Friday, June 10, 2011

'Wooden Nickels' episode 5: Rep yo City!

'Wooden Nickels' episode 5: Rep yo City! from Mark Nickels on Vimeo.

Just like Petey Pablo said, Raise up and rep yo city!!! And there is the whole thing about swinging your shirt over your head like a helicopter, which I don't think most the Germans would be into.. haha...

Berlin has my new adoptive home for many years now and it is amazing who has come through in that time. I know Berlin is going to be murked out in the next two years fully but that is okay. Not all good things can not stay hidden forever... it was bound to happen once the secret got out. So in the meantime book your tickets on Easy Jet, get that Hostel reservation ready, and enjoy episode 5... Berlin, Raise up!!!

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