011.
Filmed and edited by Jimmy Lees.

Matt Meola and Albee Layer

Surf has been pretty bad here on Maui but Christmas brought
a little holiday swell. Just a couple sessions on the north shore
of Maui on Christmas eve and day

Turn the sound of this video off and listen to some 90's hardcore

Friday, December 30, 2011

Dead Kennedys - Holiday In Cambodia

Dead Kennedys - Holiday In Cambodia Lyrics

So you've been to school for a year or two
And you know you've seen it all
In daddy's car thinkin' you'll go far
Back east you type don't crawl
Play ethnicky jazz to parade your snazz
On you five grand stereo

Braggin' that you know how the niggers feel the cold
And the slum's got so much soul
It's time to taste what you most fear
Right Guard will not help you here
Brace yourself, my dear
Brace yourself, my dear

It's a holiday in Cambodia
It's tough kid, but it's life
It's a holiday in Cambodia
Don't foget to pack a wife

You're a star-belly sneech you suck like a leech
You want everyone to act like you
Kiss ass while you bitch so you can get rich
But your boss gets richer off you
Well you'll work harder with a gun in your back
For a bowl of rice a day
Slave for soldiers 'til you starve

Then you head is skewered on a stake
Now you can go where people are one
Now you can go where they get things done
What you need, my son...
What you need, my son...

Is a holiday in Cambodia
Where people dress in black
A holiday in Cambodia
Where you'll kiss ass or crack

Pol... Pot,
Pol... Pot,
Pol... Pot,
Pol... Pot.

And it's a holiday in Cambodia
Where you'll what you're told
A holiday in Cambodia
Where the slum's got so much soul
Pol Pot...

The Spits - Die Die Die!

The Spits - Drop Out

The Spits - Drop Out Lyrics

I used to be a rich man
Just a drop out, oh yeah

Used to have money, used to have a car
I'm just a drop out, oh yeah

Wish I had a girl, wish I had a job
Just a drop out, oh yeah, alright


I don't care about my girl
She's just a dropout, oh yeah

Wish I had money, I wish I had a car
Just a drop out, oh yeah

Wish I had a future, wish I'd go far
Just a drop out, oh yeah, alright



Lynyrd Skynyrd - Swamp Music

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Swamp Music Lyrics

Going down to the swamp
Gonna watch me a hound dog catch a 'coon
Well, I'm going down to the swamp
Gonna watch me a hound dog catch a 'coon
You know the hounddog make-a music
On a summer night under a full moon

Lord, fetch my cane pole mama
Gonna catch a bream or maybe two
Lord, fetch my cane pole mama
Gonna catch a bream or maybe two
And when the hound dog start barkin'
Sounds like ol' Son House singin' the blues

Hound dog sing that
Swamp, swamp, swamp, swamp music
Swamp, swamp, swamp, swamp music
When the hound dog starts singin'
I ain't got them big ol' city blues

Well, hey pretty mama
Lord, just take that city hike
Said go ahead pretty mama
Lord, just take your city hike
Well, I'd rather live with the hound dogs
For the rest of my natural born life

Singing that
Swamp, swamp, swamp, swamp music
Swamp, swamp, swamp, swamp music
Well, I'd rather live with the hounddogs
For the rest of my natural born life
Well, I'd wanna live with the hound dogs
For the rest of my natural born life

CITY OF RATS (Trailer 2) by Slam City Skates

Celebrating it's 25 year anniversary, Slam City Skates are proud to present "City Of Rats", a Film by Henry Edwards-Wood featuring the Slam City Family alongside...

City of Rats

Karim Bakhtaoui
Daniel "Snowy" Kinloch
Rory Milanes
Lucien Clarke
Nick Jensen
Steph Morgan
Casper Brooker
Neil Smith
Jin Shimizu
Joey Pressey
Olly Todd
Scott Howes
Rob Mathieson
Danny Brady
Darius Trabalza
John Tanner

Filmed predominantly on the streets of London Town.


Best Of Strange Notes - 2011

Thursday, December 29, 2011

SP visions #9 - Chinatown Fisheye

Tattoo Artist - Ben 13 [Siam Fifty Seven Tattoo]

Ben 13 - Siam Fifty Seven

Centerfold by lowcard magazine

Skaters: Ben Raybourn, Andrew Dellas, Derm, Bryce Ortega, Dusty Yauilla

Kids on Shred Productions - LNP Holiday Tease Full Part Re-Edit

Here's an edit of LNP's full part from the Shred Remains,
to put you in the holiday spirit. We saved a few things from
his part so be sure to go to Itunes or your local shop and
pick up a copy of The Shred Remains with all of your holiday loot

Richmond D.I.Y Weekend Hype - Typical Culture

Ft. Connor Getzlaff, David Cobb, Little Chris, Brad Herrera, Chris Gregson & Greg Zamarripa

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

VANS Let it Ride 2011 - Team One edit

The long wait has an end!
In the next two weeks we will present to you the two main edits of both crews.
Starting of this week with the edit of Alex Baret aka Mayol.
Alex´crew was on a pure street mission and he had the right people for it on board:

Dan Lacey//Bruno Hoffmann//Kevin Kalkoff//Matthias Dandois//Alex Valentino

Have fun watching on what they found to ride on Tenerife and Gran Canaria

Sitka • Bear With Me • A West Coast Vacation

Sitka presents a travel journal from Vancouver BC to Los Angeles CA.
Starring: Ben Knight, Colin Nogue, Fabian Merino, Luke Gonis and Matt Gravel
A Short Film by Alex Viau & Ben Gulliver

Hand in Glove -Romain Pareja Tattoo Studio

"Born of Independent roots, Romain Pareja's Hand And Glove Tattoo
studio embodies a real skate/punk spirit that I grew up with.
All original artwork done by the best and delicately sewn into the skin.
Each piece as unique and individual as the clientele." // Scott H Bourne
Directed and filmed by Thibaut Grevet "The Death Of Cool Soul Agency"
Desillusion Magazine

