Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jeff Grosso's Love Letters to Skateboarding - Season 1 (Teaser + 8 Episodes)

Jeff Grosso has a new web show called LOVE LETTERS to SKATEBOARDING. If you are under 30 you may not be too familiar with the legend of the Grossman so we put together a little teaser to show you why this guy is qualified to have his own show. Sit back and feel the love.

In the first episode of Jeff Grosso's new show, Jeff sends his first "Loveletter" to skateboarding legend Steve Olson. As a young sponsored am riding for Santa Cruz, Jeff was flown to San Francisco to meet the team. Jeff talks about first meeting Steve Olson and they both compare their own versions of the story.

The Backside Smith Grind is now called a "Back Smith", but it should actually be called something else. Find out why on the 2-part Love Letter to the Monty Grind.

Jeff brings in Alex Olson to shed some light on the Monty Grind aka the Back Smith. "It's a complete mind f@#k to learn the thing. If you think you got it on lock, you really don't."

In this episode, Jeff breaks down the lost art of the Handplant, and all of it's many variations. "It's about the actual movement, the fluidity of the movement, and how utterly perfect you make it."

In this episode Grosso goes to skate Bucky's "monolith" of a bowl and then gets him to send out a Love Letter of his own. Its a two for one special.

Tune in and find out who Steve Caballero sends a Love Letter out to. Hint... it ain't Grosso.

"How do you make it as gnarly and as death as possible?......that's Schroeder in a nut shell." This week's Love Letter goes out to Big Ben Schroeder--one of the innovators of skateboarding.

Back in the early 90's when kids were riding 39mm wheels and wearing size 50 pants Kelly Bellmar was laying down one of the first ever built to skate backyard pools. In the season finale, Jeff is joined by Peter Hewitt, Sam Hitz and Darren Navarette (and of course Bellmar) to swap tales of the crete and mosh on the flat. We'll be back in a few months with a bunch of new Love Letters...stay tuned.

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