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ASG - Species American

Asg - Species American Lyrics

Bright lights take the place of the sun.
Dark skies mean its time to have fun.
Dead Dogs on the side of the roads (species american)
Stand up lory lock and reload (species american)
Travel light but theres weight in my gun.
they wanna know what country im from.
Double Down road gypsies inch further (species american)
Tired bones lyin next to each other (species american)
no Self Control

Tattoo Age Series on Vice TV - Troy Denning - Teaser

Troy Denning is a tattoo artist who is not afraid to speak his mind. Luckily for us, what he has to say is either hilarious or insightful. Episodes begin Wed. September 7.

Obey - The Rise

Shepard talks about the influence graffiti, skateboarding and punk rock had on his life and the ways it shaped his art career. Key moments such as a school trip to NY and the melding of styles by brands such as Shut Skateboards allowed him to develop his techniques. Look out for some classic 90's skate footage as well.


Time and Space - Neckface part 4

The family that makes haunted houses together stays a freaky art flashback.

About Time and Space:

There’s a time and place for everything. The Vans Off The Wall TV crew makes sure they’re always there to cover the finer details of the creative genius at work. Get an inside look at Vans supported artists doing what they do best. When the creative juices are flowing, all an artist needs is “Time and Space.”

ASG - Low End Insight

Asg - Low End Insight Lyrics

Tin soldiers could start the war
scrap medals for sale
buy twilight of misery
death metal prevails
polish my eye
to the polished stone
the alloy is weakening by the hammer thrown

some say that heaven's a home
others find comfort in fire down below
we got friends on both sides
some are still living and others have died

blood of my eye, love blinded and violent
blood of my eye, love blinded and violent

if the bright lights you swim between
should flicker and fail
shock currents will set you free
black winds fill your sails
polish my eye, to the polished stone
the alloy is weakening by the hammer thrown

hold fast, stand firm, breathe

Vans Get-N Classic - The Cutting Room Floor - Episode 3

On this episode of Cutting Room Floor we hang with Tanner Gudauskas, Nathan Florence and Dylan Graves and talk about more clips from "Get-n-Classic."

About Cutting Room Floor :

Behind the scenes clips and commentary from the Vans Surf Movie, "Get-N Classic". Be sure to watch and download the movie at

Episode 1
Episode 2

Julian Wilson - Trestles Specials

Trestles Specials from Julian Wilson on Vimeo.

Florida Surfing - Hurricane Irene 2011

Shea Lopez, Evan Geiselman and Taylor Brothers scramble from virginia beach to catch some toobz back home in florida

HURRICANE IRENE 2011 from Duncan Henville on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chili Bowl 2011 Highlights

Near misses, direct hits, and pure skate mayhem equal a great summer day at Chili Bowl 7: Potrero Del Sol, San Francisco.

Kids 12 and under
1 Reid Nikolaioft
2 Donavon Fontillas
3 Hunter Siegal

1 Lizzie Ammanto
2 Allysha Bergado
3 Amelia Brodka

1 Eddie Moreno
2 Ronnie Sandoval
3 Jerry Gurney

Best Trick
Eddie Moreno—a switch nose blunt in the deep

chili results
1 Josh Durrance - Black Jack Beastly
2. Waylon Trujillo - Its Always Chili in SF
3. Aria - Habenero Extra Stout Freak Out!

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sammy winter at home

Filmed and directed by Riley Blakeway

Do Like Me by The Frowning Clouds

sammy winter at home from Gravis Footwear on Vimeo.

Tommy Guerrero - 20 Years of Real Part 1

Tommy Guerrero from dlxsf on Vimeo.

Lomo Supersampler Roadtrip

click to enlarge

Red Bull Minor Threat: Episode 4

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3

Monday, August 29, 2011

Kanoa Igarashi - The Mini Freak Interview

Interview with Kanoa Igarashi on his recent trip to Australia,
all unseen surf footage shot whilst filming for Mini Freak.

Artist - Dead Beat Band
Song - Head Spins

Filmed / Edited Toby Cregan

Kanoa Igarashi - The Mini Freak Interview from Toby Cregan on Vimeo.

Nike Vapen Sessions Trailer

Every snowboarder dreams about the perfect season ender. In late spring 2011 the Nike snowboard team gathered in beautiful Strandafjellet in Norway for their annual team shoot. Traveling with boats through Viking country Halldor and the full crew where joined by legends like Nicolas Muller and Gigi Ruf for a week of snowboarding in a fun and relaxing way.

The land of the Vikings was also the perfect place to test the new Nike Vapen snowboard boot.

See how this came along in the Nike "Vapen" sessions, a series of videos based on fun, camaraderie and insane snowboarding.

Nike Vapen Sessions Trailer from Nike 6.0 on Vimeo.

