Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pinchmysalt presents SURF MADNESS! - Summer Teaser

A glimpse into the twisted, sarcastic and down-right hilarious mind of surfer Sterling Spencer, as he and a handful of talented friends set off across the globe in search of the ultimate ride.

Pinchmysalt presents SURF MADNESS! - Summer Teaser from on Vimeo.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Raven Tershy Panasonic TWIT/CLIP!!

Cody Lockwood Vs Thunder Trucks - Burnside

Cody Lockwood Vs Thunder Trucks from Daniel Evans on Vimeo.

Tales that I tell - Evan Geiselman in Costa Rica

Tales that I tell from michael lopez on Vimeo.

Skate World - Contest Carnage - Part 1 VBS

VBS explores the changing face of skateboard terrains and contests.

This VBS and Converse special explores several different eras of skateboarding and the terrain that coincides with them. All of the eras come together at Converse's Coastal Carnage event drawing inspiration from the vert ramps of the 70's and 80's, and the DIY explosion of 90's and new millennium. There are a ton of amazing interviews from the likes of Tom Remillard, Lance Mountain, Raven Tershy, and Adam DIV.

Lowcard magazine - On the Road Again: Norcal and Oregon

On the Road Again: Norcal and Oregon... from lowcard magazine on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jordy Smith at Jeffreys Bay

Eric Geiselman - South Africa MIni Edit

South Africa MIni Edit from Eric Geiselman on Vimeo.

Helmet - Unsung

Helmet - Unsung Lyrics

Your contribution left unnoticed some
Association with an image
Just credit time for showing up again
Attention wandered I'm left with it

Gone by sin too slowly
Can't pass it up
Then I thought nothing is right
I turned it off

To die unsung would really bring you down
Although wet eyes would never suit you
Walk through no archetypal suicide to
Die young is far too boring these days

Your will to speak clearly
Exposed too much
Unsung once too often
Could not rub off

Shore Break Baby - Andy Roy Skate Camp

Burning Dan: Windell's & Back

Drehobl and Watkins drove up to Oregon for a few days, meeting up with Gravette, Tuffli, Kimbell, Russo, and some other bros at Windell's—"The Funnest Place On Earth."

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Lost. by Nat Lanyon

Lost. from Nat Lanyon on Vimeo.

This edit is for all you trustworthy tobacco guru's and seabed dwellers...

click here to see Lost. Part II

Experiment No. 1 - Skateboard Shades

Experiment No. 1 - Skateboard Shades from Shwood Eyewear on Vimeo.

Follow Shwood's own Eric Singer as he meets up with Keith Hufnagel and others to claim the streets of LA in pursuit of Shwood's latest experiment, sunglasses made from broken skateboard decks. Crafted entirely in Shwood's local woodshop, this one-of-a-kind pair of sunglasses was created out of curiosity, just to see what was possible. For more of Shwood's experiments visit:

Based in Portland, Oregon Shwood creates handcrafted wooden eyewear using fine exotic hardwoods.
Shwood’s in-house manufacturing process merges precision technology with classic skilled craftsmanship to create a timeless art form. Every step from veneering and precision lens cutting, to shaping and finishing is conducted in our own Portland-based workshop to promise an entirely handcrafted eyewear piece. View the collection at

Thanks to Keith and the crew at HUF.

Filmed and Edited by Joe Stevens.

T.Rex "Mambo Sun"
The Black Keys "240 Years Before Your Time"

US Open is Coming!

July 30th through August 7th
Dont Miss It!

US Open is Coming! from Nike 6.0 on Vimeo.

‪Volcom presents: Coming of Ageless‬

‪Watch as Dusty Payne and Gavin Beschen explore tube amnesia in Micronesia with Volcom's newest web exclusive, "Coming of Ageless".‬

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mixed Bag by Surfing Life

Mixed Bag from Surfing Life on Vimeo.

For the last two weeks Surfing Life's filmer, Nick Pollett, has been travelling up and down the NSW coast racking up footage of Dingo Morrison, Ryan Hipwood, Asher Pacey, Damien Wills, Perth Standlick, Stuart Kennedy, Marcus Aboody and a bunch of young guns.