Mason Ho - Free Love by rory pringle @ conceptblue

ASG - Going Through Hell

ASG - Going Through Hell Lyrics

Get me know you mother f's


We take our medication
Push the pill amend the cure
To fast to fade to slow to hide

And when we come down
We come motherfucker help into grill
Our new vacation has already failed to fail

Lets make some heroin
My god is helpin in
Who said we gonna get that girl tonight

And when we come down
We come motherfucker help into grill
Its new vacation so ready to fail to fail

We'll never cool cause we're
Going through hell
Going through hell
Going through hell

Fact we've been there twice tonight
Going through hell
Going through hell
Going through hell

vacuation of so
going through hell
going through hell
going through hell

Pack your bags we'll set the light

Your running with our arms
No swing before the cause
All the lies we have inside
All the lies we have inside

We'll never cool cause we're
Going through hell
Going through hell
Going through hell

Fact we've been there twice tonight
Going through hell
Going through hell
Going through hell

vacuation of so
Going through hell
Going through hell
Going through hell

Pack your bags we'll set the light

Thrasher King of the Road 2011 - Webisode #6

With Cory Kennedy and Shane O'Neill on board, Nike SB had flatground tech handled.
And as the road rage and odors add up, a gorgeous Vegas model lightens the mood

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fear - I Don't Care About You

Fear - I Don't Care About You Lyrics

Down on South Street Philadelphia,
Out from Avenue C,
I seen it in the eyes
it was ready to freeze
from the valley hotel!

I don't care about you!
Fuck you!
I don't care about you!
Fuck you!

I see Hollywood boulevard,
welfare hotel,
I spent the night in jail,
near the Wicox hotel!

I don't care about you!
Fuck you!
I don't care about you!

I've seen an old man have a heart attack in Manhattan.
Well he just died while we just stood there lookin' at him.
Ain't he cute?

I don't care about you!
I don't care about you!

I see man rollin' drunks,
bodies the streets.
Some man was sleepin' in puke
and a man with no legs crawling down 5th street trying to get something to eat!

I don't care about you!
Oh noooooo!!
I don't care about you!
Fuck you!
I don't care about you!
Hey! Hey!
I don't care about you!

P-Stone Cookie #4: Pizza Terrorist

The Gut and T-Mo terrorize the brown banks.

...Lost presents: Chris Ward: Now You Know

Chris Ward surfing in Indonesia.
Directed by James Scott Pellegrine.
Edited by Bam. Filmed by RB, Mono, Calvin Knowlton.
Produced by PT Bli Besar Big Boy Trading Co 2012.
Special thanks: Pete Mathews (Rip Curl Indo) for the additional footage.

Skatehouse by lowcard magazine

Heavy Wheels and Bloodwizard demo at the Skatehouse, South Lake Tahoe.
Filmed by: CEO, Jonathon Rezonable, and Shamanski

Monday, December 26, 2011

Self Inflicted Tattoos

zero6 tumblr

AC/DC - Thunderstruck

AC/DC - Thunderstruck Lyrics

Thunder, thunder, thunder, thunder
I was caught in the middle of a railroad track (Thunder)
I looked round and I knew there was no turning back
My mind raced and I thought what could I do (Thunder)
And I knew there was no help, no help from you (Thunder)
Sound of the drums
Beating in my heart
The thunder of guns
Tore me apart
You've been

Rode down the highway broke the limit, we hit the ton
Went through to the Texas, yeah Texas, and we had some fun
We met some girls, some dancers who gave a good time
Broke all the rules, played all the fools
Yeah yeah they, they, they blew our minds
And I was shaking at the knees
Could I come again please
Yeah them ladies were too kind
You've been

I was shaking at the knees
Could I come again please

Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck
It's alright, we're doin' fine
It's alright, we're doin' fine, fine, fine
Thunderstruck, yeah, yeah, yeah
Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck
Thunderstruck, baby, baby
Thunderstruck, you've been Thunderstruck
Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck
You've been Thunderstruck

Shred For Your Life - Episode 3 of 8

Two former Shred For Your Life title holders, Johnny Rad and Damien Paris,
face off in a shred battle guaranteed to impress. Learn a little more about
2009 winner Lily Maase and competitor Randy Rolando (from the unique perspective
of Randy's cousin), prior to their match up. Round out the episode with
Tada Hirano and life long shredder Paul Major.

About Shred For Your Life:

Shred For Your Life was conceived in 2005 when a stray guitar was found in
the back of New York bar, Max Fish, and passed among friends. Fascinated by
the idea of a friendly competition, Mark Razo organized the first Guitar Battle
on Easter Sunday in the back of Max Fish and has been gaining momentum ever since.
The Off The Wall TV crew was on hand to record the epic event last year.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Satanic Surfers - Head Under Water

Satanic Surfers - Head Under Water Lyrics

I can't stand your stupid ugly face,
In combination with
Your John Wayne cowboy boots
After every time that I have met you,
I have to clean my ears
From all the shit that you have spoken.
And I'm happy i don't live on your block
So i don't have to see you every day.
And now that you know
Why don't you stay the fuck away from me
I wonder, How long can
You keep your head under water?
I wonder, How long can
You keep your head under water?
I'd like to stay out of your life
and you to stay out of mine too.
I don't want you near,
Take a trip to the other side of the world
And stay there, don't come back.
Take a long walk on the short pier
Get on that rocket to the moon
I'll count down, away you go
Oh, how I hate you
Get on that rocket to the darkside of the moon
I wonder, How long can
You keep your head under water?
I wonder, How long can
You keep your head under water?