Cash For Tricks 2011 Grande Finale // Anglet, France

The 2011 Nike 6.0 Cash For Tricks series culminated in shoulder-high surf under sunny skies with Jack Freestone trumping a red-hot field from across the world in the International final at Plage de la Madrague, Anglet. The top earner for progressive moves throughout the day, reigning ASP World Junior Champ Freestone was understandably stoked with the victory. “So happy to be here in France and to win this event, big thanks to Nike for putting on this contest, I’m really stoked.” Showcasing the repertoire that saw him as one of the pre-event favorites, the Australian finished ahead of fellow finalists Felix Messias (Bra), Thiago Camarao (Bra), Wiggolly Dantas (Bra), Beyrick de Vries (Zaf) and Reubyn Ash (UK) with a confident display of cutting edge surfing. Arguably the most in-form and radical surfer through the rounds, Gabriel Medina (Bra) just missed out on the final after entertaining the crowd with a dazzling display of tricks over the two days. “I was disappointed not to make the final but still really happy to have been invited to this contest, and I love this format,” reckoned the young Brazilian.

The 2011 Nike 6.0 Cash For tricks series took place in Sopelana, Spain, Praia Grande, Portugal, Newquay, UK and Seignosse, France, awarding wildcards to the best two surfers from each event to compete in the finals. With a fresh, innovative format that simply encouraged surfer to go big to earn prize money, the Cash For Tricks series treated beach crowds and media to the kind of radical surfing not always seen in traditional competition.

Nike 6.0 Cash For Tricks is dedicated in loving memory to Bruno Débauché.

So turn off the video sound...put some old Motorhead track on your playlist, sit back and relax.

Cash For Tricks 2011 Grande Finale // Anglet, France from Nike 6.0 on Vimeo.

Teahupoo 1000 Frames per Second

2011 Street League Skateboarding Championship Video

After three stops of Nyjah domination, Sean Malto is the one who came out on top at the Street League winner-take-all Championship in New Jersey.

Malto, who made it into the Championship after getting subbed in for an injured Tommy Sandoval, is going back to Kansas City with $200,000 richer (if the guys can ever escape the Hurricane Irene aftermath) with Nyjah finishing in second and Chris Cole taking third.

Here’s the final results and our 2011 SL Championship video.

1. Sean Malto
2. Nyjah Huston
3. Chris Cole
4. Chaz Ortiz
5. Paul Rodriguez
6. Mikey Taylor
7. Billy Marks
8. Shane O’Neill
9. Ryan Sheckler

Filmed and edited by James Buchmann

Russ Abbott's Three Day Sleeve by Ink & Dagger Tattoo

In May of 2010, Atlanta tattoo artist Russ Abbott completed a full sleeve tattoo over a span of three days. His client, a fellow tattooer from the UK, sat for a total of 24hrs of tattooing.

Russ Abbott's Three Day Sleeve from Ink & Dagger Tattoo on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Billabong Pro Tahiti 2011 - Code Red Tow Session Highlights

TEAHUPO'O, Taiarapu/French Polynesia (Saturday, August 27, 2011) -- The surf world has been waiting and now the wait is over; some of the biggest, scariest waves seen at Tahiti's infamous Teahupo'o have been tackled today by an elite crew of tow-surf specialists.

Teahupo'o is the primary site of Event 5 on the 2011 ASP Men's World Tour, the Billabong Pro presented by Air Tahiti Nui, which is midway through its 12 day waiting period, yet the world's top rated surfers were denied the opportunity to compete in historic conditions after the French Government last night issued a 24 hour "Code Red" advisory warning that prevents water craft from legal operation.

But with the 'swell of the decade' hitting the dangerous Teahupo'o reef, nothing was going to stop the tow-in aficionados who tracked the swell and flew in from all corners of the globe to ride it. With four-to-five metre waves slamming onto Teahupo'o's dangerously shallow reef, surfing's elite put their lives on the line as they chased the ultimate thrill.

Among those in the line-up were fearless Australian chargers Dylan Longbottom (Forrester's, NSW), Laurie Towner (Yamba, NSW), Dean Bowen (Gerroa, NSW), Koby Abberton (Maroubra, NSW) and Dean Morrison (Gold Coast, Qld).

Visiting Hawaiian surfers included Bruce Irons (Kauai), Kamelai Alexander (Kauai) and Kalanai Chapman (Oahu).

While Frenchman Ben Sanchis (FRA) and Californian Nathan Fletcher (USA) also made the last minute trip to the South Pacific.

Injuries were inevitable. Local legend Raimana Van Bastolaer (PYF) was among the first to get hurt, he was slammed and dragged onto the reef, cutting his back despite wearing a wetsuit vest and life jacket.

Former world tour surfer Dean Morrison was forced to shore and received medical attention for an ankle injury.

Assuming the French Government lifts the "Code Red" ban, organisers of the Billabong Pro hope to resume competition with Round 3 heats tomorrow, Sunday August 28th.

Billabong Pro Tahiti 2011 - Tow Session Highlights

The 15-25 ft Tow Session today was incredible, check out the highlights from a very special day in surfing's history.
Song: Get Back by Delta Riggs

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rowley [SPV]

Strange Visions

zero6 art'n mess tumblr

Need For Speed by Thrasher Mag

Slams, slides, and a miraculous escape from speed wobble annihilation - enjoy this compilation of the best hill bomb entries we received. Who is your favorite, aside from Nasty Nesto?

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Rodney Mullen - How Almost Skateboards are Made

A Day in the Life - Eric Koston - Crailtap

A Day In The Life Eric Koston from Crailtap on Vimeo.

Tattoo Artist - Tyler Monaghan

Tyler Monaghan

You be the Judge - Nike 6.0 Cash For Tricks 2011 x Weird Dark Tricks 2010

Cash For Tricks 2011 - Final - Anglet - France from Jean da Silva on Vimeo.