Kai Otton - south prong

south prong from kai otton on Vimeo.

when Jbay is flat....get off twitter

Taj in Thanks For The Dinner And The Sex

Thanks for the Dinner & the Sex. film by Dion Agius,​dion

Thanks for the Dinner & the Sex from Taj Burrow on Vimeo.

Tattoo Age Series on Vice TV - Dan Santoro part 3 of 3

Tattoo Age Series on Vice TV 
Dan Santoro part 1 of 3
Dan Santoro part 2 of 3

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dan Drehobl In Dedication

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Joyride to Oregon with Jason Jesse and Friends - Strange Notes

Lowcard's Clip of The Day - Raybourn and Hassan

COTD: Raybourn and Hassan... from lowcard magazine on Vimeo.

Josh Kerr in J'Bay ep.4

Josh Kerr in J'bay ep.4 from rustyintl on Vimeo.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Etnies - Surf Trip

A rad Australian surf trip proudly brought to you by Etnies.
Video By Josh Simpson.
Surfers in order of appearance:
Mat Chonackji
Ellis Ericson
Jason Salisbury​etnies.australia

Surf Trip from etnies Australia on Vimeo.

Overdrafting to the Midwest Part 5(final)

The Westsiders Official Trailer - Award Winning Documentary

The official trailer for The Westsiders! Directed by Joshua Pomer, Narated by Rosanna Arquette, Scored by Mike McReady.
The edgy and raw documentary has won awards from The Newport Beach Film Festival, Santa Cruz Film Festival, Honolulu Film Festival, LA Movie Awards and now the "Golden Lobster" award given to the best film in Portland Maine Internation Film Festival.

From surfing innovations to gritty localism, follow the rise and fall of The Westsiders surf tribe through the eyes of three best friends from the original 'Surf City': Santa Cruz, California. Best friends Daryl "Flea" Virostko, Shawn "Barney" Barron, and Jason "Ratboy" Collins bonded by common tragedy and their love of surfing. They live through shattered homes, drug addiction, other psychological issues and hard-core localism to achieve their dream of becoming professional surfers before the age of 24. To surf the notorious Steamer Lane, they had to join 'The Westsiders' Surf Tribe and go face to face with Vince Collier, aka "The Godfather of The Westside". Vince, a massive brute force, ran Steamer Lane with his own version of street justice. This film explores The Westsiders as the latest chapter in the fascinating history of Santa Cruz, California.

Lowcard magazine - Issue 39 Release Party

ISSUE 39 Release Party... from lowcard magazine on Vimeo.

A Dusty Week in Winter - Part Two

A Dusty Week in Winter - Part Two from Toby Cregan on Vimeo.

Part Two of the desert trip.

Song One - Do The Nugget
Artist - The Nugs

Song Two - Nollie Shuv
Artist - Ba babes

Filmed and edited by Toby Cregan

A Dusty Week in Winter

A Dusty Week in Winter from Toby Cregan on Vimeo.

A Week in the desert with Brett Burcher, Elliot Marshall, Bart Smith and Nathan Bartlett.
Cameo roles by Josiah Schmucker and Sam Boord.

Artist - Black Lips
Song - Cold Hands

La Resistance Teaser


2012 and THIRTY TWO in association with


ATTENTION! Emergency messege! This autumn there will be lot of uncontrollable resistances all over twenty biggest Russian cities , take care!
We talk about new Russian snowboard movie called “La Resistance” from We Are 2012 studio and THIRTY TWO company. Shooted in St.Peterburg, Moskow, Murmansk, Ukraine and Finland
And other regions. Many street spots was destroyed this winter. Our homies take responsibility!
Denis Leontev, Nikita Vasilev, Konstantin BerEgevskiy, Yuri Rudchik, Alexey Osovitskiy, Philipp Ananin, Vanja Gribkov, Alexander Osokin, Maxim Sibirjakov, Igor Kulakov, Mihail Ilin, Igor Kalnizkiy

The movie is almost done but you can check teaser now!! Peace out!
Viva La Resistance!