Thrasher King of the Road 2011 - Webisode #5

The desert can have a strange effect on people.
Dekline fights their way through Arizona weirdness,
and Nick Merlino continues his mix of meltdowns and amazing skating.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Thrasher - Berkeley Vert Cruise

What better way to shake off a SOTY party hangover than with a
little vert cruise across The Bay?
Schaaf, Ffej, Navs, Hewitt, and the SOTY—Cheers!

Bad Santa... by lowcard magazine

Santa shows his naughty side.
Santas: Justin "Iceman" Gastelum, Keegan Sauder, Nich Knuz,
Timmy Jaks, and of course Andy.

filmed by: Tadashi

Taj Burrow - Untitled

ERGO Spring - Summer 2012

Music by: Box Elders
Song: Atlantis
Filmed and Edited by: Brian Forwood, aka Slugger

RVCA welcomes Christoph Rediger

RVCA Switzerland welcomes Christoph Rediger to the team.
Filmed in 2 days in Basel, Switzerland.
Directed by Morris Samuel. Music by Hudson.
Produced in 2011. All rights reserved

Thursday, December 22, 2011

P-Stone Cookie #3: Pool Stacks

Pools are tough enough to find and they hurt when you fall. Get ready for some slams.

Thomas Pringle - Estados Unidos Mexicanos

Cabo surfing, one week spent in the land of the dust, Baja Mexico.
Photo series?

El Buela Aguiar by Glass Eyes

Volcom - Into The Stratosphere - A day in the life of Grant Taylor

Meet strip-club owner "Dirty Dave" as he walks you through
A day in the life of Thrasher Magazine's '2011 Skater of the Year, Grant Taylor!!!

Animation By Drew Toonz: ‪

Produced By: Remy Stratton

Music By:
-Wade Fesler
-The Resorts

Voice of "Dirty Dave:" Mike Spahr

Elijah Berle SK8RATS Cruisers Commercial

Homie and roommate Elijah Berle helped me out by testing out one of our
new SK8RATS cruiser boards over at the Gonzales Pool! We sold out in the
cruiser boards that Elijah skates in this commercial but we have
smaller like zip zinger cruiser boards in stock!!

(click the link below and snag one before they are all gone!)

P-Stone Cookie #2: Canadian Cookie

Keeping it going through the Canadian winter isn't easy,
but Colin Lambert and his brother Cain handled the cold
no problem.

Stephan Doitschinoff - Novo Asceticismo - Jonathan LeVine Gallery

The work of São Paulo’s artist Stephan Doitschinoff (aka Calma)
has influences in all kinds of beliefs and religious rituals.
He ends the year with his solo exhibition at the Jonathan Levine Gallery  in New York.
There are 12 new works (paintings, drawings and multiples), and a movie, “All is vanity.”
The exhibition is on display until January 7th.

[Text in Portuguese]
O trabalho do artista paulistano Stephan Doitschinoff (mais conhecido como Calma)
tem influências nos mais diversos tipos de crenças e rituais religiosos.
Ele encerra o ano com sua exposição individual na Galeria Jonathan Levine  em Nova York.
São 12 obras inéditas (telas, desenhos e múltiplos), além do filme “Tudo é Vaidade”.
A exposição fica em cartaz até o dia 07 de janeiro.
//Ana Strumpf//

sources: and

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Clockwork by lowcard magazine

Stoner - Robixxx

The purpose of this blog is to expose & spread all the great, hard to find and (mostly) unknown music, artists, labels,.. in the psych/stoner/doom/sludge/drone/experimental/.. universe. Enjoy the tunes but keep the music alive. Buy those great albums & get some cool shirts!

Strange Notes - Six Pack - Kyle Berard

P-Stone Cookie #1: Beer Bath

Throw in some rippers, pools, & random shit, and you'll get good ol' beer bath.

Thrasher Classics - Navs and Hitz "This Axe..."

f some vids are "underground," then 2003's "This Axe Was Made to Grind"
is the center of the Earth. Navarrette sinks his teeth into all transitions
and Hitz shows his wide and wild pool lines.

Thrasher King of the Road 2011 - Webisode #4

Lakai packed their van with legends and some young guns,
then went for it 110-percent. The assault began in Seattle.

Dane Reynolds vs Chris Mauro

As you've no doubt heard about and wept over by now, Dane Reynolds will not be competing full time as a World Tour competitor next year (save for, fingers crossed, a coupla cameos at Quik events.)
Unsurprisingly, the Venturan's felt the heat of this situation and has responded via a letter on his website, Marine Layer Productions.
It's concise and, honestly, we enjoyed it.

First, the Chris Mauro piece that Dane references, and next, the letter from Dane.

Dane Reynolds' virulent strain by Chris Mauro

Given all the Dane Reynolds hype of late it's easy to understand how Daneofilia (DANE-oh-FEEL -yah) is now infecting a wide swath of today's young surfing prodigies. Some doctors describe the disease as a virulent strain of languorous behavior, others refer to it as syndrome more commonly known as the fuck-its.

Notable young talents (especially those residing along the surf-industry-laden California coast) run the highest risks of contracting this virus, but the symptoms typically flair up once they've left their comfy little pond for the bigger, badder world of global talent, where they soon discover winning isn't nearly as easy as they, their publicist, biographers, videographers, agents, managers, coaches, bloggers and astrologers, thought it would be.

Consumed by self doubt, they begin to question not just the nipple they've been sucking on since they got their first pair of free trunks, but the very body producing all the nourishment. And the fleeting nature of their most flavored surfer status hits hard. If things don't work out...they soon discover...they're replaceable. At the end of the day they're just tools. Marketing tools. Being exploited to sell wares. Oh the horror.

The lucky ones, like Dane Reynolds, seemingly have a choice in this matter. They can make a career out of being anti-pros, choosing to go down a "soul surfing" route filled with cameras and cameos. The vast majority of pros don't really have that luxury.

