Friday, May 27, 2011

'Wooden Nickels' episode 3: Michael Mackrodt & Pirkka Pollari (Element Europe)

Michael is a good friend of mine and one of my neighbors here in Berlin. When he is not traveling the world like a mad man, we get a chance to shred together here in the city.

With his team mates on Element Europe always coming through and staying with him, I got a chance to shred with them and get know a few of them over the last few years. Pirkka has been a frequent visitor and one of my favorites. I have no idea what is in the water in Finland but I am going to bottle it and sell it to other skaters across the world... every Finnish skater I meet rips.

So with this footage just sitting on my drive after 'Get Busy Living', I thought it would be good to get this stuff out and give the guys a bit of exposure between video projects. So my fellow skate nerds and skate rats... Welcome to episode 3. Element Europe style....

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