ВНИМАНИЕ! Срочное сообщение!
Этой осенью в крупнейших городах России произойдёт ряд неконтролируемых восстаний! Молодёжь в очередной раз будет крушить кабаки, жечь кинотеатры, сопротивляясь серости и угрюмости этого мира!

Речь идёт о новом видео “La Resistance” от студии We Are 2012 и компании THIRTY TWO, которое уже во всю, варится в монтажном котле! Скоро будем снимать пенку ребята! Давно полюбившиеся вам герои уличного катания вновь покажут свой уровень на стритовых спотах Питера, Москвы, Финляндии, Украины и других регионов.
Юрий Рудчик, Денис Леонтьев, Никита Васильев, Максим Сибиряков, Алексей Осовицкий, Ваня Грибков, Филипп Ананин, Александр Осокин, Игорь Кулаков, Константин Бережевский, Михаил Ильин, Игорь Кальницкий.


Инфо поддержка:,​club206,,,,,,,,,,

Ждите сопротивления в своём городе!
Viva La Resistance!

Frends - Conner Coffin - Episode 2

Frends - Warren Smith - Episode 1

Frends headphones officially announces surf team. The first of four edits by award winning surf film maker Kai Neville. Personality contagious and Frends countless, we give you Warren Smith, Episode 1.

Ours - Australia

Untitled from Josh househam on Vimeo.

Ours fired up yesterday. One of the most beautiful things about the wave (from an observational point of view) is its proximity to the rocks. The countless angles and natural drama that this proximity stirs always makes for killer photos and footage. Much like what y'see above. Yesterday, Josh Househam moseyed down to Cape Solander and shot some footage of Mark Mathews and pals taming the beast. That thing Mark's holding, that looks like a Jai-alai basket? It's a GoPro, (probs 3D), on the end of an attachment to assist pulled-backness. Killer, huh?

source: stabmag

Creative Destruction. New York. Part 1

Creative Destruction. New York. Part 1 from CREATIVE DESTRUCTION on Vimeo.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Building The Bricks and SPoT Skate Shop Documentary - Skatepark of Tampa

It's more than just a bar.

Go behind the scenes with Brian Schaefer and The Bricks of Ybor crew to see what it really took to make this amazing cafe and skate shop a reality.

A Joe Pelham Film

Building The Bricks and SPoT Skate Shop Documentary from Skatepark of Tampa on Vimeo.

Darkslide to Pop-Shuvit •

Dennis Busenitz - Real Skateboards

Dennis Busenitz – Roll Forever
The New Real Friends Club Series out now.

Dennis Busenitz Real Skateboards from dlxsf on Vimeo.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Santa Cruz vs The Simpsons

Santa Cruz vs The Simpsons

Don’t Blame The ASP: The Real Game Is Elsewhere

Words: Nick Carroll

While Kelly Slater has been missing beautiful morning scenes like this, Mick Fanning has his game face on and wants to win at J-Bay to keep his championship title hopes alive, no matter how small the waves have been in the first week. Photo:ASP/Kirstin.

Even die hard fans would have to admit the ASP World Tour has been taking an absolute PR shellacking over the past week or so.
It’s not that good a look, hey – sitting on small J-Bay while one of your top drawcards just sorta withdraws, and your defending World Champ is half-way around the globe in the midst of 15 foot tropical reef barrels, tweeting about how sick it is. (Though I am not totally sure KS got the best of it, by the way – he seemed a bit late to the lineup on the two epic morning sessions, while Healey, Kohl Christiansen, BI, Hippo, and crew were picking off the mega pits. And I bet he will be watching the J-Bay webcast, and perhaps slightly grinding his teeth at not being in some quarterfinal death heat with Parko. But we digress.)

Some people are inclined in these circumstances to slag off at the ASP management, but that just seems too much like shooting fish in a barrel … and a red herring, at that. Pro surfing’s survived a lot worse than this malarkey, if not often much more embarrassing.
The real game is behind the scenes, where the ASP is juggling corporate needs that look increasingly in conflict with each other.