Take Adriano de Souza, who by most measuring sticks is the anti-Dane. They both love surfing, no doubt, but Adriano actually thrives in competition. That makes him incredibly uncool in hipster circles. After all, he always gives 100% (what a jock!) He loves to claim (kook!), and what's with that (fugly) wide stance? All that annoying hard work and touchdown dance behavior makes Adriano the tour's perfect villain.

But look deeper into his story and you might begin to see things differently. While growing up in a poor corner Sau Paulo Brazil there were years when his next meal wasn't guaranteed. He and his family fought hard for everything they had, and when the remote possibility of a surfing career first became possible he had to leave home for good to chase it.

Thanks to hard work and dedication he's succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. Today both his mother and brother are living in houses that Adriano provided with his winnings. Knowing all that, you might understand the passion behind the claims, and you may even start respecting some of his surfing strengths, like how he manages to put his board in all the right places with healthy dose of speed and power.

Adriano's path was undoubtedly a tough one. And it remains so in the court of public opinion. Meanwhile, as we learn in the new Surfer Magazine interview issue, Dane Reynolds road has been obstacle free, and he's essentially flying blind out there.

After all, he prefers to travel with six packs over exercise balls. He doesn't want to waste energy chasing a 5.5 to get through heats just to please sponsors. He finds his friends in Oxnard a lot more interesting than all the exotic people he ignores while traveling. And, oh yeah, Kelly Slater really hasn't done all that much for surfing. (Apparently Dane doesn't count the zeroes in his checks before depositing them.)

All this listlessness makes him a huge surfing hero.

Now he's searching for even less stress. He wants to ride ugly boards in mushy point waves and hang out with his friends scribbling on T-shirts, posting on his blog and making webisodes.

And not surprisingly a handful of younger "highly touted" Californians think the same path will work just as well for them. Incidental stardom is apparently just a cool little blog away.

Of course they'd kinda like to skip that part that Dane had to endure...y'know, the part where he actually earned all his value, the part where he made the tour and validated his hype with brilliant victories on a big stage.

Wait - victories?

Well yes and no. As Slater so aptly noted during his Surfer Poll speech last year, Dane Reynold's has never won anything. Not even the NSSA Nationals. But we needn't weep for him.

Fact is Dane's simply not cut from the same heat-winning cloth as most tour stars. Nevertheless the tour is filled with Daneophiles (DANE-oh-FILEs) for good reason: once he made the tour, he subsequently made more than a few dents with his freakish flying and carnivorous carves. Dane's biggest victories haven't been mathematical ones, they come in statement form - by how he wins heats, and sometimes by the way he loses them. Either way he's made more than a few boundary pushing proclamations in his contest jersey, and that's what's made him the A-lister he is. He's won hearts.

But whether Dane knows it or not, he won the majority of hearts up on the big stage, and his message resonates more from that platform than anywhere else. There's a simple reason for that. Performing on demand in front of hundreds of thousands without the safety net of Final Cut Pro is simply more difficult than posting on a blog, drawing up T-shirts, and shooting videos.

Nothing cheap and easy has value, which is why all that other stuff is considered just surf porn. It's great for a few seconds of fleeting pleasure. Given the choice, the majority of Dane's fans would rather see him keep pushing.

Of course, after years of grueling travel and that hefty work schedule they have on the ASP he's certainly earned the right to pursue what makes him truly happy, be it fashion and film or beer bongs and surf smut. If we've learned nothing else from the dearly departed Steve Jobs it's that loving what you do is the only way to do great work. And we love Dane's great work.

But history tells us that once surfers leave the tour behind a clock starts ticking on their allure, because flash fades a bit faster in this new media age. A few short years from now when Dane's added 15 pounds to his boiler, his neckbeard is grown out, and he's home watching a new generation of stars pick up where he left off, it's possible he could feel more exploited than ever being a video floozy seeking Facebook followers...By then a few 5.5s might just pale in comparison.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - // - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A letter from Dane Reynolds

i've been getting some pressure from various people and/or websites to write something, sorta like an official statement concerning my exit from the world tour. my dismount. my pirouette. 'an opportunity level with your fans.' that's what they tell me. people wanna know whats goin on. be up to date. i can understand that. i like knowing whats going on. i like being up to date.

one thing to remember is that i have a heart and i have bones and muscle and skin and eyes and teeth. i have emotions. sometimes i act according to emotions. sometimes i think and make a conscious decision. i usually do that. in fact i usually think too much. sorta neurotic. i make mistakes, and i deal with them. i have fears and i have anxiety and i have insecurities and i have vices which i often give in to. social situations enhance all of these qualities. i could probably use some discipline, and lots of things bum me out, but generally i'm happy, and i enjoy making other people happy. sometimes all it takes is a smile. sometimes it takes a lot more than that. i try to be honest. especially with myself. i know that i'm fortunate. i'm sitting here and i have a pulse and i can breath and i hear birds outside and the buzz of the freeway and the suns about to set and it's a friday. that's fortune. i also know that i'm fortunate in many other ways. three brands support me and enable me to surf every day and travel and eat and have a house to live in. in return i represent their company in a positive way. i feel like i do a decent job. but that's obviously up for debate. surfing is my passion in life. i always think about how lucky we are that there's even an ocean, and its not too hot or too turbulent and it's not made of acid that burns our skin off. and how lucky is it that the land tapers into the ocean in just the right way so that when lumps of energy approach from a thousand miles away they gently rise up and crash at just the perfect speed so that we can wave our little arms and match their speed and hang at the crest weightless for just a second before sliding down the face. free to ride it in any way you please. and there's not just one of them. there's tons of them. they keep coming. all different sizes shapes and speeds. everyday they're different. endless joy.

