Monday, November 14, 2011

Don’t Mess With Texas!

Texas has two seasons you can really count on for surf. Spring and fall are when the majority of the weather systems are moving in Texans favor to create waves and the air temps are more bearable in the Lone Star State. The beaches are still warm, the water temperature has yet to drop, hunting season is open and very accessible in between days the surf goes flat. Cold fronts are starting to set up for the year, which will create offshores for hourly sessions before tearing all resemblance of waves to blustery nothingness.

During the last week of October and prior to the start of early fall cold fronts, Texas born photographer Jon Steele and Laguna Beach surfer/ skater Mike Morrissey ventured back to Corpus Christi, Texas. Skipping the Alamo basement tour, Mike and Steele caught up with local surfers to catch a few waves, put on some art shows and skate with some life long friends in backyard ramps and skateparks, and even pick up and rip a tanker wave or two.

In between weather systems, there are down days with perfect air temperatures and lack of surf for getting out in the field looking for some dinner. With gorgeous model/ surfer Danielle Dodson and her father and local surfer, Mike, to show us around their land, we were able to put down a few javelinas for the upcoming skate session Friday night to help feed the troops. We were invited to the King Ranch, which is bigger than the state of Rhode Island and boasts the nation’s largest herd of whitetail deer.

Within minutes of entering the gates we were welcomed by an armadillo, which is the official state mammal. Mike was amazed at the amount of wild life and array of waves and potential the whole coast offered in and out of the water. After cleaning some javelinas and checking out an amazing amount of wildlife we were ready to get our skate on. Ending the week long tour of mayhem and fun, we were ready to party the weekend away with an upcoming art show and film put on by Steele and cast of local surfer artists and legendary guerilla rock-n-roller Will Crum.

During the last week in October, we were blessed with 2 art shows, 3 skateparks, 3 days of waves, 2 backyard sessions, 2 dead Javelinas and 1 tanker wave with our friends. Texas comes from the Hasinai Indian word “Tejas” meaning friends or allies. Anyone who has ever visited the Texas Riviera knows that once they are here, they are friends for life. Nothing says friends and Texas like a backyard session with BBQ, a keg of beer and friends after a morning surf session. Welcome home y’all!—Jon Steele

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