Kelly was all smiles in back in Brazil, but it has been a while since the World Tour has seen Dane in a competitor's rashie. Photos: ASP/Kirstin

Four powerful entities fund the elite World Pro Tour. Three of them have been around from the start. Each of these three have slightly different takes on the worth of professional surfing. Rip Curl is an unabashed fan. Co-founder Claw can tell you what wetsuit Tom Curren was wearing in his third round heat at Bells in 1984. Global marketing head Neil Ridgway has been on the ASP Board for years and is a long-term devotee of the pro scene. They believe in competition as a key part of the surf culture.

Billabong is almost as unabashed – it’s been in the company’s DNA since Gordon Merchant started plus-funding his big North Shore events in the mid-1980s. But it comes with a caveat; also in their company’s DNA is a bias toward wave quality at major events. That’s why Gordon took his money to Hawaii and rolled out the Desert Challenges of the 1990s; that’s why they were the biggest fans of the old Dream Tour ideal; that’s why their key events are still at Jeffreys, Teahupo’o and Pipeline.

Quiksilver is a different story. The US wing of the company has never been completely enamoured of competitive pro surfing. They’ve tolerated it over the years, mainly because it’s been KS’s big gig and because the Australians and Europeans passionately believe in it. But CEO Bob McKnight has never made a secret of his scepticism as to its value to his key market. That’s one reason why he was quick to back Kelly’s management’s play for a super elite TV-oriented tour in 2009 – its big mission was to bring the scene home to Americans in a way they could understand. One detects his influence behind the bold move to NYC; one also suspects Kelly and Dane will both be in the vicinity of that event, no matter what’s up at Cloudbreak.

The fourth is Nike, the surf industry’s very own elephant in the room. And given that company’s fairly short track record in surfing, who knows where they might take things…though the re-branding of the US Open from Hurley to Nike – pure Nike at that, not the 6.0 spinoff – might be a guide. They don’t see surfing as a stand-alone sport. They’re fans of mixing it up for the crowd.

In the midst of this, the ASP is a bit like the current Federal Labor government. It’s trying to implement a policy direction that might pay off down the track. But in the meantime, it’s doing a shit job of demonstrating the pluses, while shock jock commentators and angry old white men take potshots at it, and even the true believers are scratching their heads and wondering what the fuck’s going on.

Pro surfing can’t stand still – it’s needed to go somewhere new for a while, whether it be the Moon or New York City. It couldn’t just stay hanging on the fringes, out there in La La Land waiting for miracle swells and feeding to 30,000 hard core fans on a webcast. It needs new TV, it needs new stars, and it needs new fans ... all the fucken time.

But it also needs to go ahead with a sense of full commitment and togetherness -- a sense of common purpose, you might say. That feels very much like it’s missing right now.

source: Australia Surfing Life

Kanoa Igarashi 13 years old

Kanoa Igarashi from Waves Magazine on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Happy Medium 2 Promo

A Happy Medium 2 Promo from Buster O'Shea on Vimeo.

premiering friday, july 22, 2011
bell silver cinema 8
2710 w. bell road
phoenix, arizona 85053
first come first serve
250 max capacity per showing
showings at 7PM, 8PM, and 9PM
entry fee $5
video for sale $15
buy online the following day at​albums/​h327/​therealderektracy/​ahm2flyer.jpg

more premiere dates coming soon to select cities...

an independent skateboard film by buster o'shea and hunter o'shea featuring aaron "jaws" homoki, john motta, josh hawkins, eric thomas, brett woodward, riley hawk, johnrob moore, jeff stevens, kody kohlman, tyler franz, and derek tracy. 2011.

radical face_doorways

The Sacramento HD Edit

Filmed and edited by Massimo Legittimo. He is a upstart filmmaker out of Sacramento, Ca. Massimo's newest montage features the talents of Elijah Berle, Tristan Moss, Andrew Dellas as well as of local skateboarders from the area. Keep an eye out for Massimo, we expect big things from the young buck.