there are of course a number of things that get in the way of feeling this joy: crowds, twitter impostors, eggy locals, eggy surf bloggers, overzealous surf photographers, chris mauro and rip curl contests, just to name a few. that was sort of a joke, but not really, and besides, surfing isn't just about joy. it's also a sport. an industry. and we must not mix business with pleasure. by accepting endorsements i assume a certain responsibility. some think that responsibility is to compete. to put on a jersey and crush my opponent. despite a flimsy one dimensional criteria and an inconsistent playing field that causes the end result to rarely come down to performance alone. maybe that's the fun of it. i don't know. i do enjoy it. but do i believe in it? enough to dedicate the better part of my life to it? or is that irrelevant because it's my responsibility? i didn't have to answer this question because knee surgery in january answered for me. by the time i was healing i was already gone. three buttons to the wind. adventure over responsibility. career suicide! blowing my potential. wasting my talent. i heard the buzz.

in all reality i was being constructive in a different way, traveling to a variety of locations and pushing personal boundaries in an attempt to learn, grow, and improve. it's not as immediate as a contest webcast, and heaven forbid its enjoyable, but in the end it's equally important and i've been neglecting it for too long because i was in a comfy space where contest results alone were satisfying. in order to be successful in surf competition you need to refine your act into a nice little package presentable in a 30 minute period in a number of trying conditions. you need to kill the variables. trim the loose ends. stay on your board. know your equipment. wave selection. endlessly try to revisit motions that score the most points. there are obviously exceptions to this. kelly slaters full rotation slob air reverse in new york. that was not a motion revisited and it was epic. on the beach afterwards: 'so kelly slater, how was that slob air reverse!' 'oh, is that what that's called?' also john john florence and gabriel medina. maybe it's only a matter of time before they refine their act, but for now i'm really impressed with their competitive success despite such rawness. rawness is good. surfing with john john this year in japan was enlightening. it was like every wave he was exploring new territory. i wanna explore new territory! i wanna unwind! by the end of the trip i felt improved and rejuvenated and then crunch! i busted my ribs at the mercy of a fresh typhoon swell. nearly drowned. another month out of the water. gotta pay to play. especially when you're trying to keep up with john john in waves of consequence.

and so here i am. 26. officially off tour. wasted talent. blown potential. refusing responsibility. 'all he wants to do is sit at home and play with crayons and ride fucked up boards.' but wait! but wait! that's not true! don't listen to chris mauro. he's a dinosaur. doesn't get it. this may be the end as a wct contender, but its also a new beginning. i feel like a baseball. the skins been carefully pried off and there's a thread and i'm gonna pull it and i'm gonna end up a pile of string on the floor. but then maybe i'll be knit into something more useful, like a sweater. or perhaps something beautiful, like a hand embroidered masterpiece of a deer and two fawn drinking cold clear water out of a creek. but you never know. i hope to achieve some sort of balance. yeah, i do like riding fucked up boards, but i also like doing airs and taking some aggression out on a cutback. and competings rad if you can stay inspired, but rankings and trophy's mean very little to me. i wanna learn, i wanna make things, things of purpose, be productive. travel. new experiences. new sensations. and most importantly explore the outer limits of performance surfing. i'll still compete. but its not going to consume me.

finding this balance will be a challenge. but its just a step in an endless set of steps. a staircase. it's sort of a big step. too big to just hop up. i gotta climb. like, with a rope and safety gear and shit. and i might get there and be bummed out and like my old step better but that's just the mystery of life and i'm happy to experience it. and i'm endlessly in debt to the ones who make it possible. firstly surf fans who have resonated with my surfing for one reason or another, because at the bottom of everything, you're the only reason i'm able to have the sponsorship that allows me to travel and eat and pay the bills and continue surfing. secondly my sponsors: channel islands believed in me from the ripe age of 13 and continue to craft boards that allow me perform at my highest potential and also craft boards that have nothing to do with performance at all, but make you realize how much joy you can get out of a simple high line. i thank quiksilver for their unwavering support, re-signing me during a year of uncertainty and working with me on honest marketing and products. i also thank vans for picking me up. every person on the team is one of my favorite surfers and/or people and i'm honored to be apart of it. there are, of course, hundreds of people worth thanking here, but this is who comes to mind tonight: my girlfriend courtney, for giving me inspiration, giving me perspective, giving me love and giving me treats. blair, for keeping my otherwise maelstrom of a life in order. my parents, for their conflicting views. i don't think i would have done very well in an ordinary functioning family household. my father particularly for dedicating countless weekends driving me up and down the coast to compete. that was a huge sacrifice. also my mom for preaching creativity, fearlessness, and keeping everything bullshit free. and my brother brek for administering many humbling experiences from a very early age. my grandparents, for being probably my biggest fans on earth. particularly grandma bonnie and papa chuck, who come to every surf contest on the west coast. they show up at 7 am to get good parking, even if i surf at 3. and also grandpa bob for giving me his super 8 cameras when i was 18 and instilling a lifelong hobby.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011 presents Surf Madness! FREE DOWNLOAD


Gilley Park Mission by lowcard magazine

The Perfect Amount of Lazy

Antiz - The Drive

Dusty Payne // Lost Atlas B-Side

Dusty Payne’s controversial commentary on girls surfing may have
provided some comic relief in Lost Atlas, but it was his surfing that
kept us psyched. In honor of his part we give you a B-Side of Dusty from
Lost Atlas, neatly packaged and wrapped up with a bow. Happy Christmas
to all.

**And if you still need to get a pal something for Christmas, Hurley is
selling a Limited edition Lost Atlas package on their website. Lost
Atlas tee and DVD for $30!

Ninety Four Commodore

A road trip to The Mid North Coast in a 94 commodore.
Filmed & Edited By Toby Cregan

Music by
Alex Wall - London Alone
Straight Arrows - Bad Temper

Volcom - On the Road with PC | Indian Summer

PC is getting ready for the road again with this being his
last stop here in Le Landes with next stop the Island of Kauai.