WEIRD DARK TRICKS from hollyweird on Vimeo.

Frith Street Tattoo

A few tattoos in progress at Frith Street Tattoo.

Frith Street first opened its doors in 2004, since then it has fast become one of London’s premier tattoo shops offering high quality tattooing and excellent customer service. Slap bang in the heart of Soho, we offer custom work from a range of award winning artists who are top of their fields in their respective styles.

Emiliano, Miles, Stewart, Valerie, Stefano and Jordan turn out only the highest quality tattoos

Frith Street Tattoo, Early September 2010 from Stewart Robson on Vimeo.

Frith Street Tattoo, August 6th 2011 from Stewart Robson on Vimeo.

Weird Homeward Tattoo

Tatoo Artist: SUJERA REIS
Forever Vacation Art: TALL BOY
Video: Nicolas Delavy

Weird Homeward Tattoo from hollyweird on Vimeo.

NOFX - Hardcore covers - 2011 [Full EP]

01. Friend Or Foe (Agnostic Front Cover)

02. IQ32 (Necros Cover)

03. Police Brutality (Urban Waste Cover)

04. Mental Breakdown (Social Unrest Cover)

05. No More Lies (Battalion Of Saints Cover)

06. Race Riot (D.O.A. Cover)

07. Say We Suck (Sin 34 Cover)

08. Child Hosts The Parasite (Rebel Truth Cover)

09. Professional Punk (Stretch Marks Cover)

Thanks Helio Suzuki Questions S.P.H.C.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Ryan Callinan X Blow Up - Excerpt

Ryan Callinan X Blow Up - Excerpt from Victor Pakpour on Vimeo.

Directed and Edited by Victor Pakpour
Produced by Blake Pettit

Download full length feature film @​blowup

Milwaukee Session by Mutiny Bikes

Brandon Hoerres, Grant Castelluzzo, Mikey Luplow and George Boyd hit up Milwaukee for a weekend session.


Horrors - The Horrors Moving Further Away

Cat's Eyes - Face In the Crowd

Master P - Make em say uhh

Milwaukee Session from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Banksy - The Antics Roadshow 2011(full documentary)

Documentary starting at 0:55 ...

An hour-long special made by Banksy charting the history of behaving badly in public, from anarchists and activists to attention seeking eccentrics.

Contributors include Michael Fagan talking about breaking into the Queen's bedroom: 'I looked into her eyes, they were dark'; and Noel Godin, who pioneered attacking celebrities with custard pies: 'Instead of a bullet I give them a cake'.

Explaining his reasoning behind the show, Banksy said: 'Basically I just thought it was a good name for a TV programme and I've been working back from there'.

Narrated by Kathy Burke and produced by Jamie D'cruz, The Antics Roadshow examines the stories behind some of the most audacious stunts of recent times and what motivates the perpetrators, from mindless boredom to heartfelt political beliefs.

It includes a world exclusive first interview with the man responsible for putting the turf Mohican on Winston Churchill's head.

Slam Demons by Thrasher Mag

Words by Adam Creagan | Illustrations by James Callahan
A rather grim reggae lyric once proclaimed: “There’s six million ways to die—choose one.” Well, there’s even more ways than that in which you can annihilate yourself on a skateboard. In fact, you don’t have to choose. The trauma lottery never sleeps, and it’s waiting for you the moment you step on the grip. From curbs to waist-high rails, or from flatground to hill bombs, each slam is unique and it’s only a matter of time until this blood debt needs to be reckoned. And whether you’re supernaturally talented or staring down your first drop-in: Everyone pays. The skate/slam covenant is so assured it makes you wonder if there’s dark forces at work, beyond the naked eye, maintaining the sacred oath. Perhaps these invisible entities, Slam Demons if you will, operate something like this...

It’s usually skaters’ arms and legs that get decimated daily. So, when a full-on chest blitz goes down, the first reaction is surprise. Then, the inability to breathe oxygen and sustain life (namely, your own) becomes an urgent concern. Meanwhile, your friends already posted the footage online and it's a hit on Facebark. The clip went viral and so will your staph infection.

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? You can ponder this paradox as you scrape both your palms off the ground, but basically it's "Murder, She Wrote." Wheelbite can be caused by loose trucks, a rock, or a crack. But sometimes it’s the fangs of a spiteful beast who just wanted to see you take a dive, dude.

Forget high interest rates, this slam has the most cruel payment plan of all. An out-of-control board, by way of rocket flip or some other mishap, can quickly become a vertical junk-crusher. For our friends 5’ 6” and under, this one can be pure testicular brutality.

Good griptape you don’t even think about. It keeps you on board when the going gets rough, and when you need to eject, she’ll let you go. Yet, that which giveth can taketh away, and a one-foot-on/one-foot-off slam you won’t soon forget. Rarely seen outside of gymnastics or the dancefloor, the splits will end any session. You can also call it the James Brown or the Van Damme.

Tendons and ligaments don’t ask for much. They just request that you stay within a normal range of motion. When a demonic steamroller parks on top of your foot at an unnatural angle, it’s a deal breaker. You and your ankle will not be on speaking (or walking) terms for several weeks.