Time and Space - Neckface part 1

Toxic Turdz - Dos sessions

Strange Notes - Road to Texas Part 2

Pacific Pirates - Cloudbreak Giant Swell

You've seen the photos, you've heard the stories, now witness the epic power, size and perfection that is Fiji's surfing crown jewel, Cloubreak. Last week this famous reef pass dished up an oceanic show like no other... 12-15 foot plus ball-screaming barrels. This was the third jaunt to the Pacific for Tracks' Pacific Pirate crew [thanks to Billabong and World Safaris] and I dare say it won't be our last. Forget Hawaii for a minute, don't worry about what's happening in Indonesia – this Pacific Pirate's short documentary featuring Dean Bowen, David Scard, Mikey Brennan and special guest Ryan Hipwood is fucking unbelievable people.

Supporting cast ain't half bad either: Bruce Irons, Mark Healey, Kelly Slater, Nathan Fletcher and Jeff Rowley.

Note: Sure it looks perfect, but would you go?

Pacific Pirates from Billabong on Vimeo.

source: Tracks Mag

Where's Kelly?

Dan Drehobl welcome back by Lucky Bearings Co

Welcome Back: Dan Drehobl... from Lucky Bearings Co. on Vimeo.

Sascha Daley - Color Theory - Mystery

Andrew Cannon -"It's Your World" by World Industries

Andrew Cannon -"It's Your World" from World Industries on Vimeo.

Andrew Cannon's part from the World Industries promo
"It's Your World" - Special thanks to Matt Price for working on the intro

Surfs UP! by Velvet Sea

A few weekends back, upon seeing the swell that was about to hit the east coast, VelvetSea decided it was time to get up off our arses and bail the big smoke.

With an absence of filmers available and getting sick of the back and forth that was happening, we thought, fuck it, we'll do it ourselves. An hour in the water, an hour out. Simple. Skaters have been doing it for years now and considering skating is, in our opinion, leading the field in film then why not apply their DIY ethos to VelvetSea.

So there it was, a shotgun mission up the coast. Cocked and ready to explode!


VS x

Order of Appearance: Luke Cheadle, Sam Page, Ben Godwin and Dayyan Neve
Additional footage by Luke Cheadle

Surfs UP! from Velvet Sea on Vimeo.

Ep. 4: Koa-fornia! by

LNF Ep. 4: Koa-fornia from on Vimeo.

We spent the month of June camera sailing around San Clemente, California with our friend Dune at the helm of the lens. We then split up an hourʻs worth of clips and each crafted our own perception section. It was all stitched together from our Bali headquarters and this is how it turned out...

Part 1. by Dune
Part 2. by Alex Smith
Part 3. by Dan Treanor

For more go 2​

Josh Kerr in J'Bay ep.3

Josh Kerr surfing on his single fin around Billabong pro during the lay days in J'bay.

Josh Kerr in J'Bay ep.3 from rustyintl on Vimeo.

Jonathan Florence pt 2 by Blake Kueny

Jonathan Pt.2 from Blake Kueny on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SP visions #8

FCS - Take Your Surfing to New Places - Chapter 1 - Chippa Wilson X India

FCS TYSTNP Chapter 1 from FCS on Vimeo.

SP visions #7

Dimestore - The Deuce - Full Lenght

Dimestore The Deuce from Dimestore MTL on Vimeo.


JS Lapierre - Dimestore - The Deuce

The Gypsy Gentleman - Episode 01: New York City

The Gypsy Gentleman - Episode 01: New York City from Marcus Kuhn on Vimeo.

The Gypsy Gentleman Episode 1: New York City.
Marcus Kuhn presents the first edition of a brand new tattoo and travel magazine.
Featuring Interviews with Thomas Hooper and Virginia Elwood.

A Kinetic Science Production
Producer: Richard Kennedy
Executive Producer: Marcus Kuhn
Director of Photography: Justin L Stanley

Original Music By Lucero
Additional Music By Missing Ships

Gypsy Gentleman | Episode 1 | Teaser

Gypsy Gentleman | Episode 1 | Teaser from Kinetic Science on Vimeo.

The Gypsy Gentleman Episode 1: New York City.
Marcus Kuhn presents the first edition of a brand new tattoo and travel magazine.
Featuring Interviews with Thomas Hooper and Virginia Elwood.

