Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Diamond Jacks Tattoo Parlour

Diamond Jacks Tattoo Parlour is the longest running studio in London's West End;
owner Darryl Gates has designed tattoos for Vogue photo shoots and films such as
'This is England'.
The parlour itself has seen famous clientele ranging from Dee Dee Ramone to
the Stray Cats and Pete Doherty come through its doors over the years.
With almost all its original fixtures, fittings and flash walls dating back to the 70s
and 80s, the shop aims to preserve its authenticity, harking back to a time when
tattooing was a more 'cloak and dagger affair'.
Crane.tv visits Gates at Diamond Jacks, located along one of Soho's more dubious
alleyways, to talk about his personal experiences, the current trends in body art
and his thoughts on the real beauty of tattooing.

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