Volcom - Ten Minutes Until Lights Out

Weighing in at just under ten minutes, we have put together a bunch
of footage from our UK crew filmed just before the clocks turned back
and winter kicked in over in the UK.
Our crew there made the most of the final few weeks of whatever sunshine
was left.
Check it out as Harry Lintell pulls together a bunch of new unseen stunts,
filmed at his usual incredible pace and Gav Couglan fires up some bangers
on all of the rugged spots from his recent travels as well as appearances
from the rest of the crew as they dive in with a few ideas of their own.

Get a brew on, sit back and enjoy!

Bones welcomes Chris Haslam to the team

MO' MONDAY'S - Chance to win a team package every Monday at
This weeks installment is WELCOME TO THE TEAM
All you have to do is watch the video...answer three questions and you are automatically entered into Monday's drawing to win a team package.
Wheels, Bushings, Bearings, T-shirts...and more

Jeff Grosso's Loveletters to Skateboarding - Season 2 ( Episode 3 Foot Plant)

In episode three of Loveletters to Skateboarding, we learn the difference between a “Bastard Plant” and an “Ice Plant” and the “I Can Hear Fine” and the “Bonedrect”. Jeff takes a minute to break down the history of the Footplant and the many strange variations it has spawned.

About Jeff Grosso's Loveletters To Skateboarding:

Jeff Grosso has a web show called Loveletters to Skateboarding. Sit back and feel the love. For episodes from season one, click here

click here for teaser + episode 1 of season 2
click here for episode 2 of season 2

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thrasher King of the Road 2011 - Webisode #3

The Vans team's approach was to handle mega-tech moves early and then
demolish the Denver park. Trujillo, Layton, Crockett, Lutheran, Berle...
maybe the most diversely talented squad this year?

Donovan Rice... by lowcard magazine

Check out this video of Donovan Rice

Thursday, December 15, 2011

These Colors Taste Like A Music - part 1 & 2

A Sonny Miller film, starring Archie, Pottz, Martin Foster,
Buttons, Herbie, Nathan, Christian & Greyson Fletcher, Ruffo,
Fuller, Cory Lopez, Gerry Lopez, Braden, Duanne Peters,
Christian Hosoi, Tom Carrol, Bruce & Andy Irons

Tattoo Artist - Tuppu Ritola [Tatuata Shop]

Tuppu Ritola

Double Rock Drive-By // Anti-Hero

Strategic filming schedule with pre-planned trick lists? Hell no.
Anti-Hero skated like they do every day: Full attack. Trujillo, Pfanner,
Gerwer, Miorana, and Peabody go wall to wall.

Jake Reuter

Kai Otton - Dead Hendrix

the death of some nice art

Nike Summer Chosen - Winner's Surf Trip with FUS

Check out the summer Chosen winners, FUS, as they get to
"Live Like a Pro" on a Mentawais Islands surf trip.

For more info check out

Kolohe Andino - south africa VIBES

Descendents "Everything Sucks" Live 2011

DESCENDENTS "Everything Sucks" LIVE

Live in Vegas
Punk Rock Bowling 2011

Bass: Karl Alvarez
Guitar: Stephen Egerton
Drums: Bill Stevenson
Vocals: Milo Aukerman

Filmed as part of FILMAGE: The Story of DESCENDENTS / ALL

Descendents - Everything sucks lyrics

Got up this morning to make some coffee
Everything sucks today
Prayed someone hired a hitman to off me
Everything sucks today

Got up on the wrong side of life this morning
Nothing today is gonna go my way
Horoscope told me lies this morning
I don't think anything is gonna be okay
Everything sucks today (repeat 2x)

Right girl didn't call and the wrong one's
Everything sucks today
Flat tire on my car so I guess I'm walkin
Everything sucks today

Taxman came and took my money
Now all my other bills are gonna be late
My girlfriend's movin in this morning
I don't think anything is gonna be okay
Everything sucks today (3x)

Got up on the wrong side of life this morning
Nothing today is gonna go my way
Horoscope told me lies this morning
I don't think anything is gonna be okay
Everything sucks today (3x)

Julian Wilson - 540 Alley Oop

Julian Wilson's 540 alley oop air in Back to Bali. Getting close to the 720.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thrasher Hell Ride - Cardiel Burns Marseille

Hell Riding started in 1990, and by 1993 we were going mental.
Cardiel hit Marseille like Katrina. He was 19 years old and
down to rip. When he hit it, people just watched in awe—check
that lien. Happy birthday, John.
Skateboarding wouldn't be the same with out you.
—Jake Phelps

Shred For Your Life - Episode 2 of 8

In this episode of Shred for Your Life, we're treated to some prime shredding as the first rounds of contestants face off. Catch exclusive behind the scenes video of the contestants as they prepare, or don't, to melt some faces from Santos Party House in New York City.

Created By: Marc Razo / AllDayEveryday

Shred For Your Life - Episode 1 of 8

Live from Santos Party House in New York City comes Shred for Your Life. 12 Guitarists face off in one on one battles judged by none other than legends Andrew WK, Matt Sweeny from Smashing Pumpkins, Vernon Reid from Living Colour and Kirk Douglas from The Roots.

In this episode we follow the contestants and field reporter, Gavin McInnes, prior to taking the stage and learn a little more about the origins of the competition.

Created by Marc Razo / AllDayEveryday

zebras & hippos by

filmed & edit by Wyatt Davies

Volcom Stone - Peter Molec

Sitka Surfboards welcomes Peter Devries to the team

Filmed and edited in Tofino BC

Thrasher King of the Road 2011 - Webisode #2

The KOTR recipe involves straight-up gnarly skating and full-on weirdness.
Insanely brutal challenges and fun dork tricks collide as Nike SB has a blast
in Albuquerque.

Lowcard Springbreak

Hot Feet In the Heat

The Indian summer was here for a hot second.
Tony Trujillo, Pat McLain, and Sean Gutierrez took advantage
of the heat for their feet.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Creative Destruction Movie - Teaser

There comes a time in a young mans life when he has to take some risks,
you know, have a dig.