A Kinetic Science Production.
Producer: Richard Kennedy.
Executive Producer: Marcus Kuhn.
Director of Photography: Justin L Stanley.

Coming Spring 2011.

Tattoo Age Series on Vice TV - Dan Santoro part 2 of 3

Tattoo Age Series on Vice TV - Dan Santoro part 1

Bruce Irons - Flare Shoot


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Strange Notes - Road to Texas Part 1

Duffel Week Parts 1 & 2

Osiris spend a week at Duffel's and he show them around his hometown Walnut Creek.

Fitkin Skate Film

Fitkin Skate Film is a short film by Jacob Brown featuring Chris Pearson, Will Harmon, Nick Jensen, Rory Milanes and Lucien Clarke.

Fitkin Skate Film from greyskatemag on Vimeo.

One Way Ticket - Parts 1 & 2

Peter Smolik and Brandon Turner got one-way tickets to San Francisco and skated around town

One Way Ticket Part 1 from carlos coords on Vimeo.

One Way Ticket Part 2 from carlos coords on Vimeo.

Otis Carey - out of office auto reply by Insight Clothing

out of office auto reply from Insight Clothing on Vimeo.

Globe - Year Zero - Trailer


YEAR ZERO is a modern take on high performance surfing set in a post-apocalyptic world, reminiscent of Mad Max or an HG Wells novel. It tells a story of a band of renegade surfers, including Dion Agius, Yadin Nicol, Nate Tyler, Taj Burrow, CJ Hobgood and Damien Hobgood, on a road trip through the apocalypse in search of waves, women, and good times. The film’s original soundtrack by BLACK MOUNTAIN, whom VICE MAGAZINE has called, “One of the best rock n’ roll bands of our time,” creates a sonic landscape that fully delivers the immersive experience that director Joe G envisioned for the film.

The film was shot on location around the world entirely in super 16mm film and offers a unique concept with stunning visuals that capture the essence of surfing in a novel setting. YEAR ZERO follows GLOBE’S previous award winning productions such as SECRET MACHINE and NEW EMISSIONS OF LIGHT AND SOUND and is undoubtedly GLOBE’S largest film project to date.

Bad Brains - Pay to Cum

Bad Brains - Pay to Cum Lyrics

I make decision with precision
Lost inside this manned collision
Just to see that what is to be
Perfectly my fantasy

I came to know with now dismay
That in this world we all must pay
Pay to write, pay to play
Pay to cum, pay to fight

And all in time,
With just our minds
We soon will find
What's left behind

Not long ago when things were slow
We all got by with what we know
The end is near. Hearts filled with fear
Don't want to listen to what they hear

And so it's now we choose to fight
To stick up for our bloody right
The right to sing, the right to dance
The right is ours... We'll take the chance

A peace together
A piece apart
A piece of wisdom
From our hearts

Cliché Israel tour video

Cliché Israel tour video from Cliché Skateboards on Vimeo.

The Cliché team hit Jerusalem and Tel Aviv late last year with Charles Collet, Javier Mendizabal, Flo Mirtain, Jeremie Daclin, Ricardo Fonseca, Boris Proust and Adrien Coillard. Great times, great spots and great people!
Filmed and edited by Boris Proust.

Cliché Germany tour video

Cliché Germany tour video from Cliché Skateboards on Vimeo.

Beers, BBQ and skateboarding in Germany. Featuring Daniel Espinoza, JB Gillet, Flo Mirtain, Jeremie Daclin, Adrien Coillard and German flow skater Thomas Weber. Filmed and edited by Arnaud Chentil.

Overdrafting to the Midwest Part 4

Nate Keegan - Portland, Maine

Nate Keegan July 4th from Jay Brown on Vimeo.

Last Winter - Full Lenght by Bulletree Filmes

A film about the struggle of three young surfers to keep surfing and traveling without any sponsorship.
This is the result of almost one month of filming and hard work.

Buy the dvd:

Last Winter - Full Lenght from Bulletree Filmes on Vimeo.

J-Bay by Taj Burrow

J-Bay from Taj Burrow on Vimeo.

filmed by Dwayne Fetch. lousy editing by TB .

