Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oakley Team at the Mr Price Pro, Ballito

We're not usually so interested by Prime events, but this one's tickled our fancy. Yesterday, competitors in the the Mr Price Pro, Ballito, a prime event in South Africa, were treated to a favourable wind and solid swell (how big would y'call it?). Conditions were arguably better and more contestable than anything seen on the Dream Tour this year. And, with the new one-world ranking system, it's more crucial for WT surfers to compete in Prime events, so the playing field ain't too far off dream tour quality. This clip of the Oakley team'll give you a good idea of the kinda conditions yesterday. And kudos to the clip's editor, Lachie McKinnon, for resisting the temptation of unnecessarily-tricky editing techniques (sans some slightly cavalier usage of slow-mo). 'Bout time an end was put to those nasty stop-rewind-replay moments that've been popping up all too regularly.

source: stabmag

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