Monday, May 2, 2011

Krooked - Cruisin With Matty Hunt

Matty Hunt comes through with major cruisin steez @ all the local spots. Steep hill bombs, long powerslides, riding through grass?, huge ollies, and just straight haulin ass on 4 wheels. Having fun with a mix of steez is a deadly combination!

3 days of filming and no trick or line taking more than4 tries. Matty KILLS it!

Stay tuned for more cruisin episodes!!

**The premise of these videos is to have FUN. I think everyone needs a little reminder and throwback on why we started skating in the first place. As kids we used to skate everywhere because that's all we could do. Cruisin's are all about creativity,spontaneity, and the very essence of just pushing your skateboard. ****

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