Creative Destruction was our dig, our step into the deep end.
It was fucking glorious. We did some rad shit, we did some things
that didn’t quite work and for me that was the beauty of it.
The chapters that received the most love were not necessarily the ones
I liked or Wade liked or you liked, and this is what I loved most about it.
Everyone had their favourite chapter. The internet is home to some damn
fine surf films and shorts, but this was different, a concept of its own
and possibly surfing’s first online series. It had eb and flow, heart and
soul and no doubt, I’m downright biased as hell, but I am proud of the
little guy that is Creative Destruction. This week that little guy grew up
and is leaving the internet for life as a hardcopy.
The Complete Anthology DVD is now available across Australia and New Zealand,
both instore and online. It features ‘Odds & Ends’ a 26 minute final film
decked out in a new light and a new sound. In amongst the finest moments
from the series is unseen vision and an animated piece of brain fester
by Ozzie Wrong, Vaughan Deadly and Nanda Ormond. Vaughan summed it up with
these words… ‘This may be the best Bro-Lab ever!’...
That made me feel pretty dandy.
The entire series, chapters 1 through to 8 feature on the disk along
with a 16 page booklet of the best of Duncan Mcfarlane’s photo’s.

There is mermaids shanking octopus’s, massive spew barrells and
unridden rockslabs, Centaurs and even the odd hipster gets rundown…

TB, Laurie, Dusty, Brady, Chippa, Ryan, Lee, Dyl, Gavin, Sterling,
Tyler, Davies, Brycey, Red, Clint, Sancho & Eric

With well over 2 hours of vision to wrap your eyeballs around the
Complete Anthology is available now for $29.95.

Like the trailer? Buy the movie here.

Surf Madness!!

SURF MADNESS is here!!! you can download it on

A glimpse into the twisted, sarcastic and down-right hilarious mind
of surfer Sterling Spencer, as he, and a group of talented friends
set off across the globe in search of the ultimate ride.

Supported by: Billabong, Verizon, Surfer Magazine

Directed by: David Malcolm © 2011

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Strange Notes - Time to Grind with Evan Smith

Greyson Fletcher - Pillage & Plunder

[Greyson Fletcher, crail slide © Affif / BrotherhoodCom]

Well, well, well. Looks like Greyson Fletcher's been keeping himself
a little busy roaming the earth and hitting every skate spot he can
find in all those nooks and crannies. Japan, France, Spain,
New York, etc...

no destination was left without being a little abused
and without being pillaged and plundered.

So here's a little sampling of Greyson's World Tour.
How do you like this tasty morsel, ya wenches?
The early vikings and pirates ain't got nothing on Thunder!

12/9/11 Weekend Hype RAW -Typical Culture

Raw and uncut weekend hype.
Ft. Drew Dezort, Connor Getzlaff, Chris Gregson,
Little C, Greg Zamarripa, Brandon Perelson.
Filmed by Zack Dowdy

Filmage: The Story of Descendents/All

FILMAGE: The Story of DESCENDENTS / ALL is a feature length documentary
film that is in production. We are looking for old and current photos,
video and film of the band. Please contact us for submissions:

Deedle LaCour - director
Matt Riggle - director, writer
Justin Wilson - director of photography
Marissa LaCour - producer

Wasted Lobo

Wasted Lobo

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thrasher King of the Road 2011 - Webisode #1

To say that Dekline entered King of the Road as underdogs would be the understatement of the year, but when you've got the Dick Burrito anything is possible. Naked rail attacks, barely legal makeouts - these dudes dueled hard for the crown.

* Pass Port's "The Whole of Community"

Friday, December 9, 2011

Gou Miyagi - みやぎ先生

From Daisuke Takahashi's "Subspecies." All copyrights and credit to him and StudioSk4. Support Japanese skateboarding and buy the full video:  残念にこのチャネルを早晩Youtubeに削除される。とりあえず楽しんで下さい。

Ford Archbold - Panda Surfboards Pro Model

Newport Beach, CA's Ford Archbold surfing around Orange County
on his new Panda Surfboards pro model.
Filmed and Edited by Matt Tromberg
Music- Black Flag- Nervous Breakdown

Thrasher King of the Road Teaser #5

The countdown is on. Webisodes start tomorrow.

Milton H Zeis - Tattooing As You Like It - Book promo

A biography and tribute to one of tattooing’s most legendary figures.
This book follows Zeis’s life from birth, documenting his many interests
as well as his formidable ventures in tattooing. This book documents
the life and work of this influential man, from the young days
train-hopping to his adult years running The Zeis Studio and performing
as Uncle Milty the clown. It also includes 95 of today’s best tattooers
paying homage to Zeis by repainting some of the most iconic flash
sheets distributed by The Zeis studio from the 1920’s to the 1970’s.

This book will be available soon through

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thrasher King of the Road Teaser #4

With Koston, Cory Kennedy, and Grant Taylor on their squad, Nike SB has some of the most naturally-talented skaters out there. We're building the hype for a reason. You'll see why on December 10

A Ride Through Life by Bulletree Filmes

Just live.