Transitions are a blast. Experiencing them on your face? Not so much. When your board gets hi-jacked by the coping, just remember the Transition Gods require a human sacrifice. It's nothing personal. And don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing...until you hit the flatbottom. Hey, it’s why the trick is called a disaster.

Dennis the Menace was the comic-strip character whose ill-placed skateboard would often send his neighbor, Mr. Wilson, spilling onto the ground, ass-first. Don’t get it twisted, though. This charming heels-over-head comic scenario never included the snapped tailbone and severe thigh hemorrhage that an actual slam-dance can serve up.

Yoga is supposed to be tranquil and meditative, but this monster mash distributes your weight to where you can least support it: Your goddamn neck. This can be the jolt-of-a-lifetime and you’re lucky if you live to tell. When it comes to Slam Demons, there’s no escape. So as you await their arrival, do a rolling tumble when you can, get those arms out if you can’t, and happy skating...

source: Thrasher Mag

'Hanging with Helder' - the Emerica Europe team in Portugal

The tour came in a reluctant spring that followed yet another long hard European winter. Scrabbling after clear skies for 4 months can take it out of you and we wanted to start the year together. The elusive ideal that you all meet up and charge around foreign cities and far flung places has become harder and harder to attain. Weather, schedules, injuries all plot against the gregarious team. We waited with our eyes all on the prize, we saw an opening and we took it, on the other side was Lisbon, Portugal.

Featuring: Helder Lima, Tom Knox, Rob Maatman, Vladik Scholz, Eniz Fazliov.

A film by Henry Edwards Wood.​emerica.europe

'Hanging with Helder' - the Emerica Europe team in Portugal from Emerica on Vimeo.

Nate Tyler - Central California by The Background Collective

Nate_Tyler_UE from The Background Collective on Vimeo.

Kids of the Black Hole by youngwisetails

Untitled from youngwisetails on Vimeo.

International Skateboard Film Festival - Episode 1

Members of the Academy of Skateboard Filmmakers, Geoff Rowley, Craig Stecyk and Grant Brittain introduce the International Skateboard Film Festival.

Shore Break Baby - Andrew Allen

This week we visit beautiful san juan capistrano to spend the day with andrew allen, actual shorebreak baby.

About Shore Break Baby:

The current baby boom has coincided with the greatest nuclear disaster of our time. Meltdown misinformation can no longer be with held. shorebreak babies are beaching weekly.

Burn Baby Burn Trailer by Kai Neville Studio

Its a free film with Lost Atlas

iTunes URL:​us/​tv-season/​lost-atlas/​id450333664

BURN BABY BURN Trailer from Kai Neville Studio on Vimeo.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tattoo Age Series on Vice TV - Dan Santoro [Full]

Part One of Tattoo Age finds us at Smith Street Tattoo Parlor getting to know Dan Santoro, along with his shop-mates Bert Krak, Steve Boltz, and Eli Quinters.


In this episode of Tattoo Age, we learn about the flash that adorns the walls at Smith Street Tattoo Parlor.


Our final installment of the Dan Santoro series.

Skate World - Contest Carnage - 4 Parts

VBS explores the changing face of skateboard terrains and contests.

This VBS and Converse special explores several different eras of skateboarding and the terrain that coincides with them. All of the eras come together at Converse's Coastal Carnage event drawing inspiration from the vert ramps of the 70's and 80's, and the DIY explosion of 90's and new millennium. There are a ton of amazing interviews from the likes of Tom Remillard, Lance Mountain, Raven Tershy, and Adam DIV.


By the late ‘80s, skateboarding had been reduced to a handful of pros. The fanfare and excitement of ramp and bowl contests had faded. But as Lance Mountain tells us in this second episode of Contest Carnage, skateboarding was still about pushing your limits and getting scared. It was an emotional feeling, energized by a few concrete parks and the contests they hosted. And that feeling was very much still alive.


The late 80s saw skate videos transform the industry, exploding from the transition-driven success of Powell Peralta’s pioneering The Bones Brigade Video Show in 1984 and Future Primitive in 1985. At the same time, the legendary contest series at Del Mar Skate Ranch and Upland Pipeline catapulted a new league of tranny contests to prominence. In this episode we get a primer on Del Mar from Dave and Grant at the Skateboard Mag backed by some amazing footage of Christian Hosoi and Tony Hawk from 1985 at Del Mar to set up Episode 4’s upcoming return to the Coastal Carnage bowl.


The US Open of Surfing is the largest gathering of “action sports” fans in the world; over half a million of them turn up to watch surfers, skaters, and BMXers ride at Huntington Beach, surrounded by more teen flesh and bad choices than you can shake a blank deck at. The mayhem is a fitting place for Coastal Carnage, the Converse-sponsored bowl jam that juxtaposes today’s hybrid rippers with the pros of legend in a chaotic competition format that brings to mind the 80s heyday of tranny contests.

Volcom's Road Tested S2 Ep4 - Dennis Busenitz

Check out Dennis Busenitz in Volcom's road-tested: Season 2, Skate Episode 4.

Featuring Music By:

Jeff The Brotherhood - album: Heavy Days -
~ "Heavy Days"
~ "dreamscape"

Premonition 13 - album: 13 -
~ "La Hechicera de la Jeringa"

Vans Get-N Classic - The Cutting Room Floor - Episode 2

On this episode of Cutting Room Floor Joel Tudor and Dane Gudauskas sit down to take a look at clips from Vans surf movie "Get-n-Classic" and talk about what it's like surfing Malibu's "secret spot" and other surf spots around Cali.

