Monday, August 6, 2012

Thrasher - CPH Pro 2012

CPH Pro 2012: Bowl and Snake
Back at the FÆLLEDPARKEN park in Copenhagen for this year's bowl and snake contest.
Rune should have won, but didn't. Yes, we're still alive...

CPH Pro 2012: Ring Of Fire
The Spitfire ring of fire went up, came down, and back up.
Ishod Wair, Chris Cole, Tony Trujillo, Tim Zom, Curren Caples, Wes Kremer and Robbie Russo
all jumped the flames.

CPH Hype 2012
After years of involvement in Copenhagen, we're going back—and this time, no survivors.
How's this for a slam? Robbie Russo gets his bell rung.
When we're in town, it's burning down

CPH Pro 2012: Street Finals
Like, check out Austyn Gillette—gnar zone. Next stop Hamburg.

1. Chris Cole
2. Ryan Decenzo
3. Ishod Wair
4. Nyjah Huston
5. Shane O'Neil
6. Walker Ryan
7. Taylor Bingaman
8. Austyn Gillette

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