Bulletree would like to thank:

Weird Company
Bc The Crew
906 in movement
Rael Brian
Gabriel Foltz
Peter Volpi
Leonardo Pepino
Raul Rau
Vini Benno
Alexandre Mesquita
Guilherme Meneghelli
The Kings Of Frog Island

Music (in order)

Abe Vigoda - Visi Rings
The Kings Of Frog Island - Glebe Street Whores
22-20s - Hold On

Lowcard's Clip of The Day - Mike Peterson

Filmed by Brett Abramsky
Edited by Matlin

Stay Lame 2... by lowcard magazine

Clip by Biedenbach

Thanks For The Dinner And The Sex - Full Movie

Tour Converse Spain in Madrid

Segundo tour de Converse Skateboarding en Madrid

NEXT: The future of T-shirt graphics

1,000+ T-shirts on display
150+ T-shirt artists, designers and labels
40+ exclusive portrait photographs by Nicole Reed
15+ T-shirts of the future from high profile local
and international artists and designers

Presented by T-world, NEXT is dedicated to the past, present and future
of the T-shirt industry. From November 4 to December 11, the intriguing
industrial spaces of Sydney’s Cockatoo Island will come alive with the
Outpost Project – a world-class showcase of street art. Within the
cavernous steel confines of the Heavy Machine Shop lies NEXT, a vibrant
display of the planet's most comprehensive collection of graphic T-shirts.

In 2011, whether you’re an advocate for design, graffiti, skate, street
or urban, the T-shirt is the singular identifying uniform speaking the
voice of youth culture.

Presented by T-world

Directed by VERSUS

Music by:

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

chicken bone nowison - dustin dollin

Rune Glifberg & Ben Raemers at Concrete Carnival 2011, UK

Rune Glifberg and Ben Raemers headed over to the Vans Concrete Carnival in the UK last weekend to get involved with the wintery mission to tear the fresh bowl a new one. Skaters came from all over Europe and further afield to schralp and the contest snowballed from one heat to the next, always firing up more surprises for each of the riders.
Battling their way through the qualifiers and semis, Rune and Ben ended up in the finals with Ben ultimately taking first place on the podium with Rune behind in second.
Volcomgratulations to the both of you! Check the video out to bear witness...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Street League 2011 - Best Of Peter Ramondetta

Street League presents the all new Best Of Peter Ramondetta from the 2011
Street League DC Pro Tour Fueled by Monster Energy. Peter has always been
known as a solid all around skater who can destroy any obstacle in front
of him. His latest video part in Real's Since Day One was a 6 minute
proof of that reputation.

For more videos and information visit

Street League 2011 - Best Of Tommy Sandoval

Street League presents the all new 2011 Best Of Tommy Sandoval. Tommy had an all
around solid year this year of Street League. He actually qualified for the Finals
in New Jersey but was injured a few days before hand and unable to skate. This left
Sean Malto to fill his place who ended up going on to win the Championship.
Watch and enjoy Tommy's best from 2011.

For more videos and info visit

Street League 2011 - Best Of Dylan Rieder

Street League presents the Best Of Dylan Rieder. This is Dylan's
second year in Street League. Dylan is a skater who made his name
in skateboarding through video parts and magazine coverage.
He has been around the skate industry since he was about 14 years old.
Dylan has grown into being one of the most respected pro skaters
in the world. Well known for his style, both on and off the board.
Dylan's latest video part from Gravis which we posted yesterday
cemented Dylan into skateboarding history.

For more information and videos visit

Street League 2011 - Best Of Luan Oliveira and David Gonzalez

Street League 2011 Best Of series presents Flip team mates
Luan Oliveira and David Gonzalez. Both David and Luan dealt with
injuries this year but were still able to come through with a lot
of amazing footage throughout the series.

For more information and videos visit

Street League 2011 - Best Of Mike Mo Capaldi

Street League presents the 2011 Best Of Mike Mo Capaldi. Mike Mo was hurt through
out the 2010 season and wasn't able to show his true potential in Street League.
But this year he came back healthy and was able to jump down the bigger obstacles
and ended up qualifying to the Finals in New Jersey.

For more videos and information visit

Street League 2011 - Best Of Mikey Taylor

Street League presents the 2011 Best Of Mikey Taylor. Mikey is definitely
a fan favorite in Street League . This year was the first time Mikey qualified
for a Finals in Street League and he went on to qualify for the Championship
event in New Jersey.

For more information and videos visit

Pennywise - Interview with Fletcher & live shots // Tribal Area

Filmed in 2010 at the Markthalle, Hamburg
Previously unreleased.

Street League 2011 - Best Of Billy Marks

Street League presents the 2011 Best Of Billy Marks. This was a
solid year for Billy. This year was the first time Billy qualified
for a Street League finals, and he ended up doing so in every stop
and qualified for the New Jersey Championship as well as winning the
Zumiez 24/7 award several times.

For more information and videos visit

Gabriel Medina - Part I by Nike Surfing

Kurt Cobain by ProxyNoise

Monday, December 5, 2011

Jerry Galley BMX riding mid 90s

Jerry Galley riding Uxbridge Mini and Wakefield skatepark sometime in the mid 90s (The clue is his S&M HAF). THIS is why Jerry is one of the best BMXs ever, amazing!
(Mason Smith throws down a few tricks as well on his Standard)

Jeff Grosso's Loveletters to Skateboarding - Season 2 ( Episode 2 Jeff Phillips)

Jeff Grosso's Loveletters to Skateboarding - Jeff Phillips
Season 2 : Episode 2

If you grew up skating in the 80’s, you already know the legend of Jeff Phillips. If you missed him, here’s a little background. Phillips 66, Boosters, and Ally-oop lein airs are just a few of the tricks he had in his bag.

About Jeff Grosso's Loveletters To Skateboarding:

Jeff Grosso has a web show called Loveletters to Skateboarding. Sit back and feel the love. For episodes from season one, click here

click here for teaser + episode 1 of season 2

Thrasher - Tampa Am 2011

When the dust settled Trevor Colden took 1st and the champagne spray while CJ Tambornino took home top honors in the best trick. Cheers!

Lost Atlas Unseen Session by youngwisetails

Somewhere in the midst of hard drive exchange, these clips seemed to go missing when kai was editing lost atlas. This is footy from the trip down to the south coast with Owen, Dillon, Evan, and Conner.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nick Rozsa Homegrown 2/5

Part 2 of the Homegrown Project Nick Rozsa at home for Thanksgivings. Video By Chris Papaleo

click here to see part 1