Thursday, June 30, 2011

Canadian Peter Devries Wins Innersection…Again

The Spring round of Innersection has just wrapped up, with Aussie longboard champion, Harley Ingleby, and young Port Macquarie ripper, Matt Banting, making the top 10. However, it was a relatively unknown Canadian, Peter Devries, that took out the top-voted spot to secure a position in Taylor Steele’s second Innersection project. You’d be even more surprised to find out that he won the same round last year.

You may ask how the hell a Canadian surfer got so popular, or when did Canada even pop up on the surf radar? Well, years ago, this place was just a surf-mag novelty trip. Now it’s home to rising international surf stars and packed surf schools. It’s a surf spot.

Part of this is due to the rise of the Internet. And part of it’s due to better wetsuits. Put the two of those together, and get a guy like Peter Devries. Today, Devries qualified with another cold-water classic detailing his surf adventures in the great white north.

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