About Cutting Room Floor :

Behind the scenes clips and commentary from the Vans Surf Movie, "Get-N Classic". Be sure to watch and download the movie at

Vans Get-N Classic - The Cutting Room Floor - Episode 1

On this episode of Cutting Room Floor Tanner Gudauskas, Nathan Florence, and Dylan Graves dissect clips from the Vans surf movie, "Get-N Classic". They explain how Andrew Doheny gets to first base with a seal and discuss Dane's soul arch at Ours in Australia.

About Cutting Room Floor :

Behind the scenes clips and commentary from the Vans Surf Movie, "Get-N Classic". Be sure to watch and download the movie at

August Montage by Typical Culture


Shot & Cut by Chris LaRue
Additional filming by Ryan Alvarado
Filmed on Iphone4
Skaters: Spencer Prati, Taylor Smith, Dakota Servold, Andrew Elliott, Brandon Perelson, Zach Dowdy, Corey Duffel, Brian Gille, Nick Suarez, James Brockman, Tim Williams, Taylor Bingaman, Christian Ottobre, Sean Conover, Jason Hunt, Jimmy Carlin and Drew Dezort

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tattoo Age Series on Vice TV - Grime Part 3 of 3

In a more personal look at Grime, we hear about how he has self published two books based on his personal art and journal writings. We also learn of his need to constantly create in order be self satisfied.

Grime Part 1 of 3
Grime Part 2 of 3

Skate World - Contest Carnage - Part 4 VBS

The US Open of Surfing is the largest gathering of “action sports” fans in the world; over half a million of them turn up to watch surfers, skaters, and BMXers ride at Huntington Beach, surrounded by more teen flesh and bad choices than you can shake a blank deck at. The mayhem is a fitting place for Coastal Carnage, the Converse-sponsored bowl jam that juxtaposes today’s hybrid rippers with the pros of legend in a chaotic competition format that brings to mind the 80s heyday of tranny contests.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Reunion Island - Part 1 - Transfer by Jay Killvan

Episode 1 in Killvans Reunion: Transfer
If you’ve caught a jet plane once or twice before, you'll know it isn't all smoking' hostesses and mile high martinis. Dragging oversized suitcases stuffed with carefully selected crafts through some godforsaken distress station... This is a transfer.

Killvans Reunion - Part 1, Transfer. from Jay Killvan on Vimeo.

Reunion Island - Introduction by Jay Killvan

Introducing Jay Killvan's Reunion Island via some short films that explore a volcano in the sea.

Killvan : Reunion Island : Introduction from Jay Killvan on Vimeo.

FCS - Take Your Surfing to New Places - Chapter 2 - Chippa Wilson X India

FCS TYSTNP Chapter 2 from FCS on Vimeo.

Chapter 1

Electric - Something For Your Eye | Part III

Part III of III. An apocalyptic journey through the dark depths of Indonesia’s wild coast. Blackened barrels, monsoonal storms, sea snakes and serpents. Perch, burn, open your lungs, minds and eyes to the lines of Craig Anderson, Jay Davies, and Ry Craike as they drag themselves through some of the Sumatra’s deepest, darkest tunnels.

Part I
Part II

Dinosaur Jr - Crumble

Dinosaur Jr - Crumble Lyrics

I got nothing where I've been
will you bring me there again
no-one ever understands
you wont change to help them

I got lost inside a lie
with a smile you made it die
I'm not there and you know why
and I'll run to get some

more, more

can I be there all the time
can I stop to wonder why
will I crumble will I fly
and I gotta make it

will I be in time to see
will it run over me
can I fake out just to be
you know i cant take any

more, more

held the picture yesterday
held the picture of a moment
that I want
that I want
that I want

you had time me again
but you flatten' me instead
tried to heal the things you said
like I almost have it

but I don't have it at all
and I'm sweatin' trying to stall
till I think I heard a call
I bet your just laughing on

on, on, on

held the picture yesterday
held the picture of a moment
that I want
that I want
that I want

Kilian Martin - A Skate Illustration - by Brett Novak

Brett Novak

Mike Adams Tattoo

Mike Adams Tumblr and Blog

Nicolas Delavy's Movie tip - KNUCKLE Official Film Trailer

Available on VOLTA Video on Demand from August 5th 2011 - An epic 12-year journey into in the world of an Irish Traveller community, KNUCKLE takes us inside their brutal, secretive and exhilarating bare-knuckle fighting lives. Chronicling a history of violent feuding between rival families, the story focuses on two brothers as they fight for their reputations and the honour of their family name. Brutal, yet captivating and ultimately moving, this unforgettable documentary offers an exclusive insight into the world of Irish Travellers and the lengths they will go to protect their family name.