Piss'n in the Wind - Lowcard magazine - Full Movie

Lowcard gives you 35 minutes of their worst. Too many cameos to list!

Piss'n In The Wind... from lowcard magazine on Vimeo.

The French Connexion - Mexico & One Session at Home

Highlights of a trip Marc & Charly did to Mexico.

Filmed by Yannock Loussouarn.

Edited by Jimmy Graham.

Mexico from French Connexion on Vimeo.

One Session at a pumping French Beach break.

Featuring Marc Lacomare & Joan Duru.

Music- In the wind by Justin Kleiner

One Session at Home from French Connexion on Vimeo.

Street League Skateboarding Arizona Finals Video

Get-N Classic - Vans Surf Movie Trailer

Filmed and edited by Graham Nash and Regan Ritchie, Get-N-Classic, Volume 1 featuring Joel Tudor, Nathan Fletcher, Pat, Tanner and Dane Gudauskas, John, Ivan and Nathan Florence, Dylan Graves, Alex Knost Andrew Doheny, Kalani Chapman and Jason "Ratboy" Collins. The entire film will be available as a free download on Monday, August 8 at

Monday, July 18, 2011

Severin Von Ow - Gooch Street 2

It looks like there is a new name in skateboarding. Severin Von Ow impresses with his technical maneuvers.

Aaron Herrington BONEYARD

Aaron Herrington in BONEYARD video

SP visions #6 chinatown

John, Newton Feltrin

John, Newton

Fat Boy Surf Camp by youngwisetails

We dig the Young Wise Tails, a blog following the activities of Conner and Parker Coffin, owners of surfing's best surname. Conner with old school power in a young man's body and Parker with some pretty damn big spins, make for an entertaining brotherly juxtaposition. 'Specially in the swell conditions of Nicaragua. Ace Of Spades by Motörhead is a radical addition, too.

Check out the blog here.

Fat Boy Surf Camp from youngwisetails on Vimeo.

Ry Craike - The Sundowner Session

The Sundowner Session from Tom Jennings on Vimeo.

Josh Kerr in J'Bay ep.2

Josh Kerr in J'bay ep.2 from rustyintl on Vimeo.

Alex Knost x Malibu by RVCA

Alex Knost rides new self shaped boards on a summer day at Malibu
video by Matt Grote - music by Dirty Beaches

Al Knost x Malibu from RVCA on Vimeo.

Dane Reynolds - Dead Snails

Dead Snails from Future Enigma on Vimeo.

Dane Reynolds


Dirty Beaches:
"Aurevoir Quebec"
"Sweet 17"

Filmed & Edited By:
Andrew Schoener

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cliché Daniel Espinoza commercial

Daniel Espinoza commercial edited by French Fred is the last of the series...Expect the new Cliché video for Summer 2012!

Polyester - official trailer

Polyester is a surf film by Jack Coleman, starring Al Knost. Coming August 2011. music: WHite Fence

Friday, July 15, 2011

Digão Mantovani's sound tip - NOFX - Stickin' In My Eye (Live '09)

NOFX - Stickin' In My Eye Lyrics

When I look around I only see outta one eye
the smoke surrounds my head (the sauna)
I hear the voices but I can't make out the words
they're saying things, saying things that I
got something stickin in my eye(3x)
I feel unusual from thinking
bout the underground decay (god help me)
kill beneath the camera, watch the world begin to cry
it's not from pity
it's from whats been stickin in my eye
got something stickin in my eye(3x)
got something stickin in(3x) my eye

Ask The Phelper: Lemmy

Motörhead is the soundtrack to skateboarding. Crank it to 11 and hit the highway.

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Copenhagen & Paris Yardsale

Lots of shit went down over in Paris & Copenhagen that didn't make the ol' edits. This yardsale has some of the extras for you. Starring Tony Trujillo, Sean Gutierrez, Ryan McWriter, Dennis Busenitz, Peter Ramondetta, Chris Pfanner, David Gonzalez, Raney Beres, Chris Cole, Grant Taylor, Raven Tershy and more.

Loading the player ...

