Thursday, July 21, 2011

Surfs UP! by Velvet Sea

A few weekends back, upon seeing the swell that was about to hit the east coast, VelvetSea decided it was time to get up off our arses and bail the big smoke.

With an absence of filmers available and getting sick of the back and forth that was happening, we thought, fuck it, we'll do it ourselves. An hour in the water, an hour out. Simple. Skaters have been doing it for years now and considering skating is, in our opinion, leading the field in film then why not apply their DIY ethos to VelvetSea.

So there it was, a shotgun mission up the coast. Cocked and ready to explode!


VS x

Order of Appearance: Luke Cheadle, Sam Page, Ben Godwin and Dayyan Neve
Additional footage by Luke Cheadle

Surfs UP! from Velvet Sea on Vimeo.

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