Monday, May 9, 2011

Manic Hispanic - Medley (Rodney on the ROQ)

Manic Hispanic - Medley (Rodney on the ROQ)Lyrics
(Amoeba/Wild in the Streets/Pushin' Too Hard/No Values)

hola, me llamo Delia Cruz y Yo oigo radio KMIX, Santa Ana, California

Things can't get much worse for me
sometimes I'd rather die
there's a fire in my culo
and a teardrop in my eye
it was a caliente, chile verde
if not, then it did seem
but today, I had a firey ring
that made me wanna scream

caca stains, things kill
fast Chevys, cheap thrills
rich putas, fine wine
I'v lost my sense, I've lost control
of my cabeza

Amigos [4x]
We are little vatos in our paths
looking through the pinche hole
us little brown guys, we never lie
uh-uh, that fills our soul

You never seen anything like us before
us vatos got a mind of our own
Adults look around this pinche whitey world
vatos all around the hole

Loco in the streets
Carito, carito [4x]
You got a '63 Impala, a hand full of mota
a couple of cervezas really do me right
you better believe us, better trust us
teenage drunk, pinche wreck

Loco in the streets
Carito, carito [4x]

Hola Miss Sant'Ana,
how's your favorite mijo now?
Do you know just what he's done?

You're pushing too hard, you're pushing on me
You're pushing too hard, where you wanna be?
You're pushin' too hard on everything you say
You're pushin' too hard every night and day
You're pushin' too hard
Pushin' too hard on me

I don't care what you say
And I don't care what you do
I've got nothing to give you
Why don't you just smile alone

I got no feria, nothing to say,
I got no feria, Might as well blow you way

Ahh, ahh Tragety, Tragety (?) [4x]

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