Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Creative Destruction Movie - Teaser

There comes a time in a young mans life when he has to take some risks,
you know, have a dig.

Creative Destruction was our dig, our step into the deep end.
It was fucking glorious. We did some rad shit, we did some things
that didn’t quite work and for me that was the beauty of it.
The chapters that received the most love were not necessarily the ones
I liked or Wade liked or you liked, and this is what I loved most about it.
Everyone had their favourite chapter. The internet is home to some damn
fine surf films and shorts, but this was different, a concept of its own
and possibly surfing’s first online series. It had eb and flow, heart and
soul and no doubt, I’m downright biased as hell, but I am proud of the
little guy that is Creative Destruction. This week that little guy grew up
and is leaving the internet for life as a hardcopy.
The Complete Anthology DVD is now available across Australia and New Zealand,
both instore and online. It features ‘Odds & Ends’ a 26 minute final film
decked out in a new light and a new sound. In amongst the finest moments
from the series is unseen vision and an animated piece of brain fester
by Ozzie Wrong, Vaughan Deadly and Nanda Ormond. Vaughan summed it up with
these words… ‘This may be the best Bro-Lab ever!’...
That made me feel pretty dandy.
The entire series, chapters 1 through to 8 feature on the disk along
with a 16 page booklet of the best of Duncan Mcfarlane’s photo’s.

There is mermaids shanking octopus’s, massive spew barrells and
unridden rockslabs, Centaurs and even the odd hipster gets rundown…

TB, Laurie, Dusty, Brady, Chippa, Ryan, Lee, Dyl, Gavin, Sterling,
Tyler, Davies, Brycey, Red, Clint, Sancho & Eric

With well over 2 hours of vision to wrap your eyeballs around the
Complete Anthology is available now for $29.95.

Like the trailer? Buy the movie here.

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