Nicolas Delavy

Zero - Cold War

Zero launched their Cold War video site that has videos, interviews, products, ads, and this sick trailer.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Falmouth Skate Jam

Sometimes we do things out of the ordinary. Falmouth, MASS skate jam, hot as hell. Emmit, you owe 200 bones, Biatch

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Gwar - Ham On The Bone

Gwar - Ham On The Bone Lyrics

Can you hear the whispering wind
Over the screams of your dying friends?
Did you know your life is mine?
You know what I got
Ham on the bone
A little thing I just can't leave alone
Now I feel the purpose of my life defined
Ham on the bone is mine
Now you are called
To the desperate scene at the throbbing ball
And you'll do it all, now you've become my geni-thrall
Ham on Ham, Ham on the ham on the ham on [x5]
Now my hand grasp my throbbing root and shan't unclasp
Go to the head of the class as I madly stoke my flaccid shaft
Ham Ham Ham Ham - Ham on the Bone [x4]

The Horror - Thrasher King Of The Road 2011 - Coming Soon...

Pain, regret, embarrassment? What horrible shame do Jamie Thomas, Slash, Svitak, Garrett Hill, McCrank, Gravette, J Casanova and Rattray all have in common? Is it that time of the year again already?

Loading the player ...

The Dion Agius SUPERcraft Pro Model

Here's Dion Agius talking us through his SUPERbrand Pro Model surfboard, the SUPERcraft, and why it might work for you. See more on the SUPERcraft and where to buy it at

The Dion Agius SUPERcraft Pro Model. 2011 SUPERbrand Surfboards. from SUPERbrand on Vimeo.

backside doom by

backside doom from on Vimeo.

Gone to the Beach by Mike Pagan

Presented by Civic Couch

Filmed and edited by Mike Pagan

A US Open film

Kelly Slater, Taj Burrow, Yadin Nicol, Kolohe Andino and John Florence

GONE TO THE BEACH from Mike Pagan on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

‪Coming of Ageless‬ • dusty and gavin tube amnesia • Chapter 2

COMING OF AGELESS • the ongoing volcom surf web series with the potential to be whatever it wants to be without a schedule • direct/cut: ryan thomas • producer: matt shuster

The Adolescents - No Way

The Adolescents - No Way Lyrics

No class, no job
I'm just a victim of society a slob
No ass, no head
I gotta go home and jack off instead

No mind, no kind
My brain is jelly and my memory is blind
No way, no way
I cannot live in a world this gay

Friday, August 19, 2011

SUPER team in Yamba

In February 2011 SUPERbrand rented two houses in Yamba on the eastern coast of Australia, filled em with its surf team, and had some fun on the murky beach breaks in the vicinity. Here’s Clay Marzo, Dion Agius, Dane Zaun, and Lee Wilson plus grom Beau Foster. You can also check out the photos and article in issue 50 of “Stab Magazine” (out now). For more, check out

Presented by Westside Pride Media
Surfing by Clay Marzo, Lee Wilson, Dion Agius, Beau Foster, Dane Zaun
Shot by Adam Klevin
Edit by Shaun Swink
Music - Beastie Boys "Lee Majors Come Again"

SUPER team in Yamba from Heavy Mayo on Vimeo.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spitfire Special Edition Bill's Wheels Emmanuel Guzman Wheels Demo

Spitfire Wheels released a special edition Emmanuel Guzman / Bill's Wheels shop wheel. Here is footage from the demo featuring Emmanuel Guzman, Peter Ramondetta, & Robbie Brockel killing it!

Spitfire Special Edition Bill's Wheels Emmanuel Guzman Wheels Demo from dlxsf on Vimeo.

Tattoo Age Series on Vice TV - Grime Part 2 of 3

Grime gives us a little back-story on how he transitioned from a young skateboarder in Grand Junction, Colorado who thought his future was in mathematics to one of the world’s most accomplished tattoo artists.

Grime Part 1 of 3

bali bagus by Taj Burrow

bali bagus from Taj Burrow on Vimeo.

Lousy edit by TB , Filming Shane Dawson. Song: The Faint - Posed to Death.

Party Favors by youngwisetails

We were saving a bunch of clips for Transworlds Surprise Excitement party, but they didn't all end up fitting in the part. Perry put them all together, and included some of the ones from the movie to create this Surprise Excitement party-favor.

Party Favors from youngwisetails on Vimeo.


New York’s Urban Aloha by Thad Ziolkowski - The New York Times

WHEN the world’s best surfers come to Long Beach, N.Y., next month to compete for a record million-dollar purse in the Quiksilver Pro New York, a new event on professional surfing’s world tour, they might be forgiven for using Google Earth to locate the place. Compared with Australia and California and Hawaii, where Quiksilver established its pre-eminence as a beachwear company, New York barely registers on the surfing atlas.

There’s good reason for that: the waves are typically pretty meager here, the winters long and stoke-extinguishing. The competition is scheduled for the first two weeks of September, when the odds of hurricane swells are at their statistical best. Still, as locals will tell you, that’s quite a roll of the dice. If showcasing the underappreciated athleticism of surfing is the goal, why not hold the contest in, say, Fiji or Mexico, where the waves would be far more likely to prove worthy of the surfers?

Perhaps because Quiksilver is coming to town less for great surf than for greater market share.

In the past decade or so, surfing has undergone a worldwide boom in popularity, especially among women and urban professionals in their 20s and 30s. Tom Hanks surfs; Cameron Diaz, too. Surf schools and spa-like resorts, the fastest-growing segment of the surf economy, have sprung up, further altering the character of a sport that was once the realm of working- and middle-class adolescent males and young men whose initiations at local beaches were typically prolonged and humiliating.

