Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Andy Irons' Autopsy Results Delayed

A Texas judge has recently approved a request by Lyndie Irons to postpone the release of Andy Irons’ autopsy results until May 20. Citing an “intense news frenzy” and “innuendo of drug use” circulating around Andy’s death in a Dallas hotel room on November 2, Lyndie Irons argued in a petition to the Texas courts that the results of the autopsy could blemish Andy’s “brand.”

In a petition sent to Judge Melody Wilkinson, Lyndie stated that if the results of the report were delayed, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could finish their research into Irons’ death and paint a more accurate picture of what killed the three-time world champion.

According to the petition sent to Judge Wilkinson, Lyndie and her newborn son are financially dependent on the “celebrity of Andy Irons” and “should the autopsy report be released now, Lyndie Irons and her newborn child would suffer immediate and irrevocable harm in that the branding value would be greatly diminished as a result of the news frenzy,” the petition said. “It is anticipated that if the autopsy report is not released for six months, news coverage will die down.”

According to a report on the Dallas Forth Worth-based Star-Telegram, the medical examiner in charge of Andy’s autopsy, Dr. Nizam Peerwani, has not yet ruled on the cause of death and is still awaiting other test results.

“Dr. Peerwani is still awaiting some test results and until all the test results are in, he will not make a ruling,” said Ashley Fourt, a Tarrant County, Texas assistant district attorney who speaks on behalf of the medical examiner’s office.

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