Ei liity mihinkään (Full Movie) by Krookmedia Publishing [Finland]

This Finnish export has one of the illest soundtracks and a no-comply counter. No more needs to be said, click and start watching.

source: slapmag

¡Me Gusta! Active Team in Costa Rica

Active Team trip to Costa Rica! Featuring Slash, Figgy, Clint Walker and The Nuge. Shot & edited by Erik Bragg. Big thanks to everyone that made this trip possible!!

pre party peek! by lowcard magazine

McBess - Big Mother

Nobrow just released a book with a most of the stuff I’ve done for the last 3 years, it’s called BIG MOTHER, it’s big, an A3 format ( wich is doesn’t make any sens in the USA, it’s about 5 feet high) and it’s limited to 2000copies .You can get it for 20.5€/18£/30$  from HERE :


The Gut, TNT, Raney, & Bod Edit

In between all of the Euro activities, The Gut, TNT, Peabody, Raney, and P-Stone went on some street and subway missions around Copenhagen & Paris. They came up on some fun shit to skate. Starring Tony Trujillo, Sean Gutierrez, Ryan McWriter and more.

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Surprise Excitement Party - Trailer

Josh Kerr in J'Bay ep.1

Thursday, July 14, 2011

In the Park - Brad McClain

CPH Pro 2011: Yardsale

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starring Raven Tershy, Grant Taylor, Chris Miller, Pedro Barros, Rune Glifberg, Alex Perelson, Dustin Dollin, Nicky Guerrero, Taylor Bingaman, Tony Trujillo and more.

westward winter by Taj Burrow

Webisode 5: Beyond Pepper Street – Behind the scenes of the Billabong Pro J-Bay

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Emerica Outsiders tour, Norway

Durban Days. Oakley Team at Mr Price Pro Balito

Spring Top Five Qualifiers by INNERSECTION

Five more qualifiers for the next Taylor Steele high-performance movie.

Peter Devries, directed by Jeremy Koreski;Adam Chilton
Torrey Miester, directed by Aaron Leiber
Harley Ingleby, directed by Tom Woods
Tonino Benson, directed by Ryan Moss
Josh Mulcoy, directed by Patrick Trefz

Produced by Taylor Steele & Nathan Myers

Shore Break Baby: Larryland Part 2

Overdrafting to the Midwest Part 3

Nate Tyler - Thanks for the Dinner and the Sex

section from Dion's movie titled Thanks for the Dinner and the Sex

Gravette - the Lamb

Tattoo Age Series on Vice TV - Dan Santoro part 1 of 3

Suicidal Tendencies - War inside my head

Suicidal Tendencies - War inside my head lyrics

War inside my head
War inside my head
War inside my head
War inside my head

War inside my head ain't a pretty sight
But I don't want no sympathy
It's happened a thousand times before
It's just a harsh reality

War inside my head-can you hear it
War inside my head-can you see it
War inside my head-can you sense it
War inside my head
Can you hear my-pain
Can you see my-pain
Can you sense my-pain
Can you feel my-pain
Can you help my-pain
Can you fix my-pain
Can you hear the war inside my head

The only thing real is the way I feel
And that's the pain that's deep inside
The battle from within is gonna begin
And there ain't nowhere to hide


War inside my head every night and day
I never get no piece of mind
It ought to be a sin, I just can't win
And pure hell is all I find

Bolinas Hideout by Rasa Libre

Magical park in the woods with no street signs to it. Barely sure we were there.

Behind The Scenes LA TO VEGAS: part two and three

Here is part two and three of a behind the scenes look at the making of LA To Vegas, a short film about Kenny's lengthy Kickflip Nose Manual that takes him from his current home in Los Angeles to his hometown of Las Vegas. Tune back to see all the behind the scenes parts, we'll be posting all 5 of them over the next couple of weeks. Be sure to get the KA-ONE now at!

Weird Purchase - Making Of

A little taste of what happens at the Weird House in a day of production.

Black Lips - Take my Heart

Smith Street Tattoo Parlour - Dan Santoro

Smith Street Tattoo Parlour - Eli Quinters

Smith Street Tattoo Parlour - Steve Boltz