Meanwhile, older surfers, who in previous generations would have put aside this childish thing, have kept on surfing or returned to it after a hiatus, in large part because of the renaissance of kinder, gentler designs like the longboard and stand-up paddleboard.

As if suddenly remembering that it’s a coastal city, New York has been swept up in the urban surf craze along with San Francisco and Los Angeles. And why not? New York may not have abundant, grade-A surf but ridable waves are as close as Far Rockaway, Queens, about an hour from Manhattan on the subway.

In New York City, slipping off to ride waves virtually within view of granite Gotham provides a unique, slightly illicit, dreamlike pleasure. Surfing shouldn’t be possible here, and yet it is.

Artists, writers and others in trend-conscious fields are plugged in to New York’s surf scene now, but most of the rest of the city is not, and riding the subway with a board clasped to one’s chest like a dance partner still elicits smiles and queries from otherwise game-faced straphangers. There is something disarming about the sight of a surfboard in New York, where it has a nutty, quixotic quality, like a pair of wings.

When New York City surfers cross paths, they greet one another, exchange notes. Because so many of them are new to surfing, having taken it up in adulthood, they are less like seen-it-all New Yorkers than surfers in pre-“Gidget” California, who would pull over when they passed another car of surfers and introduce themselves. Anyone who has surfed in Santa Cruz or Huntington Beach — chilly, xenophobic “surf cities” — knows how exceptional this urban aloha is.

And if surfing has a soul, it is aloha: welcome, hospitality, generosity without thought of recompense. The word is Hawaiian, of course, and Hawaiians are the ones who gave surfing to the rest of the world. The bitter irony is that the rest of the world returned the favor with a vengeance, and Hawaii’s storied line-ups, flooded by outsiders, are now as famous for being jam-packed and short-tempered as for the waves.

Which is why Quiksilver’s descent on Long Beach is so ominous. Imprinting the Quiksilver brand on New York’s burgeoning surf scene makes perfect sense from a business perspective, but the corporate siren song threatens to sour the mood of surfing in New York, which for the moment remains a bastion of surf spirit. It’s a spirit that companies like Quiksilver claim to value but have in fact helped degrade elsewhere, peddling a vision of surfing’s blithe, blue allure that studiously omits the ugly realities of overcrowding that such marketing abets.

Come what may in the way of waves next month at Long Beach, Quiksilver will do its utmost to lure more people to the sport — and to the cash registers. In an atmosphere of staid, commodified carnival, tents will be emblazoned with sponsor names; top pros will sign posters of themselves riding waves that bear scant resemblance to the nearby surf; and swag will be given away to a milling crowd. There will be a few media types and the odd celebrity, including the 10-time world champion Kelly Slater, and young Balaram Stack, a homegrown star.

Even with such talent on offer, the contest itself may well prove a somewhat dull, obscure affair. Surfing just doesn’t lend itself naturally to formal competition: waves prove too fickle in the best of conditions, and the judging criteria, periodically rewritten though they are, tend to produce relatively safe, conservative performances. The most avid fans of pro surfing are former pro surfers.

And should a good hurricane swell grace the event, a sizable portion of the audience will probably be catching waves of their own rather than spectating along the boardwalk. From Breezy Point to Montauk, the breaks will be stippled with the seal-like forms of surfers celebrating a spontaneous pagan holiday, work and school happily spurned.

It’s not hard to imagine New York’s urban aloha going the way of its Polynesian progenitor, but for the moment a genial, just-folks atmosphere reigns. That’s because it’s still possible to find a bit of ocean to oneself here. And if living in New York proves anything, it’s that it only takes a little — quiet, green, surf — to suffice.

Would that Quiksilver and its confreres learn the same lesson.

Thad Ziolkowski is the author of the memoir “On a Wave.” He directs the writing program at Pratt Institute.

source: The New York Times

Red Bull Minor Threat: Episode 3

"We woke up, it was sunny, beautiful, hot, sheet glass, not a boat around, and absolutely perfect." – Conner Coffin

The third in Red Bull's webisode series, focused on their Minor Threat boat trip (aboard which was Kai Neville, with camera and a goal to make these clips), don't surprised if you black out after watching this, then come to and realise you've booked a boat charter for Lance's Right. No one's gonna blame you.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Brazilian Storm

In one of the most important and biggest surf events of the year, the Brazilians were on fire to face the North-American waves, showing everyone that the new generation of 6.0 surfers from Brasil have all it takes to compete with the best in the world.

We followed our newest surfer in the 6.0 crew at the Nike US Open of Surfing 2011, Filipe Toledo, who won the Pro Junior category, at the age of 16.

Join us with Filipe on his wild week in California. Side by side with Alejo Muniz, Pedro Scooby and Gabriel Medina, from the arrival at the airport, meeting new crew members, behind the scenes and all his accomplishments up to the final heat, when he managed to beat a few of the greatest names of the new generation of surf: Kolohe Andino, John John Florence and Conner Coffin.

NIKE US OPEN 2011 - Filipe Toledo - "Brazilian Storm" from Nike 6.0 on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's Better in the Wind - Soundtrack Announcement

As the last trailer to promote the film 'It's Better in the Wind,' it is only proper to announce that to accompany the short will be an original soundtrack written by Chuck Ragan, including the track 'The Fire, The Steel, The Tread.'

This teaser includes footage from both a vintage Super 8mm camera, and HD digital.

It's Better in the Wind is a photographic and film project by Los Angeles-based photographer, Scott G Toepfer. All footage is recorded and edited by him. The music is written and recorded by Chuck Ragan.

It's Better in the Wind - Soundtrack Announcement from Scott Toepfer on Vimeo.

Peter Ramondetta in Seeing Double

No one really knows what drives Peter to skate like this, but he's been at it for the past 10 years and isn't slowing down. Here's his part from Real's 2002 video.

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Electric - Something For Your Eye | Part II

Still your pounding heart, steady your busy hands and force upon yourself this opportunity to free your office-numbed mind. Let your bandy legs run from the four white walls and enjoy the wanderings of Electric's Craig Anderson, Jay Davies and Ry Craike as they guide their sleds through, over, and under some of Indonesia's multi-colored carpet rides.

Part I

Episode Untitled by Alan Fendrich

EPISODE - UNTITLED from Alan Fendrich on Vimeo.

Kai Otton and Warren Smith - 8 Mile - Insight Clothing

8 Mile from Insight Clothing on Vimeo.

Kai Otton and Warren Smith down south...

Shane Herring - InnerViews

Shane Herring - InnerViews from on Vimeo.

We stumbled upon Shane doing ding repair in Bylesy's used surfboard shop outside Byron Bay. After defeating Kelly Slater at the Coke Classic at Narrabeen in 1992, Shane Herring was proclaimed the greatest Australian surfer since Michael Peterson. But cover shots, a six-figure salary and endless parties eventually undid the focus and determination of this rising star. In a post Andy Irons world, Shane's story serves as a cautionary tale for up-and-coming surfers regarding the dangerous effects fame and money can have on fragile young egos. Over a cigarette and bottle of wine, Shane shares some of his struggles and life lessons in this episode of Korduroy's InnerViews.

Cyrus Sutton
Erik Derman

Surf Collective NYC - Quiksilver Pro New York - Balaram Stack


Time and Space - Neckface part 3

Volcom at Sessions in the Abyss

Volcom team riders Rune Glifberg, Pedro Barros and Alex Perelson at DC x Monster x Thrasher "Sessions in the Abyss"

Song "Upchuck" by Heavy Cream

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AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long

AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long Lyrics

She was a fast machine she kept her motor clean
She was the best damn woman that I ever seen
She had the sightless eyes telling me no lies
Knocking me out with those American thighs
Taking more than her share
Had me fighting for air
She told me to come but I was already there
'Cause the walls start shaking
The earth was quaking
My mind was aching
And we were making it love

And you shook me all night long
Yeah you shook me all night long

Working double time on the seduction line
She's one of a kind she's just mine all mine
Wanted no applause it's just another course
Made a meal outta me
And come back for more
Had to cool me down to take another round
Now I'm back in the ring to take another swing
'Cause the walls were shaking the earth was quaking
My mind was aching
And we were making it love

And you shook me all night long
Yeah you shook me all night long
It knocked me out I said you
Shook me all night long
You had me shaking and you
Shook me all night long
Yeah you shook me
When you took me

You really took me and you
Shook me all night long
Ah, you shook me all night long
Yeah yeah you shook me all night long
You really got me and you
Shook me all night long
Yeah you shook me
Yeah you shook me
All night long

The Art of Victor Bezerra

Victor Bezerra

New Inspectrum Skateboards Promo!

Dumpster Diving: Vol. 2

THINK SKATEBOARDS: Dumpster Diving Vol 2 from Think Skateboards on Vimeo.

Dumpster diving (known as skipping in the UK) is the practice of sifting through commercial or residential trash to find items that have been discarded by their owners, but which may be useful to the dumpster diver...

Think Skateboards - Dumpster Diving: Volume 2

-Josh Matthews
-Cody McEntire
-Dave Bachinsky
-Lee Yankou
-Russ Milligan
-Jeremy Reeves
-Danny Fuenzalida
-Adrian Williams

-James Capps
-Little John
-Paul Liliani
-Chris Luhring
-Pat Moran
-Charlie Pravel
-Nick Ricker
-Paul Trep

Filmed and Edited
-Justin Carlson

-Alex Bleeker and the Freaks "Animal Tracks"

J.D. Crowe & The New South - Flint Hill Special

Classic clip from the television show "Fire On The Mountain" taped at The Stomping Ground in Maggie Valley, North Carolina.

The Art of Parra (Paranoid)


HBTV: Parra - Short for Paranoid... from HBTV on Vimeo.

The name Parra should resonate with any person relatively well-versed in the realm of street culture. With an influence spanning art, sneaker design and even more recently, furniture, the Amsterdam-based artist has had the uncanny ability to make many things he touches into a solid hit. We focus on the efforts of Parra in the past and more recently as well as his background.

Director: Chris Read

Birdhouse - Pool mission with Tony Hawk and friends

Tony headed out to the inland empire to skate some pools with Lance Mountain, Ozzie Ausband, Brian Fick, Mancha, and Jordan Richter

US Open by youngwisetails

US OPEN.... from youngwisetails on Vimeo.

Tattoo Artist - Shen Schübert

Shen Schübert